Sunday, 30 July 2017

Our Enemies in Blue

--- DRAFT ---

The fundamental purpose of the police in America is the domination and control of Black, immigrant and lower-class people. Whites have decreed this in order to preserve the benefits they obtain from White supremacy from the women, poor and People of Color Whites have chosen to irrationally hate.

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The above explains why violence is an inherent part of that system. Police brutality and the attempted destruction - by Whites - of other communities is not an anomaly: Every year White police officers frame, blackmail, assault and kill tens of thousands. Violence is the very meaning of US policing, to shape behavior, repress dissent and defend the powerful; costing individuals their lives and families; while costing the state hundreds of millions every year in settlements against a decadent policing system.

This book is meticulously-researched and its conclusions, therefore, undeniable.

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No amount of tinkering will help solve the problems of inherently police state: Only total dismantlement and reconstruction on the basis of a new policing paradigm will suffice. But Whites (like not-yet-caught drug-using athletes) have benefited from the unfair advantages of White supremacy for centuries and fear the backlash of being caught after spending so long with their backs to the wall in case those they try to oppress come for their revenge.

Given that the unproven assumption that things could not be any different than they are and/or that they have always been that way is designed to protect unearned privileges and weaken dissent, it is refreshing to see a claim for the abolition of the police, as a social institution and its replacement. Especially since the police are a recent social innovation and things have always changed in the past.

Whites have painted themselves into a corner with their policing style by making policing inherently political - rather than a force for moral good by combating crime. This results in entire communities being criminalized while others are seen as being far less likely to commit crime: A political and self-fulfilling prophecy that simply encourages more of the crime that Whites claim they need to protect themselves from; leading to an inevitable vicious spiral of increasing costs and social breakdown. The solution is to place the onus for policing upon communities and not the State, but that means Whites having better, affect-laden communities rather than simply fearful networks of the over-privileged trying to protect themselves from the fear of each other. Without proper communities of interest Whites, instead, rely on government to police their ghettos since few White police officers actually live in the White ghettos they serve; making the police untransparent, lacking in local knowledge and unaccountable - even to Whites.

It means doing what "Robert Williams" did in 1957 with Teh Deacons and the later Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. The Coalition Against Police Abuse reduced crime but was hated by the police because it took away their power; hence, their desire to create crime by intimidation so that they could then justify their existence by creating the crime they claimed to be against. For such initiatives to work requires a commitment to transformative justice for the perpetrator, victim and community; requiring the acknowledgment of the existence of issues rarely found in White cultures, rather than just simply going down the path of revenge, retribution and punishment.

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