Thursday, 31 January 2008

Canada Pulls out of UN Anti-Racism Conference

A classic example of White Racism in that brown skinned countries are required to renounce racism before a debate on racism can begin, while white skinned countries are not. It's common for Whites to claim that Blacks should engage in debates with White Racists in order to defeat Their arguments, but when the shoe is on the other foot, Whites – themselves - lack the courage to practice what They preach. 'Last week, Bernier apologised to Israel after his ministry published an internal document that included Israel and United States in a list of countries were prisoners risk torture. He ordered the mistaken entry to be edited out.' This is typical of White Racism in its attempt to deny that both Israel and the US are supporters of torture, when they manifestly are. Typically, Whites want to control the agenda of any meeting where Their racism is being discussed in order to control those dark-skinned humans they claim superiority over. This is why all such discussions with Whites are doomed to failure because They can't resist being racist in the very context of a discussion of racism. Because racism provides Whites with manifest advantages, this will remain so until there are no more Whites on the Earth or They choose to freely renounce racism. There's also the claim that Cuba, Iran and Libya are racist countries because their representatives are. This is, in itself, racist. The Durban conference is, in reality, better off without those who refuse to address their own racism; preferring instead to project and to displace it onto others they label as inferior.

A Vicious Campaign – Jeanette Arnold

All this reminds one of claims that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction as an excuse for war, only to find that these claims were totally unfounded years after the war began. The real problem here is that there's a racial Midlothian question raging. Whites don't want Blacks making political decisions affecting Whites – They'd much rather it remained firmly the other way round. Such an eventuality is more likely in London because of its high ethnic minority population. Whites fear laws will be passed to benefit Blacks, yet make no complaint when laws benefit Whites. These racial slurs are an abuse of democracy. They prove Whites would be very happy to advocate the abolition of democracy to avoid Blacks gaining political power – but not open advocacy, as that would give the racist game away. This is why Whites have been against Proportional Representation in the past because They know that it will give Blacks more political authority over Their own lives. Whites claim that fascist political parties will also gain from PR to scare Blacks into accepting the current, white biased, first past the post system. (The simple solution there would be to outlaw fascist political parties; easy to do given their anti democratic credentials.) Now, in Their hysterical fear of Dark Skinned Gentleman, Whites flail at any Black target; knowing that in Their culture there's no smoke without fire – especially when They've lit the fire Themselves.

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