Friday, 15 October 2004


Blacks shouldn’t be surprised by the higher rate of school exclusions of Blacks - by Whites - in Southwark.

Lazy White teachers won’t waste their careers teaching those who don’t conform to their standards of what a good student is: White, quiet, middle-class, unquestioning and industrious. White teachers can earn little kudos from Black students because these students are less likely to take part in the examinations’ charade from which White teachers derive an increasing proportion of their income. This makes Blacks the new dunces sitting in the corner with ‘D’ Caps on their heads waiting to be excluded for taking up too much usable space.

(Exams are a charade because for the past 22 years more students have received ‘A’ Level pass grades every year. Students are either getting brighter - year-on-year - or exams are getting easier. Maybe Whites’ve put intelligence-increasing supplements in school dinners – although not for those who receive free schools meals, of course; that would give the indigent ideas above their station! For Blacks, this means it’s easier than ever to do well within the Whites’ education system since it’s dumbing itself down. Blacks can now lower their academic expectations to the level of the Whites and do very well indeed - without lowering their political and economic aspirations as well.)

White teachers obtain no bonuses (& Whites are fundamentally motivated by money) from teaching those where more teaching effort is required to convince Black students that a racist White Culture is worth having anything to do with. And, where more effort is required to promote the vain White attempt to overcome the endemic racism of their culture which the education system these White teachers inhabit supports. It’s all too easy simply to give up on those whose skin is darker than one’s own (&/or whose social class is supposedly inferior) than to do what teachers are there for: Help others help themselves. But, this isn’t a fundamental tenet of White Society. Blacks can expect nothing from White teachers who pretend they’re not prone to the ingrained effects of a fundamentally-racist culture; while usually failing abysmally in the pretence and then excluding Blacks because of their own White, racial failings.

Black students also have little empathy for a White, racially-based National Curriculum that regards Black experience (particularly during the North Atlantic Slave Trade, the British Empire & now) as completely irrelevant. Blacks realise Whites are desperately trying to evade their guilt about the fact that the present large accumulations of White, Western capital were created on the back of the exploitation, murder, rape and plunder of Black lives and countries. When Blacks demand reparations and apologies for the various White-induced holocausts of history, they’re making a profound mistake. They should, instead, be asking that Whites say ‘Thank You’ to Blacks for single-handedly generating present-day White affluence and wealth – Whites would never’ve got rich any other way. But Whites, being what they are, never say ‘Thank You’ to anyone because they think unearned privilege is a birthright.

White teachers are as frightened of Black students as Whites are frightened of Blacks in the wider culture. White teachers are no more immune to racism than anyone else; especially as the universities that produce them (like the vast majority of Whites) would much rather preach anti-racism in the abstract world than practice it in the real. Was it ever thus: Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.

What Whites really want is to abolish compulsory education so that only White, middle-class students are ever taught; making White teachers easy lives even easier. Such students are placed under endless pressure from their inappropriately-aggressive White parents to do well at school or face the prospect of undertaking the jobs the poor do or, worse, that Whites want deliberately uneducated Blacks to do. It’s not the education they receive that makes White students stressed-out and suicidal in UK schools, it’s the fear of losing parental approval for not doing as well as either the Blacks or the poor that does. Because Black parents don’t usually emotionally blackmail their own children in this way, it’s unlikely Black kids will experience this demotivating kind of bullying – a kind of bullying worse than any experienced at school. Blacks will then be better able to focus on schoolwork, should they then choose state education. Orientals, Jews and Asians have done this, so Blacks can too. Unless, of course, Blacks really are as racially inferior as Whites love to claim. Blacks need to prove to themselves (not to Whites) what Blacks can achieve, to avoid the usual White, politicised interference in Black lives. It’s the White insistence that Blacks prove themselves to Whites - without reciprocity or justification – that’s exactly analogous to White parental bullying (albeit across racial and not generational lines), which forms the bedrock of the institutional racism of UK state education.

Lazy White teachers try to justify their pedagogic sloth by claiming they’re overwhelmed with paperwork. But then, they’ve always claimed this no matter what the weight of red tape; while boasting about how nice it is to have such long school holidays. Like the UK Police Service, indolent White teachers always claim the problem is too much paperwork rather than too much racism.

The Dianne Abbot solution to the White-created problem of racial exclusion means sending Black kids to independent schools. (Despite her suck-up-to-the-White-Man blather, Ms Abbott knows that state education for Blacks is a no-no for the very simple reason that the state, itself, is institutionally racist. (Jewish parents ain’t gonna send their kids to a school that begins each day with a rousing rendition of ‘Das Horst Vessel Lied’, after all.) The other solution is homeschooling.

Such solutions also make it more likely that Blacks will go into education themselves - to help educate their fellow Blacks - to overcome the White sanctioning of Blacks doing relatively poorly in White schools. Without them, White teachers will continue to offer Blacks substandard education in revenge for Blacks not integrating with Whites because Blacks have little respect for White Culture, as such. Nor respect for one that believes integration can be forced - any more than friendship or love can.

At the end of the day, Whites won’t educate Blacks to compete effectively with their own White offspring in a job market Whites see as increasingly competitive (& which is already skewed against Blacks for this very reason). Whites know themselves very well (every man knows where his own shoes pinch, after all) and aren’t as in-denial about their racism as to not know that history operates like a pendulum. That those Whites favoured now can very easily turn into those Blacks favoured later.

For Whites, their education system is the most important means of proving to themselves that Blacks are inferior. (This is why White so-called scientists love to point out failure among Black children; while avoiding any and all Black adult success. Such success would contradict their racially-motivated pseudo-research.) Whites hope this means White employers are less likely to employ Blacks because Blacks are intentionally educated both to be poorly qualified and to have successfully internalised the common White view of innate Black inferiority.

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