Saturday, 30 October 2004


The truth is that so long as a single White racist exists anywhere on the surface of the planet there will never be an end to White Racism. An obvious point, but well worth repeating because obvious points are the easiest to forget.

It’s more productive to fight for publicity rather than simply justice since racist Whites will spend a lot of their unearned wealth and privileges trying to cover up their fundamentally unjust natures and activities. They think they can engage in public-relations’ exercises as a substitute for fundamental social-change to convince others that the White-racist leopard has finally changed his spots. All because he has no desire actually to do so since he perceives no benefit to him in so doing.

The supreme value of publicity is that it keeps BMEs crucially aware that racist Whites (the agents of racism) and most other Whites (those complicit in racism because they do nothing to prevent or stop it) will always try to claim that proof is the basis of all human action. Because much White racist activity can never be proven, it doesn’t exist. (But, since the existence of love cannot be proven does this mean there’s no love in the world? And certainly not in the racist mind.) Blacks know that it’s belief: The belief (in this context) that Whites – as a whole - can’t be trusted that moves mountains. White police-officers, after all, aren’t exactly ambassadors for their race nor its alleged cultural and genetic superiority. If White Culture is ever able to convince Blacks otherwise, through words alone and not action, Blacks won’t last very long in a White Culture determined to submerge Blacks in its essential materialism, self-hatred and ongoing economic decline.

Racist Whites know that if they can convince Blacks of the essential goodness of the White Race (ie, its inherent superiority) Whites can continue to be racist with impunity because Blacks will then be lulled into a false sense of security. The ultimate victory of White Racism would be to get Blacks to like them: To get Blacks to be complicit in their own oppression; to give racist Whites a moral sanction for their hatreds.

In truth, the relatives of those who’ve died in custody already know the causes of, and reasons for, their loved ones’ death: White Racism. Only by facing this fact can Blacks avoid the same fate in future. Do business with Whites, be acquainted with them, but never become their friends nor lovers – it’s far more dangerous to ones health than smoking ever was.

David Blunkett is in the difficult position of wanting his Police Service (not anybody else’s) to have faith in him as the Secretary of State for the Home Department. But, he can’t do this when so many of his officers are White Racists. This is why he’s tried to bury the Macpherson Report because it effectively ties his hands in his relationships with senior police-officers. It simultaneously requires him to work closely with them while tacitly claiming that they can’t be trusted because they tolerate racism among their White officers. This makes him complicit in such racism.

It’s absolutely essential - given the police racism exposed here - that all Blacks ensure their children are educated in the laws of England and Wales to help protect them from those Whites who’d wish them harm. Sad to say, deaths in custody and detention are excellent publicity for the fact that racist Whites have a long way to go before they can ever be accepted into the association of civilised peoples to which most of their would-be victims belong.

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