Saturday, 30 October 2004


Whites now want to label the rest of the UK's population as being as screwy as they usually are by new mental-health laws. This could make everyone frightened that even the slightest aberration from what Whites deem as normal behaviour will provide the excuse Whites usually don't need to vent their racial hatreds on those they decide to call abnormal. How likely is it that a White is going to deem another White crazy compared to a Black? Not very since Whites spend very little time engaging in Black Culture and can't, therefore, have any idea what sort of behaviour is considered normal among Blacks.

This bill is yet another White attempt to criminalize strange and (literally) foreign behaviour. Like Apartheid and Soviet Psychiatry, it’s designed to make being (culturally) different a reason for curtailing the human rights of those so labelled. Because Whites tend to be clone-like in their behaviour and attitudes, this makes being a so-called non-White an effective crime. (Adding to the various racist immigration-legislation, for example, that the UK has saddled itself with since 1905.)

Whites invented psychoanalysis because they need it the most; being anally retentive, and all - necessity being the mother of invention. (Only the White Race could possibly imagine, after all, that hardcore pornography like ‘The Lover’s Guide’ could make anyone a better lover – don’t they know how to pleasure a woman, already? Or perhaps they truly believe that watching a video of Glenn Gould playing the Goldberg Variations will make the watcher a virtuoso musician?)

Most Whites are terrified of behaving differently from one another since they fear being ostracised from their own communities by so doing. This Whites now propose to legally enforce for Blacks because overt racism has failed to get Blacks to become honorary Whites. This is why so many White neurotics and schizophrenics writhe in silent agony because they know that their suffering will never be properly addressed by a psychiatric profession obsessed with the twin evils of psychotropic drugs (Ritalin, Prozac, lithium, etc) and electro-convulsive therapy. Such a reliance is merely an attempt to convince the layman that psychology is the science it isn’t because of the ultimate failure of behaviourism and couch therapy to help those unwilling to make their emotions fit reality. Psychiatry is truly the disease for which it pretends to be the cure.

Whites are having a bit of a wet dream over this idea since it presents them with the delicious fantasy of silencing Black dissent in the manner of a Jack Nicholson in the movie ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’.

The only long-term solution for Blacks regarding such laws is to ensure that when in any situation where Whites are likely to be present, to behave just like the majority of them and to blend in like the chameleon. This is especially true if Whites try to provoke Blacks into anger – as is their wont – since this then provides a basis for Black detention. When Blacks are solely with each other, they can act as they – and not as Whites – see fit. Avoiding Whites, in this way is an excellent means of maintaining mental-health because if you spend too much time with those who invented the concept of mental illness, you’re likely to end up like them. Mental illness is, in fact, a myth invented by Whites to label those they really don’t understand.

The worst aspect of all this is that White psychiatry – in its standard textbooks – contains no objective definition of normality nor sanity. This means there’s no real way of knowing who’s as nutty-as-a-fruitcake compared with those making such assessments – which is why at least two healthcare professionals need to do this and not just one. And, most of the therapists I’ve known are as screwed up as their clients – which is why they joined the profession in the first place.

This law is a conflation of the usual White, ignorant fear of madness with their bigoted fear of Blackness. The stiff upper-lip was invented by Whites to create a mask of normality behind which dark, repressed urges lie – urges to project-and-displace their self-hatred onto scapegoats.

One interesting benefit to Blacks of such laws is that they can use them to accuse certain Whites of being disturbed. Racism, for example, is always the product of affectionless childhoods resulting in the inability of the racist to develop a self-identity that isn’t other-fixated. This could mean locking-up BNP supporters. Yippee! And, should mean less racial assault and murder.

If loony bins become even more like the prisons they’ve already become, it’s obvious people won’t want to be treated at all and will expend vast amounts of the emotional energy they lack in vainly hiding their symptoms. This’ll make them more likely to be a danger to the community if these are psychotic symptoms and make the murders the hysterical White tabloids scream about more – not less – likely. Better for Blacks, therefore, to avoid Whites altogether if they wish not to be killed by a White sociopath.

A refugee-from-reality like Health Minister, John Reid, will never admit the NHS is institutionally racist. It’s better for Blacks to keep their problems away from the prying eyes of Whites and deal with them with those they trust; that is, within their own communities.

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