Thursday, 5 July 2012

‘Big Cats are the Real Cheats’


The Olympics is a political sham where individuals make what money they can. There is is no sense of the true spirit of the ancient games since the present-day Olympics is based on the fallacy that there is a Brotherhood of Man. Yet, it is not the taking part, it is the winning, since the winning is more celebrated than merely taking part.

Competitors compete as representatives of their respective countries, rarely as individuals. This makes it impossible to criticize any country for its wrongdoing because that would amount to collective punishment - a Nazi-style rebuke. Thus, any country can compete, regardless of their human-rights’ record.

There would be less hypocrisy if competitors competed as individuals, since individuals are easier to rebuke. But this is not likely since, for example, when anyone makes a political statement at the Games they are attacked for bringing politics into sport, when it is already overrun with it. Moreover, countries rarely rebuke themselves - only their citizens are ever likely to do this - and this is precisely what is being avoided by politicians in a rigged game.

UK Black competitors - who have little love for the UK - praise their families and friends (not their country) for any success they earn, because they know their country would much rather White athletes bring home Olympic gold.

Better to honorably take from it what you can, when you can, if you can - rather than waste everyone else’s time whining-on about how tawdry the Olympics always was. Winning a medal when associating with White political swine is still an honorable thing to do, so long as their excrement does not stick to your shoes.

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