Thursday, 5 July 2012

Political Masturbation

The gobshite you get when Europeans and former Europeans fight each other over who is the most White supremacist.

Mr Buerk (Cockney slang for "Cunt") works for the Institutionally-Racist BBC - in the Institutionally-Racist UK - while Kirchner is the Institutionally-Racist President of an Institutionally-Racist country.

UK Whites fear that, because it is expensive to defend the Falklands, that Argentina's demands will be a drain on the UK Treasury. They are quite right and so we see here the usual breathtaking hypocrisy and political grandstanding of people whose respective cultures are going nowhere because they come from nowhere.

White supremacists: The greatest satirist could not make them up. If only they could think with what they have between their ears rather than their legs.

The only real question here is who is more moronic.

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