Saturday, 27 May 2006

The greens want to do right, but they are so wrong

An excellent example of how White hatred for Blacks manifests itself:

Stop bullying fat kids

An excellent example of how Whites exploit a non-existent problem to provide Themselves with a job-for-life living off those They hate – those They can label as pathological. And yet, such labelling is, itself, pathological. Interestingly, since Whites always need a scapegoat for Their own failings, and no longer feel They can be overtly racist, They’re busy finding other targets for their lack of self-respect - as a form of morbid compensation – that is, licensed bullying.

Witnesses see things differently at Mikey Powell trial


The usual (police) suspects

You’d think that given that Police Officers are paid an above-average UK salary, that they could dress somewhat better than is evidenced by these photographs. But perhaps that would be asking for mutton to look good when dressed as lamb?

Thursday, 25 May 2006

The Sweeter the Berry


As if: ‘STAR OF the new X Men movie Halle Berry chats to Blink's Elsa O'Toole about spinning, flying, and how she'll always face discrimination no matter how many awards she gets’ isn’t bad enough! Just you wait for the next sentence. ‘The themes of the blockbuster are prejudice, alienation, and tolerance vis-à-vis individuals deemed different or “other” by society, posing the question “should they take a cure for mutancy?” - subject matter that brings the movie bang up to date for the world in 2006’.

Since when have the themes mentioned above NEVER been bang up-to-date? The writer really does believe there’s something new under the sun!

‘Halle Berry gave people of colour a proud glow of equality when she made history by becoming the first African American to win Best Actress for Monster’s Ball in 2001...’. I wonder if people of no colour would feel a proud glow of equality if Hugh Jackman won an Oscar for his acting. Equality with whom, exactly? Martians or Venusians?

And isn’t it this idiotic issue of equality that’s always the problem with Blacks: Equality as a goal rather than an opportunity. Such lack of ambition: Merely to be equal with Whites! Why not be better than Whites or is it that Blacks just can’t be better than the Racist Race? Or better than their cultural race-enemies? Or what about actually being the best? How about that? Are Blacks afraid of sticking-out too much in contrast to their racial coevals? And of thereby becoming more readily-recognisable as targets for the usual racial abuse based, for example, on the White Resentment that utters the political depravity that jobs must go to Whites first and the least intellectually demanding roles to Blacks?

The fact is that Blacks cannot refrain from sticking-out against the White Background because – the purchase of a non-distorting mirror will help here – You are Black and They are White. The difference is clear, no? Haven’t You noticed this or are Blacks trying desperately to conceal Their racial difference behind the illusionistic, trompe l'oeil façade of equality? I think we should be told!

Here is the real killer: ‘Berry: Well you know what? Everyday I wake up with this brown skin – I don’t care how much money I have, I don’t care how many movies I do, I don’t care how many awards I have on my shelf, every day I am still aware that I am a woman of colour, and there is still certain discrimination that goes along with that and that does not change. [Italics mine.]

‘No amount of money, or awards changes that; what changes discrimination is the consciousness of people, I do see that gradually changing, and I believe that one day, colour and race won’t matter’. [Italics mine.]

My italics sense an oxymoron here – or is it just in my italics? How can something never change yet be capable of change? I can only think of the minute hand on my study-wall clock which I know changes from minute-to-minute, but which I never actually see moving! All this nonsense from a woman I’d like to lick all over! My sexual fantasies will never be the same again.

Frank TALKER wonders if short people wake up feeling they’re going to be discriminated against because of their lack of stature or whether women feel this when working in a largely male work environment. Ms Berry can’t tell us anything more profound and differentiated from other forms of discrimination than the vacuous banality that her skin colour invokes discriminatory feelings in others. This beggars belief that any Black could believe that Ms Berry’s success is going to be of much help in potential Black-Role-Model terms.

The fact is that discrimination is universal. And if people choose to hate you for it - no matter what your worldly success - then you can’t whinge about the fact that your worldly success hasn’t brought about an end to such discrimination. Nothing ever will bring this about. You simply haven’t understood the universal nature of discrimination – fool!

It’s a curiously mistaken, materialistic delusion that somehow materialism can solve the problem of universal discrimination when it’s such materialism that underlies all racism. Racists are concerned with material threats to their alleged wellbeing. And all their cant about losing their cultural identity after an influx of Darkies comes down to nothing more than the fear that they will find it harder to find employment in changed racial circumstances. Or even worse, that they will have to actually ask a Black for a job! (Personally, I’d much rather chomp on my own snot – wouldn’t you?)

Ms Berry’s doing the White Racist’s job for Them because she’s fallen into the trap that Blacks will be respected if They play the White Racist’s game of chasing fame and fortune without also seeking self. This results in not seeing oneself as one really is; only as Whites see you. Hence, her skin obsession. It’s no coincidence that superficial people never live any more deeply than the level of their epidermises. Perhaps we should call them epidermoids?

Ms Berry admits this universalism: ‘Everybody can relate to the subject matter; everybody has felt like an outcast and always will on some level I think, whether you’re Black, White or pink’

Halle Berry is an affective slave to Whites because she doesn’t realise that racists can be beaten. Not by playing Their game, but by not playing Their game; that is, not considering it important that every time she wakes up it troubles her that her skin is brown. Only then will the day dawn that ‘one day, colour and race won’t matter’. Only when she accepts this, in herself, rather than absurdly focusing on the racism of others and, thereby blaming her own self-hatred on Them, will that day ever dawn.

Frank TALKER fears being burgled but He doesn’t blame His fear on anything intrinsic to who He is – He blames His fear on the fact that burglars actually do exist.

When Blacks stop racially-abusing Themselves in this way (saving the racists the effort of doing so) then 80% of the problem of racists in the world will be solved. It’ll never happen, of course.

Ms Berry is an idiot and not a little confused about whom she is. She is the perfect exemplar of precisely what’s wrong with Blacks all over the world whom live among a majority of Whites. They become obsessively and narcissistically skin-conscious to the extent that They believe all the White Propaganda about this being an indicator of genetic inferiority. And yet she claims: ‘I’m really comfortable with myself and the way I look’! Words fail me! But quotes don’t.

‘When I was a child, I felt that if only I could change myself my life would be better, as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to terms with what utter nonsense that is, and this movie adds light to that dark subject’. Really! Where’s the evidence in this interview for such a stunning metamorphosis when Ms Berry still spouts the same ‘nonsense’ she implicitly criticises?

The fact is that mixed race people are often confused about whom they are because they refuse to come-to-terms with the fact that Whites don’t tolerate them as half-white but as half-black. Whites regard their half-blackness as more important than their half-whiteness; hence the fact that Whites are just as racist towards those who’re mixed race as they are to full-blooded Negroids. This continues to prove that race is always uppermost in the White Mind – odd, given the very obvious fact that Halle Berry is peculiarly prodworthy (for a black, anyway!).

Those of mixed race need to accept that their confusion about whom they are springs from their silly decision to define themselves in terms of White Confusions about whom they are, rather than in terms of their personal achievements. Such people have a difficult time knowing whether they’re black or white – whether they’re coming or going; fish or foul; animal, vegetable or mineral? This points up the fact that no matter what Blacks achieve (Halle Berry is wealthy) they still consider Themselves inferior because of their dislike of the fact that They were born the “wrong” colour. It is better that Mixed race people consider themselves as Black – just to be on the safe side – because of the fact that White Racists are racist not toward Blacks but toward non-Whites. The White Response to people of mixed race proves this because even people with only a little bit of so-called racially intermixed blood will be seen as non-White rather than Black.

And isn’t a career in acting the usual response for such empty shells of people whose lights are on while nobody home?

I’ve always wanted to shag you, Halle, (I still do – only now not so hard). But I'm sorry, darling, it’ll have to be a one-night-stand since a meaningful relationship with a black/white; white/black person of no fixed identity just isn’t going to produce a long-lasting seeing-to. Your place or mine? (This explains her two failed marriages, the poor soul.)

Contrary to the interviewer's belief that modelling is an insubstantial profession, acting is even more so because it’s filled with insubstantial people.

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

But ask yourself, why is that?


Frank TALKER often asks Himself: “Why can’t Blacks string a logical argument together?“ Here’s the answer.

‘POLITICIANS SAY don't give the BNP the oxygen of publicity, but can't stop talking about them. Rashid Julien wants the hypocracy (Sic) to stop’.

This is a non sequitur because the moment you claim anyone should be deprived of the “oxygen of publicity” is the very moment when you’ve publicised them! So saying that politicians ‘can’t stop talking about them’ is mere tautology because the only way to starve anyone of such publicity is never to mention them at all. And this is precisely what Whites want: Don’t mention the (White) Racists. This is the same as Basil Fawlty declaring: “Don’t mention the war” – it’s hardly surprising that few Germans want to be reminded of what their country did to the Jews. Similarly, Whites also don’t want to be reminded that their exists a White supremacist political party particularly as there is no Black Equivalent. This leaves Whites politically exposed as racists without any way out of the corner that Their racism always paints Them into.

The problem that Blacks have is that if They’re intent on starving White Racists of the oxygen of publicity They fall into the trap of censoring people just because They disagree with Them. They also reveal Their inability to engage in rational debate with racists in order to pull down their arguments one-by-one; piece-by-piece. Because the only way you’re ever going to defeat racists is to destroy the so-called rationale that underpins their racism: the unproven theory of racial difference. When Blacks express fear of racist publicity, They admit that They aren’t equal to this challenge which, itself, gives racists the oxygen of publicity because it very strongly implies that Blacks are intellectually inferior enough not to be able to engage in such argument.

The author continues, in his seminally stupid manner: ‘How could one man - so insignificant - get so much free publicity?’ This question proves a failure to understand the nature of publicity. Publicity isn’t democratic; it’s based upon what is believed by those creating it to be of interest to its readers. Because the UK is an institutionally racist country, White Newspapers are inevitably going to print pseudo-science backing-up the prejudices of Their readers – as well as those supporting Their own. It’s hard to understand how anyone living in this country for any length of time doesn’t fully appreciate how Whites think, speak and act – maybe the author doesn’t get out enough?

The reason politicians are focussing on the British National Party (BNP) at the moment is nothing to do with the ingrained racism of the electorate but the failure of White Politics to electrify the demos. White politicians need a distraction from the failure of politics to arrest the UK’s terminal economic decline; they also need someone to blame: the poor Whites who generally vote for the BNP.

The fact is that if something is popular, no amount of publicity deprivation can work. This was tried during prohibition in America but, since alcohol is a popular beverage it was doomed to failure from the outset. The fact is that racism will out no matter how little publicity it gets because it is such a popular point-of-view among Whites -–and becoming more popular as it becomes clearer still that Whites aren’t the superior race they crack Themselves up to be. After all, if They were, how do They – for example - explain the loss of Their British Empire to a bunch of inferior Darkies?

‘What had happened over the past few years was that the mainstream had shifted further and further to the right...not towards the righteousness, just toward the right. Scary’. This is near-gibberish. The mainstream has always been on the right in the UK – this is a fundamentally right-wing country. How else do you explain racist immigration controls, the British Empire, the war in Iraq, the War on Terror, a rigidly-inflexible class system, the BBC as a White Propaganda organisation, etc. These are not the characteristics of a meritocracy but of an aristocracy with a democratic façade.

To try and explain racism away with bromides like ‘fear and ignorance’ is really despicable. Fear of what, exactly? Racism isn’t fear of “otherness” – that is merely how it expresses itself – racism is never knowing who one is; it is a lack of self-respect and self-confidence; it is a lack of self that seeks valorisation through non-existent group identities. As one cannot think with another man’s mind nor eat with another man’s stomach, one cannot know whom one is through another man’s experience. Thus the self can only ever be an individual characteristic – not a collective one. This snobs of all kinds (racists, social snobs, misogynists, disablists, etc) prefer to forget in their headlong desire to run from the fact of their dependence upon others for self-gratification that they could never provide for themselves.

‘False Evidence Appearing Real, remember that’. This garbage falls into the same trap as the Quintessential White Expression ‘bogus asylum seekers’. What the fuck is “False Evidence”? Evidence either exists or it does not! An asylum seeker exists or he does not. Neither can be “false” nor “bogus” under any circumstances whatsoever. How on earth can one ‘remember that’ when the statement one is required to memorise is itself false?

More nose-pickings disguised as wisdom: ‘...this great nation of ours which has a history of being a place of refuge for oppressed peoples...’ Oh, really? And which nation would that be, pray? Yet another Black Man whose fallen victim to White Propaganda about the inherent nobility of the White Race.

‘But where does this leave people of colour? Well, very simply ,confused’. You said it, Black boy. You said it. You being the most confused of them all.

‘All over our green and pleasant land the worrying and suspicious minds have ratchted (Sic) up fever pitch, and we are powerless to do anything about it’. Eh? Come again? First this sanctimonious moron says that the way to defeat racism is ‘proper argument’; then he says this! Either racists can be tackled or They can’t – Frank TALKER really does wish you’d make up your mind!

‘But what is certain is the issue of “race” and the “other” muscled itself onto the very front of the grid. A case of politics at its most devious’. This is just the same kind of paranoia of which this idiot accuses White Racists. He’s obviously a close kin in his own mentality. White Racism is much subtler than this, for god’s sake – else how explain its longevity?

Here comes another meaningless coinage: The ‘threat of fear’. What is that when it’s at home? Nobody is ever frightened of being frightened – they’re either frightened or they’re confident. People can be frightened of an event happening or not happening, but no-one is really frightened of fear itself without an object for the fear to attach itself. Fear does not exist in a vacuum – only a White Racist Psychiatrist would have you believe so, in order to provide himself with a lifetime’s work among allegedly insane Blacks.

‘...[T]he police will be expected to step up their harassment of people of colour as part of securing the needs of the majority...’. an interesting point but what are these “needs”? I think we should be told, don’t you?

And finally, a classic Black misstatement of the true situation within which They find Themselves: ‘So, in conclusion, the racists in suits will have actually achieved their objectives, they will have gotten their way after all’. They already have. Blacks aren’t trying to turn back the tide of racism, They are already inundated in it and are simply trying to stay afloat. Get real, for God’s sake! It is this very Black Unreality that makes racism so effective against Blacks.

ACT NOW! Lobby government over mental health law


Amidst all the blather that Blacks spout about racist white psychiatrists practising what is effectively soviet psychiatry, the following paragraphs stand out:

‘The Department of Health have (Sic) confirmed they are not treating race equality as a priority issue as they design a new mental health law.

‘This despite the fact that study after study shows Black people being disproportionately sectioned and over-medicated’.

Blacks have to be monumentally naive to claim that Whites aren’t taking racism seriously “despite” the fact the fact of the White Invention of a non-existent condition called Black Psychosis. Whites do this “because” They are racist – when are Blacks going to have the honesty and self-respect to face up to this self-evident fact-of-life.

Whites want as many Blacks locked up and labelled innately criminal and intrinsically insane because Their racism leads Them in this direction. They fed up with the fact that facing Their racism means having to make the changes to Their culture that They’re just not willing to make. Whites regularly say that “Leopards don’t change their spots” and “old habits die hard”. (But They never say this of Themselves regarding a racism They claim to be dealing effectively with!) For Whites this is more true than for anyone else because They spend Their lives desperately trying to fit into an inherently discriminatory and arbitrary-ruled culture based on superficial issues such as social class, gender and race (rather than on innate merit). They aren’t therefore going to openly admit that Their culture is empty and worthless – not for any number of Niggers – since that would mean that Their 500-year-attempt to prove Their non-existent racial superiority is based on nothing but sham and the doltish behaviour of the poseur.

It is rare indeed for anyone to admit that their life’s work has done nothing more than led them up the garden path towards its inevitable dead end. This is because we only get one life and no-one wants to admit at the end of theirs that they completely wasted the single life that they had. This incidentally is why Whites are so keen on a life-after-death with its empty promise of a second chance no matter how much of a wastrel you were in this life. It also explains why Whites are so frightened of death because They don’t truly have faith in a life after death and wish to put off the inevitable moment when reality forces them to face the fact that Their lives never really added up to al that much.

Using psychiatry against Blacks is merely a form of internal immigration control. It’s purpose is to silence dissent against White Racism by the Time-Honoured White Principle of saying that anyone who disagrees with Them is either a criminal or a madman. Whites make these claims to avoid having to deal with Their Inveterate White Racism, which proves that They are Inveterate White Racists. This is because such claims are never made with reference to objective reality – only White Culture which, given its manifest emotional repressions, is the last source of objective data regarding mental phenomena that a rational man would select. It’s purpose is also to minimise Black Breeding Potential since career, marriage and children are rather difficult ensconced either in a prison or in a psychiatric institute. This has the particularly desired effect of keeping Black Men away from our pure, noble White Women so that there’s more pussy for the rest of us. After all, White Men have a lot of difficulty with the fact that White Women vote with the pudenda when it comes to whom they wish to sleep with – and they tend to choose Black Men. It is an attempt to level the playing field of sexual competition (& then skew it in White Males’ favour) which, at the moment, White Men are not doing very well at. One day Whites will, no doubt, invent a (psychiatric) theory that not being sexually repressed and having large genitalia are proof of genetic inferiority – if They haven’t already!

The sad truth is that Blacks won’t face this either. It is just as utterly pointless a waste of a life to complain about White Racism as to be a White Racist. The simple fact is that the only way to prevent Blacks from falling into the hands of racist white psychiatrists is not to fall into the traps of neither neurosis nor psychosis. This can only be done by facing objective reality squarely – the very thing that the mentally ill do not do. It also follows that Blacks should spend as little time as possible with Whites in order to avoid being labelled insane. If Black do spend any time with Whites, They should ensure that Their behaviour mimics that of Whites because Whites define maladjusted behaviour as that which differs from Their own.

The fact is that the moment Blacks lose contact with reality, is the moment Whites have Blacks by the balls – and can then do with Blacks as They wish. To internalise White Man’s Hatred of You in this way is the shortest route to the prison cell and the psychiatric ward.

Friday, 19 May 2006

Mikey Powell died in police van, court told

Mikey Powell died in police van, court told


An interesting and revelatory case of White Racist Police Officering this. In particular: ‘Two officers, Timothy Lewis, 33, and David Hadley, 37, admit deliberately crashing their Peugeot 307 patrol car into Powell, but claim they believed he was holding a gun “behind his back.” Opening the prosecution case at Leicester Crown Court last week, Courtenay Griffiths QC said: “The claim was false and constructed after the event”.’

This means that Whites claim the right to assume the right to believe that any Black is (indeed, all Blacks are) carrying a concealed weapon no matter what the evidence. To allow Whites to believe whatever They wish about Blacks – especially when such beliefs can be used to claim Blacks are a threat to those same Whites at all times. This, Whites believe, provides Them with a justification for Their inherent racism in that such racism is to be viewed as no more than reasonable racial self-defence. In other words, to claim that a black is carrying a concealed weapon is tantamount to saying – because it’s never said of Whites – that the reason the Black was assaulted was because He was black (& only for that reason). After all, Blacks always carry weapons to attack Whites, don’t They?

The UK Police Service thus views itself as an organisation whose fundamental purpose is to protect and serve White Culture at the expense of all others. The fact that not one of these officers has pled guilty proves that Police Officers are trained to support and back each other, over and above any ostensible duty to the public. This means the police service can never claim that these are simply rogue officers, since it’s obvious that Police Officers will do all they can to conceal and, thereby, perpetuate the cancer at the heart of UK policing and, by extension, UK culture: Racism.

Such behaviour is always revealing as to what goes on inside the White Mind. And allows Blacks to avoid supporting an organisation (& a culture) that bears Them such ill-will.



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Saturday, 6 May 2006


I always knew racists were crazy!

Thursday, 4 May 2006

The Dog in the Night-Time


“It is of the highest importance in the art of detection to be able to recognise out of a number of facts which are incidental and which are vital... I would call your attention to the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”“The dog did nothing in the night-time.”“That was the curious incident.” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), English author. Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Gregory, in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, “Silver Blaze” (1893).

White Racists always claim you cannot prove Whites – as such - racist. (They do this to conceal Their own racism, of course.) Just for fun, let Frank TALKER beguile you with some lateral thinking that, for most of you, will be old-hat. Let us see if those who think They are cleverer than the darker-skinned among us can provide logical refutations to what you are about to read. Like the recent birth of twins - one black; one white - the chances of this are at least a million-to-one (

Firstly, nobody has to prove someone a racist – they only have to possess reasonable suspicion and act accordingly; which is to say, warily. If Whites do not like this then They might like to consider acting as ambassadors for Their own race if They truly wish Whites to be respected – as a whole. And we all know that Whites are famous for Their oxymoronic gunboat diplomacy. It is inherently unjust to judge a race by the behaviour of its minorities rather than by its majority. Thus, the following bullet-points are designed to prove the majority of whites racist and so deserving of being treated as such.

Secondly, anyone is perfectly entitled to act out of belief - especially when personal survival is at stake. (If this were not so, the religious among us would have no right to speak or act.) Whites, after all, claim that killing innocent civilians to protect the rest of us from terrorism is acceptable on exactly the same basis of belief – as opposed to reason and/or facts. Without accepting that belief is sometimes stronger than logic - in extremis - we condemn the entire policy of belief in the absence of concrete evidence to support our beliefs. Again, tThis would entirely invalidate religious belief, for example, which note, even non-atheists aren’t prepared to do.

As you judge people by what they do, you also judge them by what they do not do. So, let us look at what They (The White Race) do not do. Here is where Blacks get the problem of race-relations the wrong way about. They think that you judge a man solely by what he does. However, you also judge men by what they do not do, which they should be doing in light of what they actually do - and say they do. The fight for legal civil rights for Blacks only dealt with overt racism; now the race-war must focus on covert ethnocentrism.

The fact of the matter is that with issues regarding bad human behaviour – like racism – it’s important to recognise that such behaviour works best if one is unaware of it. The intended victim is lulled into a false sense of racial security; the racist’s poor behaviour never comes into sharp focus in his own mind because it’s institutional nature makes it appear normal and right. The only reason Whites try to hide Their racism is not because They recognise its immorality but because They don’t want to ruin Their career prospects if They’re caught being racist. (For a racist, racism is only wrong if he gets caught!) This leads to a focus not on eradicating racist behaviour but upon concealing it. This is why bad attitudes are best revealed by what is not done rather than by what is done, since what you’re looking for is the very thing they try to conceal; making it harder to find. And yet what they try to hide is always revealed by what they do not do since, if they weren’t bad people, they would be doing good, instead.

With all this firmly in mind, here are some juicy examples of activities Whites don’t engage in which They should given Their alleged commitment to challenging Their own inbred racist attitudes. Frank TALKER humbly offers them for your certain delectation:

Whites never come out and openly and freely admit that They need the help of Blacks in the so-called War on Terror. To make such an admission would be to admit White dependency on Blacks that would prove that Whites are not as superior as They would like to think of Themselves as being. Whites instead opt for the age-old, tired and trusted-and-true method of trying to persecute Blacks in the hope that this will frighten Them into not threatening White communities with high explosives. Of course, such racism only makes such terrorism more – not less – likely.

Given that there are so many Whites who claim that racism is such a bad thing, why are there none who have renounced a job as a result of realising that They had got that job more because They were white (& White) than because They were the best candidate for that job? Whites don’t do this because They don’t want to admit that it’s true. That would then mean that They are either racist as such or merely complicit in racism – both of which are more or less the same thing because they lead to the same result. Whites would rather live with Their race guilt than ever conceive of packing a job in because of its racist nature. They believe that the guilt can be overcome by the pretence at a pro-diversity stance.

Whites never admit that when They commit atrocities against races or peoples, it’s nearly always voluntarily. But when Blacks do it, it is nearly always because They’ve been coerced into it. This proves that Whites know that what They do is wrong, and are trying to engage in an ethical bypass of that very wrongness with the Classic White Moral Evasion as “I was only following orders!” It also proves that Blacks who commit atrocities but don’t blame it on orders believe that what They do is right and that They have a perfect right to act badly. Either way, Blacks are nothing like as bad moral evaders. The Lords’ Resistance Army, for example, committed its atrocities largely through forcing its captives to kill others or be killed themselves. But it’s hard to find an example of a White who’s been forced into a killing spree at the point of a gun; proving that Whites do this willingly and without the necessity of compulsion or compunction. This proves the essential sickness at the heart of White Culture. This is because White Culture is a socially-conformist culture and such cultures are always inherently National Socialist.

Whites never admit that They’re perfectly prepared to accept the legacies of the past that They can use to label Themselves as good – like improved sanitation & healthcare. But refuse to face the bad legacies of the past – like racism & emotional repression. The tv series What the Victorians Did for Us is a classic example of this since it elides the bad in favour of the good as if only the good can ever be a legacy of anything. In which case, why are there just as many bad people today – proportionally - as there has always been?

Whites will never admit that they use Their widespread concealment and denial of Their racism as a form of emotional blackmail. This is to say that Whites will use such camouflage – if successful – to blame Blacks for not integrating nor trusting Whites. That is, “Trust us, now! (Or else!)”. Problem is, of course, is that you can suppress a fact but you can’t suppress the fact that you are obviously suppressing a fact. (This is revealed when Whites try to explain Their behaviour with self-contradictions.) And it is this fact that makes Whites inherently suspicious and distrustworthy.

Whites never complain about positive discrimination (affirmative action) for Whites – practised for centuries. But call it racism if Blacks practise and/or demand it.

Whites never admit that They can be institutionally racist when They're perfectly prepared to admit that They can be institutionally anything else. Alone, among all the political aspects of life, racism is a practice apart from all the others: Contextless, ineffective, non-existent. Call Whites institutionally class-conscious, They're perfectly happy to accept this, but not racist. Even racist organisations like the BNP (British National Party) claim not to be really racist! Whites are perfectly prepared to accept that one's childhood can determine one's adulthood but not that having racist parents can ever do the same. No White has ever gone on record to justify His racism by claiming it's because his parents were. Uniquely, They claim it was Their own choice. (How oddly similar to homosexuals.)

Whites never like to admit that Their whining about Black Victimology is no more than a perfect example of White Victimology because all racists unjustifiably see Themselves as victims of anyone different from (ie, better than) Themselves.

Whites never admit that when They’re ostensibly talking about others, They’re really talking about Themselves. This can be seen when They criticise other cultures – it’s always in direct relation to Their own and not the standards of the culture They criticise.

Whites never admit that because the UK is institutionally racist, blacks have no incentive nor reason to be in any way patriotic towards a country that hates them.

Whites never admit that when They condemn Positive Discrimination for Blacks – but never de facto positive discrimination for Whites – Whites are being racist.

Whites never admit that there are no white whistleblowers of White Racism – only black ones. They refuse to admit this because that would reveal for all to see that Whites have no commitment to the policy of removing racists from Their ranks – because They covertly agree with the principles and practises of White Racism.

Whites never admit that Their whinging about 9/11 reflects Their view that White Deaths are always more important to Them than Black. Whites would certainly never invade another country, for example, just because a few thousand Blacks were killed.

Whites never admit that They refuse to change by claiming that They already have - although there is not a shred of evidence that They ever have. White Racism always becomes more evident in time of war - as it did against the so-called Yellow Peril during the Second World War - because the Japanese are not, never have been and are unlikely to become, white. This is why if a white has his head cut off by Raghead terrorists; this is proof of the inferiority of the terrorists’ culture. While if whites behave in a similar fashion, it’s no more than an isolated incident, not indicative of how wonderful white people really are. However, an ongoing string of so-called isolated incidents of racism equals a pattern of institutional racism that can only be designed by a madman - a White Schizophrenic. If Blacks do it once, then all blacks are like that; but Whites have to do it at least dozens of dozens of times before Whites run out of excuses for Their Institutionalising of Their racist double-standards.

Whites never admit Their hypocrisy even in the teeth of the evidence:,3858,4916455-103550,00.html

Whites refuse to admit that Their continuing problems in Iraq are the result of an illegal occupation, although Whites - if They had been occupied - would behave in exactly the same insurgent manner. This means Whites still believe Blacks are different in Their motivations and, therefore, in Their psychological and genetic makeup. Such refusals to admit White Racism are proof of ongoing White Racism.

There is no Racists’ Anonymous nor is there any psychiatric counselling offered to White Racists for Their psychological problems. Indeed, Whites stubbornly refuse to categorise racism as a distinct mental illness while – simultaneously - claiming that there is such a thing as Black Psychosis to justify Their locking-up more Blacks than Whites in mental institutions. This proves that Whites do not believe that White Racism is sufficient a problem to justify such activities when every Black knows otherwise from Their own experience. Every Black has had at least one experience of White Racism during Their stay in the UK. This amounts to some 4,800,000 people (8%) and so represents that many experiences. Far fewer whites, as a proportion of the population (92%) have had similar experiences. In comparison, all whites have had some experience of White Social Snobbery, which is why saying White Culture is institutionally class-obsessed is non-controversial - as all political artefacts are non-controversial to whites if they have ever experienced them. Because whites rarely experience racism at a personal level they, not unnaturally, assume it does not really exist and is, therefore, greatly exaggerated by Blacks. This proves the limitations of experience as a means of apprehending reality. And why Whites rely on experience - in the face of logic and the evidence of other people’s experience - to remain in-denial about the inherently-racist nature of their culture.

Whites never admit that Their accusations of Blacks having chips-on-Their-shoulders about White Racism are really claims that the actual experience of Blacks produces such chips. This denigrates all experience that Whites want to pretend doesn’t really happen. It also privileges White Experience: If you don’t come to terms with experience, it self-traumatises you; if you do, then it becomes a learning experience. Whites thus claim that Their experience does not produce chips-on-the-shoulder because Whites are genetically superior in Their response to experience than Blacks, who’re allegedly traumatised by the White Claim that They are. Such accusations are racist when applied to optimally-functioning human beings that actually do experience Institutional White Racism.

Whites never admit that only Whites ever say there is less racism now than in the past. Whites believe that this allows Whites to ignore Black claims to the contrary.

A man’s very highest moment is, I have no doubt at all, when he kneels in the dust, and beats his breast, and tells all the sins of his life. Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), Anglo-Irish playwright, author. De Profundis (1905), a letter to Lord Alfred Douglas following Wilde’s trial and imprisonment, written in prison.

Whites never admit that They have no personal stake whatsoever in playing the good host and helping Blacks integrate into the UK. Yet, Whites constantly blame Blacks for not integrating into a so-called culture that will never recognise Blacks as equals!

Whites can’t bring Themselves to admit that comments made by Blacks about Whites are more valid than those made by Whites about Blacks because Blacks know more Whites than Whites know Blacks.

Whites never admit the fact that the reason Blacks rarely praise Whites isn’t Nigger Ingratitude – as Whites would love to think – but White Racism.

Whites try very hard to explain the non-existence of a Black BNP (British National Party) - something They would like to exist as a vain means of proving the validity of racism, as such. Their constant claims that there is such a thing as inverted racism proves this. In other words, for example, if Blacks can be shown to be anti-Semitic, then Nazism (the ideology and practice of the Nazis, especially the policy of racist nationalism, national expansion and state control of the economy) - in Their twisted minds - instantly becomes justified because Blacks are doing it, too. (When Frank TALKER was at school, it was common practice for teachers to berate pupils who claimed that because one child was badly behaved, other children still couldn’t claim the false ethical-protection of such statements as: “He did it, too!” They were right, so this proves White Racists are those who have never yet left childhood behind.)

It is the confession, not the priest, that gives us absolution. Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), Anglo-Irish playwright, author. The Picture of Dorian Gray, chapter eight (1891).

Whites never admit that the absence of white whistleblowers for White Racism proves Whites lack commitment to the possibility of renouncing Their racism.

If blacks don’t need racial awareness training, what does this say about whites who do? It says that the reason whites resist calls for such training is because it automatically puts whites in the position of being required to learn something. Not just about their own racist attitudes, but learn this from blacks – whom they consider inferior (which is why such training is offered in the first place). To put it anther way, the denial of the need for such training is proof of the need for such training because it’s a denial that there’s any racial problem at all.

If racist Police Officers are very much in the minority – as racists in the general population are claimed to be, why are there so few whites blowing the whistle on racism in their midst? Surely, if racism were of declining influence, no White would ever fear losing his job for blowing the gaff? But They do, which proves that They know perfectly well that if They side with Blacks regarding racism, then They will be treated as Niggers are. This They fear because They recognise – as They simultaneously deny it – that White Culture is institutionally racist. In reality, whenever anyone proves institutional White Racism, they’re arrested – as we saw with the case of the BBC journalist who proved that Whites are still recruiting racists into Their Police Service (;;

Whites never admit that they always judge the world from Their own point-of-view as in things allegedly being different after 9/11. But things are never different after events that happen to Blacks. Whites don’t want to admit Their own culpability for 9/11.

There are no situation comedies on tv dealing with the issue of racism as there used to be – Love Thy Neighbour and Till Death Us Do Part, for example. There are sitcoms about white men behaving badly, keeping up appearances and office life – all of which deal with prevalent contemporary issues – but none that whites will make dealing with their generalised disgust for blacks. Strange that!

Whites never admit that they have - historically - been the racist race.

There are things to confess that enrich the world, and things that need not be said. Joni Mitchell (born 1943), Canadian-born US singer, songwriter. Independent (London, 13 May 1988).

Whites never admit that because They are largely responsible for the culture in the UK, They are largely responsible for its ultimate failure that They choose to blame on immigrants.

Whites never admit that They have no sense-of-humour when their lives are threatened; yet when Blacks are killed, the Internet and the working man’s club is full of jokes about dying Negroes.

Whites never admit that racial minorities do not need the protection of the law. When they do, such as through the Race Relations Act, racial divisions become institutionalised by authorities keen to act as “neutral” arbitrators and thus sustain existing divisions.

Whites never admit They had to pass a law – the Race Relations Act – to try to remind Themselves that Blacks are human, too. It’s a tacit admission that Whites didn’t – and still don’t – know this, since this law hasn’t been repealed because it’s still seen as being needed – even by in-denial Whites. Without the existence of White Racism, there would’ve been no need for such a law.

There’s never any mention of a successful person’s skin colour if they are white. For example, there are two types of author: Successful Authors & Successful Black Authors. This is the same when a successful person originates from the lower-classes - as if being born Black or being born poor makes success so unlikely that this single fact of one’s birth circumstances is worthy of mention. No white can explain this obsession with an individual’s past, rationally. This makes it obvious that Whites believe that character is nothing; birth circumstances everything. This proves Whites are institutionally racist by virtue of the very fact that they experience cognitive dissonance when trying to analyse Their own assumptions about others and, particularly, Themselves. It also proves that Whites - although They refuse to openly admit this - believe that Their skin colour is the default skin colour of the human race. Despite the fact that whites are a global minority (25%) and the fact that the first human remains were found in Africa and so the first humans must have been black.

We only confess our little faults to persuade people that we have no big ones. François, Duc de La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680), French writer, moralist. Sentences et Maximes Morales, number 327 (1678).

Whites never admit that They only ever engage in any activity for personal benefit (being mercantilists rather than true capitalists). This is proven by the fact that no White Political Activity in at least the past 500 years ever solely benefited any one, or any other, race.

Whites never come out and express Their open disdain for either the British Empire or the North-Atlantic Slave Trade. Need Frank TALKER say more? Well, OK. Yes He does. The current wealth of the UK - now below that of the Chinese - is based solely upon both systems of mercantilism. Mercantilism is distinguished from capitalism in that it is based on a concept of trade where one side gains and the other loses. Such a system can never work unless backed-up by military force. Note the similarities with today’s White Use-Of-Force in those countries whose inhabitants have darker skins than the Whites. As well as Their unchanged concept of trade, which claims that Wogs must open their markets, but that Whites can still enforce tariffs on the free movement of people, goods and capital. In contradistinction, capitalism is the concept of trade in its true sense: A mutually beneficial exchange between grown-ups where - by definition - both sides benefit. Clearly, therefore, Whites still wish to maintain Their former Empires behind such things as the so-called war-on-terror, The Commonwealth and foreign aid. This proves They have not understood capitalism any more than They have understood democracy. Both of which They falsely claim to have been practising for many centuries; hence, Their sanctimonious and pompous belief that they are fit and proper persons to teach others how to practice these things. But notice, when foreign elections go against White Interests, Whites try to topple democratically-elected regimes as soon as They can. Their White God (not a jealous but a racist God) told them to, obviously.

Whites never admit that liking Them is not compulsory.

We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; and we have done those things which we ought not to have done. Book of Common Prayer (1662). Morning Prayer, General Confession.

A final, more personal note: When Frank TALKER criticises Whites, La TALKER’s critics launch personal attacks concerning how racist He obviously is! When Mr TALKER criticises Blacks, His White Critics remain silent. This proves my White Critics are profoundly racist since They - inconsistently - only try to defend Their own race from racism; while caring nothing for any other race. Have I got ‘em by their racist balls? You bet I have! (And yet, despite everything Frank TALKER has to say here, Whites are still amazed that Blacks do not trust Them! What would Sigmund Freud [Austrian physician and founder of psychoanalysis who theorised that the symptoms of hysterical patients represent forgotten and unresolved infantile psychosexual conflicts] have to say about that?) Mr TALKER should like to add an instant quote of his own: You cannot obtain absolution unless you confess your sins.

Postscript: Let Frank TALKER stir the pot some more and point out the last piece of Black Denial noticed by Him. Regarding the upcoming UK CEHR (Commission for Equality & Human Rights), Blacks claim that having no guaranteed race committee will move Black Issues to the lowest political priority - in Their experience. They’re right. but They never point out the corollary of this which is that the Race Relations Act - which They salute - also means that Black Defendants are more likely to be imprisoned under it. For longer, than White Ones committing similar offences. (Because Whites want Their revenge on Blacks for reminding Whites how racists Whites truly are in the need to pass such laws.) In other words, that a measure designed to help Blacks is actually being used against Them - as They claim the CEHR will be. Why the inconsistency?

A vampire may not enter a house into which he has not been invited, although after he has done so once, he may make repeated visits without asking. So, do not let evil into your minds nor racists into your homes.

Ultimately, to racists, it is not what you are that matters – they have no way of knowing what you are because they don’t want to get too close to you – but what you’re not: Not White. This is why racism is such a negative philosophy because it has no positives. Therefore, never waste your time looking for proof of White Racism because this is harder to find as White Racists become more sophisticated in concealing it. What you need to look for is proof of the existence of the dog in the night-time from its non-existent bark.


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