Friday, 19 May 2006

Mikey Powell died in police van, court told

Mikey Powell died in police van, court told


An interesting and revelatory case of White Racist Police Officering this. In particular: ‘Two officers, Timothy Lewis, 33, and David Hadley, 37, admit deliberately crashing their Peugeot 307 patrol car into Powell, but claim they believed he was holding a gun “behind his back.” Opening the prosecution case at Leicester Crown Court last week, Courtenay Griffiths QC said: “The claim was false and constructed after the event”.’

This means that Whites claim the right to assume the right to believe that any Black is (indeed, all Blacks are) carrying a concealed weapon no matter what the evidence. To allow Whites to believe whatever They wish about Blacks – especially when such beliefs can be used to claim Blacks are a threat to those same Whites at all times. This, Whites believe, provides Them with a justification for Their inherent racism in that such racism is to be viewed as no more than reasonable racial self-defence. In other words, to claim that a black is carrying a concealed weapon is tantamount to saying – because it’s never said of Whites – that the reason the Black was assaulted was because He was black (& only for that reason). After all, Blacks always carry weapons to attack Whites, don’t They?

The UK Police Service thus views itself as an organisation whose fundamental purpose is to protect and serve White Culture at the expense of all others. The fact that not one of these officers has pled guilty proves that Police Officers are trained to support and back each other, over and above any ostensible duty to the public. This means the police service can never claim that these are simply rogue officers, since it’s obvious that Police Officers will do all they can to conceal and, thereby, perpetuate the cancer at the heart of UK policing and, by extension, UK culture: Racism.

Such behaviour is always revealing as to what goes on inside the White Mind. And allows Blacks to avoid supporting an organisation (& a culture) that bears Them such ill-will.
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