Wednesday, 24 May 2006

ACT NOW! Lobby government over mental health law


Amidst all the blather that Blacks spout about racist white psychiatrists practising what is effectively soviet psychiatry, the following paragraphs stand out:

‘The Department of Health have (Sic) confirmed they are not treating race equality as a priority issue as they design a new mental health law.

‘This despite the fact that study after study shows Black people being disproportionately sectioned and over-medicated’.

Blacks have to be monumentally naive to claim that Whites aren’t taking racism seriously “despite” the fact the fact of the White Invention of a non-existent condition called Black Psychosis. Whites do this “because” They are racist – when are Blacks going to have the honesty and self-respect to face up to this self-evident fact-of-life.

Whites want as many Blacks locked up and labelled innately criminal and intrinsically insane because Their racism leads Them in this direction. They fed up with the fact that facing Their racism means having to make the changes to Their culture that They’re just not willing to make. Whites regularly say that “Leopards don’t change their spots” and “old habits die hard”. (But They never say this of Themselves regarding a racism They claim to be dealing effectively with!) For Whites this is more true than for anyone else because They spend Their lives desperately trying to fit into an inherently discriminatory and arbitrary-ruled culture based on superficial issues such as social class, gender and race (rather than on innate merit). They aren’t therefore going to openly admit that Their culture is empty and worthless – not for any number of Niggers – since that would mean that Their 500-year-attempt to prove Their non-existent racial superiority is based on nothing but sham and the doltish behaviour of the poseur.

It is rare indeed for anyone to admit that their life’s work has done nothing more than led them up the garden path towards its inevitable dead end. This is because we only get one life and no-one wants to admit at the end of theirs that they completely wasted the single life that they had. This incidentally is why Whites are so keen on a life-after-death with its empty promise of a second chance no matter how much of a wastrel you were in this life. It also explains why Whites are so frightened of death because They don’t truly have faith in a life after death and wish to put off the inevitable moment when reality forces them to face the fact that Their lives never really added up to al that much.

Using psychiatry against Blacks is merely a form of internal immigration control. It’s purpose is to silence dissent against White Racism by the Time-Honoured White Principle of saying that anyone who disagrees with Them is either a criminal or a madman. Whites make these claims to avoid having to deal with Their Inveterate White Racism, which proves that They are Inveterate White Racists. This is because such claims are never made with reference to objective reality – only White Culture which, given its manifest emotional repressions, is the last source of objective data regarding mental phenomena that a rational man would select. It’s purpose is also to minimise Black Breeding Potential since career, marriage and children are rather difficult ensconced either in a prison or in a psychiatric institute. This has the particularly desired effect of keeping Black Men away from our pure, noble White Women so that there’s more pussy for the rest of us. After all, White Men have a lot of difficulty with the fact that White Women vote with the pudenda when it comes to whom they wish to sleep with – and they tend to choose Black Men. It is an attempt to level the playing field of sexual competition (& then skew it in White Males’ favour) which, at the moment, White Men are not doing very well at. One day Whites will, no doubt, invent a (psychiatric) theory that not being sexually repressed and having large genitalia are proof of genetic inferiority – if They haven’t already!

The sad truth is that Blacks won’t face this either. It is just as utterly pointless a waste of a life to complain about White Racism as to be a White Racist. The simple fact is that the only way to prevent Blacks from falling into the hands of racist white psychiatrists is not to fall into the traps of neither neurosis nor psychosis. This can only be done by facing objective reality squarely – the very thing that the mentally ill do not do. It also follows that Blacks should spend as little time as possible with Whites in order to avoid being labelled insane. If Black do spend any time with Whites, They should ensure that Their behaviour mimics that of Whites because Whites define maladjusted behaviour as that which differs from Their own.

The fact is that the moment Blacks lose contact with reality, is the moment Whites have Blacks by the balls – and can then do with Blacks as They wish. To internalise White Man’s Hatred of You in this way is the shortest route to the prison cell and the psychiatric ward.
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