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Black resistance broke slavery - Ken Livingstone

'Material being produced today to mark the anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade makes it appear that white people liberated black - the assumption being they could not do it themselves. In reality, slaves rose against the trade from its inception. This broke it'.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone makes a very important point which can also be summarised when one compares the way in which Whites laud white slaves as self-freeing; eg, the Hollywood movie Spartacus. This, compared to the racially-inferior manner with which They fail to laud Black; eg, automatically assuming that because slavery was lawful it was OK (& the Hollywood movie Amistad). Or, worse, claiming that Blacks were mostly responsible for the slavery They experienced and that They therefore deserved it somehow.

'After abolition of the trade, slavery in British possessions was abolished following revolts in Barbados in 1816, Demerara in 1823, and Jamaica in 1831, in which 60,000 slaves participated. For this reason Unesco officially marks August 23, the anniversary of the St Domingue rebellion's outbreak, as slavery's official remembrance day.

'No one denigrates William Wilberforce, but it was black resistance and economic development that destroyed slavery, not white philanthropy'.

All too true, I fear. The result of the White Racial Guilt that secretly acknowledges that to refuse to acknowledge the crime of slavery is the only way to avoid having to admit that one is a product of a racist culture. This can't be made to work because such a refusal is a tacit admission of the very thing it attempts to deny; otherwise why refuse to apologise. No‑one can evaluate the sincerity of such an apology except the one apologising.

(The one aspect of Wilberforce's campaign to abolish slavery was the fact that his primary goal was not its abolition but the conversion of Negroes to Christianity because only free men can be called true Christians. Thus, Mr Wilberforce is not the altruist some make him out to be since this fact implies that if Mr Wilberforce had not had religious motives he would not have cared a tinker's damn about slaves.)

'The British government's refusal of such an apology is squalid. Until recently, almost unbelievably, it refused even to recognise the slave trade as a crime against humanity, on the grounds that it was legal at the time. It helped block an EU apology for slavery.

'Two arguments are brought forward against official apology - not only by the government but by David Cameron. First, an apology is unnecessary because this happened a long time ago. This would only apply if there had been a previously apology - there hasn't been. Slavery was the mass murder of millions of people. Germany apologised for the Holocaust. We must for the slave trade'.

Again, more White Guilt. However: 'A Britain that contributed Shakespeare, Newton and Darwin to human civilisation need fear comparison with no one. A British state that refuses to apologise for a crime on such a gigantic scale as the slave trade merely lowers our country in the opinion of the world'. The use of Charles Darwin's name here is a little unfortunate since, in his Descent of Man, he claimed that Blacks are more simian than human and, thus, less evolved.

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A little deeper than Wilberforce

Although this article is fundamentally true, it omits two facts that Whites can use against its author and his race.

First, Blacks also defeated the French when Haiti was called San Domingo. (A French colony after 1697, the country became independent in 1804 following a slave revolt led by Toussaint L'Ouverture.) Whites claim that this was largely due to yellow fever and not the good organisation and fighting skills of the slave rebels.

Second, the poor condition of Haiti now (as of jamaica, itself) will be used by Whites to claim that Blacks can't emulate Whites by becoming as supposeldy civilised as Whites are. Whites say the selfsame thing about the many tin‑pot dictatorships in Africa, after all.

These racial calumnies can only be countered by saying that Whites possess no proof that Blacks are less human than Whites. and, most importantly, that Blacks have different cultural goals to Whites and so have no need to emulate Whites and, therefore, nothing to prove to Whites.

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"I was defending multiculturalism" - Toby Young

'How can you possibly describe that as "racist"?'

Well, that's easy to explain.

'The argument I was making is that it would be wrong for white people living in Shepherd's Bush to give in to racist fears of black youths in response to the murder of Kodjo Yenga'.

Why does Mr Young think that whites would give‑in to such fears if he were not aware of their pre‑existence? One can't give‑in to fears that one doesn't have, after all. Clearly, Mr Young knows perfectly well that whites have a tendency towards blaming their problems on people of different cultures. No‑one uses expressions like "giving‑in" regarding one's emotions when one does not possess those emotions already, do they?

The statistics Mr Young cites suggest whites are racist towards blacks in a way that blacks aren't towards whites. Isn't that racist? Especially since this clearly implies that whites commit crimes against blacks precisely because of their skin colour; thereby racially‑traducing whites in the very quoting of such figures. Toby Young believes that only bad white behaviour can be labelled as racist while bad black behaviour should be treated differently for fear of being labelled a racist. Mr Young ties himself up in this little mental knot while not realising that this is inherently racist; that is, it racially‑denigrates whites. He admits this here: 'How can that be called "racist"? Racist against white people, perhaps'. Mr Young believes racism against whites is OK, but not against blacks. That is racism – especially as it will do nothing other than produce a White Backlash against Blacks, stirred‑up by Guilt‑Ridden Whites!

Mr Young never states that crime statistics are rarely quoted by Whites to denigrate Whites since Whites fear that They could be used by Blacks to do just that. For example, the fact that all paedophiles, 89% of serial killers & mass murderers and the majority of racists are white. Instead, it is almost always crime statistics showing so‑called Black Criminality which are used by tabloids to denigrate Blacks as killers, rapists, muggers, knife‑wielders, drug‑dealers, pimps, fatherless, motherless, Godless, penniless. Why does Mr Young not point out the fact that Whites always use statistics to downgrade Blacks; while statistics that show a White Propensity towards public drunkenness are never taken as proof that this is a White Problem. When Blacks commit crimes, that's a racial problem; when Whites do so, it's a social problem – within which skin colour isn't seen, by Whites, as playing a part. Why is the skin colour of a white man rarely used against him to explain his bad behaviour when the skin colour of a black is usually used as the sole explanation for his bad behaviour? Worse, that when a Black does well in his life, it's always explained as being the result of the largesse of Whites, not the talents of those individual Blacks. As if Blacks can only succeed with White help!

As BLINK correctly points out, it is not for those accused of racism to be judge, jury and executioner in their own cause. That would be like allowing a paedophile to determine his innocence or guilt at his trial simply by saying that sex with minors is normal, healthy and natural. It ain't and they're not.

The last three paragraphs are worth quoting at length because Frank TALKER couldn't have put it better Himself. 'The fact is, to us we see attitudes that are all too familiar. We recognise the fear of our youth, we've seen the handwringing before from white media types asking themselves "am I racist?" before concluding, inevitably, that they are not'. Frank wonders if Heinrich Himmler ever considered himself a racist?

'When we see talented and beautiful youths walking down the road our reaction is "I pray they are not going to waste their lives", but many white liberals think (as their hearts beat faster) "Am I in danger? Have they got a gun? Is it safe to live/work here?" Michael Moore's book "Stupid White Men" ( pins down this attitude with some accuracy in chapter four: Kill Whitey. 'I don't know what it is, but every time I see a white guy walking toward me, I tense up. My heart starts racing, and I immediately begin to look for an escape route and a means to defend myself. I kick myself for even being in this town after dark. Didn't I notice the suspicious gangs of white people lurking on every street corner... What an idiot! Now the white person is coming closer, closer – and then – whew! He walks by without harming me, and I breathe a sigh of relief.' Mr Moore then goes on to point out that whites have been taught to fear difference, not other white people even though most whites have only ever been harmed by other whites. 'Every mean word, every cruel act, every bit of pain and suffering in my life has had a Caucasian face attached to it'. The reason for all this is, of course, that Whites are looking for a scapegoat for the problems They, Themselves, cause. And Blacks are very convenient for this purpose.

What Mr Moore doesn't realise is that this is how Blacks have to think about the racial dangers They face from Whites. Black aggression is simply a racial defence‑mechanism designed to deter racial assault. The fact that Whites like Toby Young fear this shows just how well it works. That Whites use this fear to justify Their racism is irrelevant since such people are racist anyway and will use any excuse – fantastic or real. In law, this is called self‑induced provocation.

Now if a Commie scumbag like Mr Moore can figure this out, then why can't a capitalist prick like Mr Young? It's not very difficult, after all. Michael Moore is honest enough to admit that he has racist feelings towards blacks (as Frank TALKER himself does) which he satirises in his own work. 'I believe that we've become so used to this [negative] image of the black man as predator that we are forever ruined by this brainwashing.' Toby Young is very unlikely to ever be that honest. But then he's white – what else can you expect!

If a white like Michael Moore can understand some of the most fundamental issues we face in the field of race relations, it's hard to see why anyone cannot do likewise.

No Black journalist could make the self‑evident statements about Bad Whites that Frank TALKER makes here in any White Media Outlet. He would be sacked or, more likely, never employed/paid in the first place.

And isn't the underlying implication of the outpourings of the Toby Young's of this world that Blacks want to kill Whites simply because They are White. Whites have never gotten over the legacy of slavery (as They so often claim Blacks haven't) – their overt and covert attitudes to Blacks prove this. Whites know that Blacks harbour a lot of justified and pent-up anger over the obvious economic and social disparities between Blacks and Whites. Mr Young hints at the unspoken fear all Whites possess: Eventually Blacks are going to rise up and get Their revenge. Whites believe They are sitting on a racial tinderbox and we'd better be ready for when the victims of our greed come calling. And only guilt‑ridden whites like Mr Young ever think such nonsense because if They'd been treated as They treat Blacks, They'd feel exactly the same need for vengeance. This is the usual oxymoronic recognition by White Racists that Blacks are just as human as Whites despite the racist attitudes of Whites. After all, if Blacks really were subhuman, there'd be no need for racism. Black men wouldn't then be in a credible position to take the Best White Jobs and engage in concupiscence with the Best White Women. Blacks could never then be a credible threat to White autonomy, anymore than any lower species can be such a threat.

'There are many white people who enjoy the kudos of living in "urban" areas like Shepherds Bush and Brixton, but in reality have very little, if any positive interaction with black people, personally or professionally'. The 'kudos' here is really a kind of slumming: A patronising attempt to pretend kinship with our darker‑skinned brothers that can only lead to contempt from those very "brothers" who recognise it for the condescension it truly is.

The only reason for liberal so‑called concern for Black People is liberal concern for the image of liberals. Nothing more; nothing less. But (again, Michael Moore), 'Black people are onto us. They know we say and do things to make it look as if progress has been made. They see us working hard to show how not‑prejudiced we are... We haven't made real progress. We're still bigots – and they know it.

'Cut the crap about all your "black friends". You don't have black friends. A friend is someone you have over for dinner regularly, someone you go on vacation with, someone you ask to be in your wedding party, someone you go to church with on Sunday. Someone you call often to share your most intimate secrets...

'Your black "friends" know that the chances of your dropping your toddler off with them in their part of town while you go on a weekend trip is about as good as your inviting them to go on the trip with you'. Mr Moore then goes on to admit what the vast majority of whites will not: '...I gotta tell you a little secret we white people have: Your people aren't ever going to have it as good as we do. And if you think working hard and trying to fit in is going to get you equality and advancement... try Sweden'.

Toby Young has a long way to go before he recognises blacks as human. All he is really doing is trying to justify and normalise not only his own liberalised racism but his complete inability to understand not only other cultures but his own and himself. He is a perfect example of the schizophrenia of White Culture that can quote official statistics showing that most crimes are committed by Whites; while simultaneously expressing fear of Black (but not White) Criminality. White criminals are the ones we should all fear, but how many whites do you know who've ever stated this rather obvious fact? Mr Young tries to hide his racism behind irony, satire and parody but never has the courage to say what he really thinks. A very dangerous individual to have in the back of a car giving directions.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Voice of the real White City

The title of this article is based on its author's profound understanding of the real issues concerning the relationship between the races within the UK. Its title also implies that Mr Holloway also understand much about the relationship between the social classes.

'SHEPHERDS (Sic) BUSH resident and journalist Toby Young provoked outraged (Sic) after penning an article about how “aggressive” black youth terrify him and his wife'.

The above expresses perfectly one of the two main ways in which Whites hate and fear Blacks. (The other is the alleged sexual stamina, build and prowess of the Negro.) The fact that Whites consider Blacks to be a physical threat to Their wellbeing – without evidence or proof – just goes to show how superficial Whites really are. They judge others by the appearance – not their essence; reflecting the sheer superficiality of Their cultural outlook. This is the product of the White class system which judges one not by where one is going with one's life, but by where one has come from. The latter is a mere accident‑of‑birth that can be used to hold others back as surely as the accident‑of‑birth of skin colour can be used to produce exactly the same effect. Especially if you can get those others to actually believe that birth circumstances are the best and only guides to character. In truth, they are only the guide‑to‑character of those who view others in such a narrow manner.

The other issue here is that Blacks tend to present different body language to Whites – which always frightens the poop out of Whites. When Mr young refers to Blacks as 'aggressive' he merely means different; and when he implies “different” he merely means inferior. Whites always adjudge others inferior if They choose to act, think and speak differently from Whites. It's a coping mechanism that allows Whites to continue to pretend that their thoughts, words and actions are inherently superior – it unsuccessfully allows Them to evade the fact that White Culture is fundamentally empty.

It's also worth pointing out that Mr young has to bring his wife into the equation; regarding their mutual fear of Blacks since Whites always stick with Their own. This is one of the fundamental reasons Whites have so little of the understanding‑from‑experience of Blacks that would help Them to reduce Their fear of said Blacks. When Whites feel threatened by Blacks, They tacitly confess to Their inability to tolerate and accept difference, as such. As well as to Their belief that They don't have to understand others before criticising them since Whites take it as read that others are inferior precisely because they are different rather than because they are objectively so. Such an objective analysis would confront Whites with Themselves; especially the fear that some, most or all of Their culture is inherently inferior rather than as superior as They think it is.

What Toby Young wants is a neighbourhood without anyone who makes him feel afraid; that is, without Blacks and the lower‑class. His only means of feeling safe‑and‑secure where he lives lies in the expectation that others will slavishly follow his mode of dress, body language and speech, in order to soothe his immature fears, manias and insecurities. Mr young is a perfect example of the legacy of Imperial Slavery – he can only achieve success through self‑renunciation; while yet resenting the fact that others have chosen a different path of self‑satisfaction. The latter reminds him of what he's never had – and never will – and he hates them for it. In a dong‑measuring contest between himself and a Black Man, he fears he'd lose – he probably would since his genital size most likely matches that of his cerebrum.

'Son of former Conservative cabinet minister Lord Young, Toby wrote a racist polemic following the fatal stabbing of 16-year-old Kodjo Yenga.

'Instead of expressing sorrow over the tragic death of an innocent teenager, the high-profile London Evening Standard article raged about living in fear of attacks by black youth'. This is a trifle naïve since no White is ever going to express sincere condolences over the death of a Black.

'Previously managers at the BBC have raised concerns from staff about fears of being mugged by residents from the White City estate...'. If Whites are frightened of living in the areas that they currently inhabit, surely the solution is to move elsewhere? Or can't Their salaries stand it? They are more able than the poor to live as far way from social housing as They can afford – in a grange, for example. If Whites want to go “slumming” among those They consider inferior, then They will jolly‑well have to learn to tolerate the fears that They will inevitably feel, given Their pre‑existing social and racial prejudices. Haven't They heard of gated communities?

In the final analysis, one must always be keenly aware of the fact that a White like Toby young is little more than a talentless attention‑seeker – an attention‑seeker to compensate for his talentlessness (see:

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Cash for dishonours

This article details what happens when members of the UK ethnic minorities are stupid enough to join the UK Police Service. It does so by pointing‑out the most salient points of the problem with White Policing.

The important point here is that Blacks have to be perfect otherwise any minor infraction of the rules and/or laws will be held against them. Because Whites can't prove Blacks inferior, They spend an inordinate amount of Their time desperately seeking character flaws that we all possess to use against those in whom They find them. Even to the level of complete trivia like the eating of 'non-Halal meat' or the 'disappearance of a rubber stamp 20 years earlier'. This also means that those seeking such minor imperfections need to waste time and energy concealing Their own. This means that They never learn from Their errors and, thus, continue to keep making them.

Rather than proving Themselves superior to Blacks, all They can do is find imperfections in others. This is the easiest thing to do since nobody's perfect. The problem is that when a White is found to be so, the expression: "He's only human" is used – to which no rational man can disagree. However, when Blacks are found to be imperfect, They are viciously pilloried because Whites do not accept that Blacks are, in fact, human. Instead, we hear: "What can you expect from Blacks; They're all the same".

Fortunately, racists aren't terribly intelligent. This means that so long as Blacks like Ali Dizaei keep Their heads They can ALWAYS come out on top. Unless Blacks are prepared to face this sort of racism the higher up the White Career Ladder They climb, They should seriously consider self‑employment. And make no mistake, the career ladder to which I refer is designed by Whites for Whites – overt and then covert means will ALWAYS be used to exclude outsiders. Whites don't want others to know that Their culture is fundamentally empty. And the only way that any outsider can know this is to peer inside that culture and see how Whites actually behave – especially in relationship to the sharp distinction between this and Their words.

The most important point Lester Holloway makes is: 'Several white police officers have filed tribunal claims using race laws to claim discrimination. The claims... are... an organised backlash against the "Stephen Lawrence agenda" of diversity'. If the "Stephen Lawrence agenda" were to be accepted by Whites (which it never will since the Lawrence Report proved that Whites don't care if Blacks die) Whites would simply admit Their errors and get over it. This is something, you'll notice, that Whites - Themselves - demand of Blacks but cannot do for Themselves. What Whites do, instead, is to make the rather obvious and fatuous claim that Blacks are just as racist as Whites – as if that made White Racism somehow more acceptable – especially to Whites. Yet, Blacks never killed 6,000,000 Jews. Blacks never initiated a trade enslaving no less than 12,000,000 African blacks over a period of 300 years. Blacks never seize White lands by force in order to establish an empire based upon the fallacy of racism. Blacks haven't established a legal UK political‑party that sees Blacks as fundamentally second‑class citizens and works to ensure that their version of apartheid is made legally‑acceptable in the UK.

The most fundamental problem with the UK Police Service is that as it sees itself as being created to oppress the UK lower‑classes, the corollary of this is that it sees itself as controlling Blacks. Both groups are seen as threats to good social order; needing to be kept in their place. There is absolutely no way of changing this because such attitudes come from the very top of UK culture.

Ali Dizaei's book "Not One Of Us" is perfectly titled since he finally realises that he not only isn't one of us, but that he never will be. It's about time Blacks faced this simple fact and stopped trying to integrate with Whites who simply hate Their guts.

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Ruth Kelly treating black groups "with distain" (Sic)

Ruth Kelly treating black groups "with distain" (Sic)

'Chouhan and Woolley conclude: "[T]here was never any real intention to have an honest dialogue... [and [this]] has borne out our initial fears that the engagement with Black communities has always been tokenistic".'

What's even more shocking than the inability of this author to spell the word “disdain” (verb, transitive 1. To regard or treat with haughty contempt; despise. 2. To consider or reject as beneath oneself. Noun A feeling or show of contempt and aloofness; scorn.) is the fact that if these two politicos understand that Whites aren't going to renounce Their racism, then why have anything to do with Them – politically - in the first place?

Isn't this just the most fundamental problem with the stupidity of UK Blacks: Their craven desire to mimic the Whites They so desperately hate and fear? Blacks think this mimicry is a shortcut to the kind of material success Whites enjoy that Blacks secretly envy Whites for? However, since a Black can never actually be white, he can never achieve acceptance from Whites as actually being white – and it's White Acceptance that Blacks surreptitiously desire. The tokenism being complained‑of here is actually the Covert Black Desire to be seen by Whites as white because Blacks furtively despise Their own skin pigmentation even more than Whites do. Blacks want Whites to adjudge them as honorary or token Whites. Isn't this why Michael Jackson, for example, is so screwed up about his racial identity?

'Vaz tells Kelly: "I am disappointed in developments with the new Commission that have happened without proper discussion".' '[D]isappointed' but he would have to be very naive about Whites to be surprised!

Vaz 'copied both Blair and Brown, in a move that carries extra weight since Vaz's election onto Labour's National Executive Committee, representing the Black Socialist Society'. How does this carry 'extra weight' with the Labour government when it's the Socialists who're ensuring that Blacks are squeezed‑out in this context? The very existence of a “Black Socialist Society” is proof of the need for such a society, in the first place, because of the institutional racism of Whites. Why do these Blacks want to join a culture or a society that doesn't want Them? Don't They have either of Their own? Obviously not!

So long as Blacks continue to collaborate with White Racists, They will continue to be racially abused. This is because such collaboration will always show Whites how desperate for social acceptance Blacks are. Collaboration with your enemies is simply an invitation to be abused by those enemies.

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