Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Cash for dishonours

This article details what happens when members of the UK ethnic minorities are stupid enough to join the UK Police Service. It does so by pointing‑out the most salient points of the problem with White Policing.

The important point here is that Blacks have to be perfect otherwise any minor infraction of the rules and/or laws will be held against them. Because Whites can't prove Blacks inferior, They spend an inordinate amount of Their time desperately seeking character flaws that we all possess to use against those in whom They find them. Even to the level of complete trivia like the eating of 'non-Halal meat' or the 'disappearance of a rubber stamp 20 years earlier'. This also means that those seeking such minor imperfections need to waste time and energy concealing Their own. This means that They never learn from Their errors and, thus, continue to keep making them.

Rather than proving Themselves superior to Blacks, all They can do is find imperfections in others. This is the easiest thing to do since nobody's perfect. The problem is that when a White is found to be so, the expression: "He's only human" is used – to which no rational man can disagree. However, when Blacks are found to be imperfect, They are viciously pilloried because Whites do not accept that Blacks are, in fact, human. Instead, we hear: "What can you expect from Blacks; They're all the same".

Fortunately, racists aren't terribly intelligent. This means that so long as Blacks like Ali Dizaei keep Their heads They can ALWAYS come out on top. Unless Blacks are prepared to face this sort of racism the higher up the White Career Ladder They climb, They should seriously consider self‑employment. And make no mistake, the career ladder to which I refer is designed by Whites for Whites – overt and then covert means will ALWAYS be used to exclude outsiders. Whites don't want others to know that Their culture is fundamentally empty. And the only way that any outsider can know this is to peer inside that culture and see how Whites actually behave – especially in relationship to the sharp distinction between this and Their words.

The most important point Lester Holloway makes is: 'Several white police officers have filed tribunal claims using race laws to claim discrimination. The claims... are... an organised backlash against the "Stephen Lawrence agenda" of diversity'. If the "Stephen Lawrence agenda" were to be accepted by Whites (which it never will since the Lawrence Report proved that Whites don't care if Blacks die) Whites would simply admit Their errors and get over it. This is something, you'll notice, that Whites - Themselves - demand of Blacks but cannot do for Themselves. What Whites do, instead, is to make the rather obvious and fatuous claim that Blacks are just as racist as Whites – as if that made White Racism somehow more acceptable – especially to Whites. Yet, Blacks never killed 6,000,000 Jews. Blacks never initiated a trade enslaving no less than 12,000,000 African blacks over a period of 300 years. Blacks never seize White lands by force in order to establish an empire based upon the fallacy of racism. Blacks haven't established a legal UK political‑party that sees Blacks as fundamentally second‑class citizens and works to ensure that their version of apartheid is made legally‑acceptable in the UK.

The most fundamental problem with the UK Police Service is that as it sees itself as being created to oppress the UK lower‑classes, the corollary of this is that it sees itself as controlling Blacks. Both groups are seen as threats to good social order; needing to be kept in their place. There is absolutely no way of changing this because such attitudes come from the very top of UK culture.

Ali Dizaei's book "Not One Of Us" is perfectly titled since he finally realises that he not only isn't one of us, but that he never will be. It's about time Blacks faced this simple fact and stopped trying to integrate with Whites who simply hate Their guts.

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