Sunday, 18 March 2007

Ruth Kelly treating black groups "with distain" (Sic)

Ruth Kelly treating black groups "with distain" (Sic)

'Chouhan and Woolley conclude: "[T]here was never any real intention to have an honest dialogue... [and [this]] has borne out our initial fears that the engagement with Black communities has always been tokenistic".'

What's even more shocking than the inability of this author to spell the word “disdain” (verb, transitive 1. To regard or treat with haughty contempt; despise. 2. To consider or reject as beneath oneself. Noun A feeling or show of contempt and aloofness; scorn.) is the fact that if these two politicos understand that Whites aren't going to renounce Their racism, then why have anything to do with Them – politically - in the first place?

Isn't this just the most fundamental problem with the stupidity of UK Blacks: Their craven desire to mimic the Whites They so desperately hate and fear? Blacks think this mimicry is a shortcut to the kind of material success Whites enjoy that Blacks secretly envy Whites for? However, since a Black can never actually be white, he can never achieve acceptance from Whites as actually being white – and it's White Acceptance that Blacks surreptitiously desire. The tokenism being complained‑of here is actually the Covert Black Desire to be seen by Whites as white because Blacks furtively despise Their own skin pigmentation even more than Whites do. Blacks want Whites to adjudge them as honorary or token Whites. Isn't this why Michael Jackson, for example, is so screwed up about his racial identity?

'Vaz tells Kelly: "I am disappointed in developments with the new Commission that have happened without proper discussion".' '[D]isappointed' but he would have to be very naive about Whites to be surprised!

Vaz 'copied both Blair and Brown, in a move that carries extra weight since Vaz's election onto Labour's National Executive Committee, representing the Black Socialist Society'. How does this carry 'extra weight' with the Labour government when it's the Socialists who're ensuring that Blacks are squeezed‑out in this context? The very existence of a “Black Socialist Society” is proof of the need for such a society, in the first place, because of the institutional racism of Whites. Why do these Blacks want to join a culture or a society that doesn't want Them? Don't They have either of Their own? Obviously not!

So long as Blacks continue to collaborate with White Racists, They will continue to be racially abused. This is because such collaboration will always show Whites how desperate for social acceptance Blacks are. Collaboration with your enemies is simply an invitation to be abused by those enemies.

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