Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Will there be any love for the Black Community on Valentines (Sic) Day?

'...[W]e are deeply alarmed by reports that members on the London Assembly have put forward a motion to reduce th[e] funding' to commemorate the bicentenary of the abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in Britain. But surely not surprised? Why would Whites want to celebrate anything that makes them look bad? Would you? Frank TALKER certainly wouldn't. Whites know that Blacks want to push Their Smug White Faces into Their love of all things Imperial as well as Their deep‑seated fear and loathing of all things Black. Whites, not surprisingly, don't want this in the public domain, nor to be the cat that shat on the mat while Blacks rub Their faces in it. There are, for example, no statues of Cecil Rhodes in the UK, because that would reveal the White Man's guilty little secret concerning His true feelings for Blacks. Feelings regularly revealed, for instance, during the Last Night of the Proms. No rational man wants his dirty laundry visible to strangers. 'Angie Bray... leader of the Tory group of Assembly members... has argued that funding for the commemoration year should come from... central government and... the Mayor should spend both his time and the £275,000 tackling "modern day slavery"'. The concept of "modern day slavery" allows Whites off the hook (They think) of "olden‑day slavery"; while also allowing Them to blame its modern equivalent on foreigners – particularly those with darker skins than Their own. It follows from his that, in concert with Their racially‑motivated view of Evolution (Blacks are less evolved than Whites), that They would then play the race‑card by claiming that They had moved on from former racist practices when Blacks hadn't. Nevertheless, Their innate and irrefutable present‑day racism will always continue to show‑Them‑up for what They are. The most suspicious aspect of this whole affair is that Whites only wish to focus on "modern day slavery" when Blacks want to talk about "olden‑day slavery". Otherwise, Whites never mention slavery at all – ancient or modern. Funny that! The issue here is not slavery but that which underlies it – White Racism. Whites know this. Waffling‑on about "modern day slavery" rather than focusing on its underlying value‑system is like discussing Nazism without reference to anti‑Semitism; a disease without a cause; a response without a stimulus. Whites wish to break the link between cause and effect and pretend that if you get rid of the effect, the cause will magically disappear. Although Nazism was formally defeated in 1945, do any Whites seriously contend that this was when anti‑Semitism ended? Of course, They would contend just that very thing; that's just Their racist way. Deny it and not only will it go away; it never really existed in the first place - except in the minds of paranoid Blacks who only imagine there is such an activity as racial abuse. The Basic White Attitude is that if slavery no longer exists, then how can racism? Here's a perfect example of the foregoing psychological defence‑mechanism characterised by a refusal to acknowledge painful realities, thoughts or feelings. 'We feel that to celebrate the abolition of slavery carries the danger that it allows people to think that slavery no longer exists in this country... whereas in fact it is sadly all too prevalent still, including in London'. This is Whitespeak for something else: Here's what. "We feel that to celebrate the abolition of slavery carries the danger that it allows people to think that RACISM no longer exists in this country whereas in fact RACISM is sadly all too prevalent still, including in London". Notice how Whites typically shirk the real issue behind a blizzard of mealy‑mouthed self‑righteous sanctimoniousness: As if They really care about slavery today, any more than They did yesterday. Whites are terrified of a reminder of how racist They remain - to this very day. Would Whites say that we shouldn't celebrate improved A‑Level results in case anyone thinks there are no A‑Level failures? Or, that statistics showing a decline in the incidence of crime should not be a cause for rejoicing in case we all become complacent about the crimes still happening? Either would clearly be absurd! Whites obviously wanted to hijack these celebrations to make Themselves look good for having allegedly changed Their Imperialist ways. Nevertheless, the very fact that They've tried to hijack them shows how little Their culture has really changed over the centuries. Whites also don't want to think about where Their present‑day wealth came from. If your financial comfort IS based upon the rotting carcasses of millions of Blacks would you want anyone to know? Of course not! Don't ask stupid questions! Not only would a celebration of the abolition of slavery be unwelcome by Whites, so would a permanent memorial. When you ask a NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) in whose backyard to site such a permanent commemoration, what do you think he would say? Again, don't ask stupid questions! Whites will fight Blacks tooth‑and‑nail on this one since such a memorial will be a permanent slap‑in‑the‑face and a constant reminder of Their true natures. A memorial celebration is simply something Whites will grin‑and‑bear while doing Their best to ensure Whites never celebrate it again. (Oh, and by the by: Why do Blacks think They should be loved? Have they earned any love? Really? When?)

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