Thursday, 31 May 2007

Muslim Cricket Test

'SCHOOL TEACHERS are to force Muslim children to take sides with lessons involving imaginary terrorist plots'. Because Whites have decided against interning Muslims, They now have to try to keep them under watch rather than under lock & key. They try this with such racist wheezes as racial integration and condemning those who do not condemn threats to Whites loudly and clearly enough – while never setting a benchmark for how loud and clear such condemnation must be. Whites now feel the need to introduce effective loyalty tests against those They hate. Yet, those They hate can never pass because Whites hate Them and assume They will always be disloyal – not because They cannot be trusted but because Whites hate Them. Hatred is the greatest smoke generator in history hence the common - & racist – White Saying: There's no smoke without fire. All that hatred is designed to do is to create the necessary smoke – a figurative hallucination; a fact when dealing with literal fires – and use this self generated smoke to create the fire that Whites can use to convince Themselves that Their pre existing hatred is not paranoid – as it really is – but justified. Even if every UK Muslim passed such tests with flying colours, Whites will still say that They are lying in order to pass the test. Therefore, it does not matter what Muslims do regarding these tests, They will not be believed. All the fuss this article is making over such tests is as pointless as the tests themselves, since the existence of only one Muslim fundamentalist is required to convince Whites that all Muslims are fundamentalists. The issue is that the tests serve no War-on-Terror purpose, they exist to blame all Muslims for the fears only Whites have which They have created for Themselves. 'The proposals raised fears of a creaping (Sic) surviellance (Sic) culture in which teachers could come under pressure to reveal the identities of Muslims children who sympathised with terrorism'. Apart from the misspellings, we already live in a surveillance culture. We have more public cctv cameras than anyone else does and, at a deeper level, Whites are constantly looking at each other for social clues as to what behaviour is acceptable and what is not. Whites are not concerned with objective reality but social reality. Their method of awareness is that if someone they want to like them says it is so, then it is so. Whites determine what They wish to believe based on Their desire for social acceptance and the fallacy that being socially well adapted means that one is mentally stable. This is why so much White Psychiatry is focused upon getting on well with others as opposed to getting on well with oneself. And this is why Whites are so obsessed with pathologising Black Behaviour as Sectionably anti social because Whites have no other life other than the social; hence Their lack of moral integrity. In the White Mouth, the expression "Anti Social" means anti White. All White attempts to protect society are nothing more than attempts to protect Whites. 'Critics pointed out that the government did not seek to "educate" Catholic children in Northern Ireland about the dangers of sectarian violence but instead moved to achieve a political settlement'. This neatly shows the racist hypocrisy involved in allowing Whites to support terrorism, since Martin McGuinness hasn't been asked to renounce violence, while condemning Muslims for failing to do so. 'The government needed to deal with real causes of terrorism, such as the war on Iraq and Afghanistan and segregation caused by economic policies, rather than brand young kids as terrorist symathisers (Sic)'. This is naive since Whites want someone else to blame for the fact that They have created the terrorism that They can never defeat, since no serious terrorist organisation has ever been defeated. To avoid this inevitable fact, They pretend that a whole class of people can be used as scapegoats for the Great White Failing (Racism) and, therefore, as an excuse for it.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Death and Lyrics

'Captain Hugh Crow: a "humane" slave trader, according to the Bodleian Library in Oxford'. Inevitably, Whites are going to need to create a myth for Themselves of Their being oxymorons such as "humane" rapists, thieves and murderers. They believe that adding the qualifiers "humane" to any despicable human act makes it OK – or, at the very least, not so bad, after all. Presumably, anti-Semites can always find a "humane" operator of the gas chambers – if only They were to look hard enough? Whites need to justify Their racism in this way because They know that Their culture is based precisely upon those three activities of rape, theft and murder. And that They, therefore, need to depathologize Their essentially negative attitude to life and living. This desperate White self justification process proves White Guilt runs deep within the White Psyche and that part of the process of ameliorating such guilt is to pretend Blacks enjoy being raped, kidnapped and murdered. As paedophiles claim young children really do want it up the bum, White Racists claim Blacks are masochistically inclined toward the racial abuse Whites love to dish out. Altering Captain Crow's poetry to fit modern, politically correct sensibilities also demonstrates how the White inability to take adult responsibility and face up to Their guilt feelings means Whites must pretend to have changed in the past two hundred years – while always claming that no other leopard can ever change its spots. This is, itself, racist because it means Whites claim to be able to do what no other race can because Whites are more morally evolved. It also shows, moreover, that political correctness itself is nothing more than the product of White Race Guilt, since it's function is to conceal the truth about how awful Whites truly are. Whites know that for Them to accept Blacks as fully human They would have to fundamentally alter Their culture from a self hating one towards a loving one. There is, of course, very little chance of that. Having said all that, here is a Typical Black Parapraxis: 'Oxford's Bodleian Library has organised an all-white choir to sing a song which was supposedly written by slaves in honour of the man who stole them from Africa'. The word "stole" only applies to material objects not people: The word to use here is kidnapped. Why would any writer refer to slaves as if they were objects while at the same time vilifying those who do likewise? Why was the word "stole" not placed within quotation marks? Blacks still have a long way to go before They start seeing Themselves as people and not as the Nigger victims that both They and White Racists take Them to be.

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Saturday, 5 May 2007

Blair has failed us

RESPONSE TO ABOVE ARTICLE: Stupid, wall eyed Negroes thinking the white race owes Them a living! 'A DECADE of Labour rule has failed to tackle job market disadvantage for Black communities, a new report has found'. Meanwhile, what have these feckless, whinging Black Bastards been doing while waiting for Whites to give Them a leg up? When will these coons give up on this communistic claptrap and start working for a living? 'The employment gap between various visible minority groups and white people remains stubbornly high...'. First, what is a 'visible' minority group? Please name the invisible ones! Second, comparisons between ethnicities tell you nothing about the characteristics of the various ethnicities: It could just be that the reason Whites earn more money than Blacks is that Whites work harder than Blacks. Third, creating the label of a so called 'employment gap' is a call to narrow this gap. This means a never ending incomes' race (much like the Cold War arms' race); resulting in ever spiralling wage costs for employers as they try to prove their lack of racist bias in their employment practices. Whites will never be happy earning the same as Blacks and will require that such racial differentials are always kept in place. (This is the same as lower class people claming that trades' union exist to draw sharp distinctions between unskilled, semi skilled and skilled workers in pay negotiations – and is just as fruitless as a means of social advancement. The poor are still poor, after all, no matter what the trades' union interventions have been.) Because the former Soviet Union could not afford the arms' race – in the end – it collapsed. Whites will not be able to afford to pay Blacks more than Their work is worth, so there will always be a ceiling to pay rises that Blacks will – stupidly – refer to as a racial glass ceiling. Better for Blacks to stop comparing Themselves with Whites – a device to help prevent Them comparing Themselves with reality and finding Themselves wanting – and make Their own money in relation to Their own talents and abilities. It's the very fear that Blacks possess no true abilities that makes Them head for the cowardly evasion of comparing and contrasting Themselves with the hated and feared White Race. A race feared because Blacks think that Whites are reality and that there is no way around Their race hatred except to become complicit with it in this way. This is an obvious copout because it excuses Blacks from the personal responsibility of facing reality and acting accordingly. Blacks can thus merely use Whites as a yardstick for Black behaviour; thereby revealing Their dependency upon Whites for any kind of income at all. As well as the standard, Black Fear of going it alone - as all true grown ups must if they are to achieve self esteem. 'Ten years after Tony Blair rode to power promising greater equality over half of African, Pakistani and Bangladeshi children are growing up in poverty'. Why would any Black with half a brain believe a White Man? Of what possible benefit is it to Whites to pay Blacks the same as They pay Whites, when to do so would cut into profit margins? When have Whites ever done such things in the past? 'Slight increases in black and minority ethnic employment rates are explained by rising education attainment, with advances progressing at a snails pace...'. Clearly Blacks need to use Their successes as a stepping stone to even greater success rather than simply blame Whites for the alleged slow speed of Their own progress. Better to work harder than to whine on about White Racism if They're not progressing as fast as They'd like. 'Once this is taken into account Britain's Black communities have not seen any real change in their economic position since 1997'. Once again, this is because Blacks don't work hard enough and prefer to use Their self inflicted leisure time in blaming White Racism for Their own fecklessness. 'Once age, education and other characteristics had been controlled for, persistent differences remained in social class as measured by occupational status between the white group and other ethnic groups'. This is entirely meaningless. Because people are different from one another there will always be persistent differences – this is why "Equality" is a political non starter. The source of difference is always explicable with regard to differences in ability - coupled with differences in ambition. Everything else is just parasitic and politically correct moonshine from those who wish to make political careers from the inescapable and ineradicable fact that we're all different. To say anything else is merely the totalitarian desire to make us all the same so that we're easier to politically control. 'Managerial positions remain over-whelmingly (Sic) white, while Black people earn significantly less than white people with the same education'. All this does is prove that White Culture is institutionally racist, it does not help Blacks in any way – unless They think They are going to improve Their lot by exploiting White Race Guilt. There's a limit to what Blacks can achieve by doing so, and this has been political correctness and the inevitable backlash against Blacks for reminding Whites of Their inherent racism. These are all negative achievements; they do not achieve real benefits for Blacks. 'In 2003 Tony Blair promised to end inequality in the job market by 2013, but today's study shows his government has made little, if any, progress towards this pledge'. Why would any sane man believe in the pledges made by politicians – let alone White ones? Another issue unmentioned is why should Whites care if Blacks earn less than They do? So long as there are enough Whites to do the various jobs that need doing, why would White Culture care about any other ethnicity? It's not a 'decade of Labour rule' that has not benefited Blacks, but a decade (& more) of Black Inactivity that has achieved this sorry state of affairs. Article copyright © 2007 Frank TALKER. Permission granted to reproduce and distribute it electronically and in print; provided that mention of the author’s Weblog ( is included: E mail notification requested. All other rights reserved. Frank TALKER is also the author of Sweaty Socks: A Treatise on Toe Jam (East Cheam Press: Groper Books, 1997) and is University of Bullshit Professor Emeritus of Madeupology.

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