Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Death and Lyrics

'Captain Hugh Crow: a "humane" slave trader, according to the Bodleian Library in Oxford'. Inevitably, Whites are going to need to create a myth for Themselves of Their being oxymorons such as "humane" rapists, thieves and murderers. They believe that adding the qualifiers "humane" to any despicable human act makes it OK – or, at the very least, not so bad, after all. Presumably, anti-Semites can always find a "humane" operator of the gas chambers – if only They were to look hard enough? Whites need to justify Their racism in this way because They know that Their culture is based precisely upon those three activities of rape, theft and murder. And that They, therefore, need to depathologize Their essentially negative attitude to life and living. This desperate White self justification process proves White Guilt runs deep within the White Psyche and that part of the process of ameliorating such guilt is to pretend Blacks enjoy being raped, kidnapped and murdered. As paedophiles claim young children really do want it up the bum, White Racists claim Blacks are masochistically inclined toward the racial abuse Whites love to dish out. Altering Captain Crow's poetry to fit modern, politically correct sensibilities also demonstrates how the White inability to take adult responsibility and face up to Their guilt feelings means Whites must pretend to have changed in the past two hundred years – while always claming that no other leopard can ever change its spots. This is, itself, racist because it means Whites claim to be able to do what no other race can because Whites are more morally evolved. It also shows, moreover, that political correctness itself is nothing more than the product of White Race Guilt, since it's function is to conceal the truth about how awful Whites truly are. Whites know that for Them to accept Blacks as fully human They would have to fundamentally alter Their culture from a self hating one towards a loving one. There is, of course, very little chance of that. Having said all that, here is a Typical Black Parapraxis: 'Oxford's Bodleian Library has organised an all-white choir to sing a song which was supposedly written by slaves in honour of the man who stole them from Africa'. The word "stole" only applies to material objects not people: The word to use here is kidnapped. Why would any writer refer to slaves as if they were objects while at the same time vilifying those who do likewise? Why was the word "stole" not placed within quotation marks? Blacks still have a long way to go before They start seeing Themselves as people and not as the Nigger victims that both They and White Racists take Them to be.

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