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Britain is Full Up


This author is a classic coded White supremacist who fears being so labelled so must speak in code to appear rational, reasonable and intelligent.

The 'tide of immigration' suggests a cultural tsunami with negative consequences without any real thought to what the actual consequences of immigration are. There is no evidence whatsoever that 'Britain is full up' – and so the author presents none. Because more people are born in the UK and emigrate from it than migrate here, the Nazi tendencies of the author of this piece are evident. He does not propose encouraging people to leave nor does he encourage people here to have smaller families despite his claim that 'Britain is full up'. If 'Britain is full up', then birth control should be on the political agenda – as well as immigration - but it is not; proving that White supremacism is the issue not merely numbers. Indeed, such people concerned with numbers should also be in favor of such things as abortion-on-demand, voluntary euthanasia, & repatriation - if their concern is merely numbers. However, this is neither their chief, nor their real, concern.

'It is still just about possible to go through life without spotting how Britain is being changed by immigration...' yetو despite this, this author does not say in what way 'Britain is being changed'.

The author claims that the last Prime Minister, Gordon brown, came from an 'ethnically homogenous Scottish village above the Forth' when Whites are a mixture of peoples from across indo-Europe and, ultimately, Africa. No test exists that can establish ethnic homogeneity and so this phrase simply means racially-pure - a Nazi fallacy.

"Immigration is … a question about what it means to be British." Because the word "British" has been given no objective definition – even by the White British – it is really a question of how to provide oneself with an identity without the necessary effort. In other words, to define oneself by arbitrary notions of whom to include in such a definition and, more importantly, whom to exclude. For so-called Whites, the word "British" means "xenophobic Whites", despite the fact that no White can prove that he is White. Because there has been so much crossbreeding among humans over the millennia that there is no pure breed of human. Western science proves this so that the only way to define Whiteness is to say that if you look White – and we Say you are White – then you are White. Further tests of Whiteness are whether you are xenophobic or not. If the latter then you are either a race-traitor or a Nigger-lover. These extra tests are necessary because Whites know perfectly well there is no such thing as racial purity. Even the Nazis knew this; hence, they only checked any prospective party member's genealogy back three generations, since to go back further would prove that racial purity was a myth and the Nazi party's founding tenet a fallacy. Whites' sexual obsession tells them this because good-looking foreign birds produce erections every bit as easily as the home-grown plain Janes. If this were not so, the heterogeneous nature of the human race would not be the case. Sexual curiosity always trumps White supremacism since no anti-miscegenation laws have ever been enforceable in any meaningful sense.

The question is also about what it means to have more human rights than anyone else. A non-existent right Whites have claimed for centuries.

'Labour opened the floodgate [to immigrants] for social as well as economic reasons, in an attempt to change the culture of the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity".' These social and economic reasons are not referenced here because they do not exist and the comment about 'diversity' is a tacit admission that the author is afraid of foreigners and that his position is anti-diversity. Again, no explanation is offered as to how the culture of the country is going to change. By avoiding reference to the economic advantages of migration, the author makes it tacitly clear that he believes there are none. And that he is being coerced into renouncing a racism that is the only source of his sense of self.

'The consequences [of immigration], in terms of social tensions and pressures on local services, can be seen almost everywhere.' These tensions are caused by bigots like the author of this piece since White, English-speaking migrants are never complained of. The author offers no figures on the pressures on local services because there are none. 'Mr Brown... was the dealer who got us hooked on cheap foreign labour, and its artificial highs of unsustainable growth and low inflation.' '[C]heap foreign labour' is more White supremacist code for "cheap foreigners"; that is, genetically and culturally-inferior people. Fifty percent of NHS doctors are foreign born; 25% of nurses – so these are not inferior people. The cheapness merely lies in employing those who have not been trained at the UK taxpayers' expense. Yet, the author never refers to this rather obvious fact because it undermines his argument.

'Even now, they [immigrants] keep on coming, drawn to a country that offers more opportunities (and even greater welfare support) than just about anywhere else.' Those who have no argument always repeat the old Nazi line that immigrants are welfare scroungers but they offer no evidence for this. 'Without action on immigration, the necessary work of slashing welfare spending, and therefore the deficit (and eventually the debt), cannot truly be said to be under way.' The National Debt is an economic irrelevancy so long as it can continue to be paid off – like all debts. The real economic issues are the structural problems of an economy not based on wealth-creation but on debt-creation – credit. The budget deficit is simply being blamed on foreigners who are meant to act as scapegoats for White economic failure.

The statistics the author does not are the usual selective ones designed to prove his case and avoid providing a rounded picture of the very reality he claims politicians are ignoring. 'These are all whacking great numbers, which tell us that if one strips out the momentary effects of the downturn, immigration continues to outpace our capacity to cope.' Again, no evidence for an objective assessment of whether these really are 'whacking great numbers' - since the latter expression has no statistical validity - nor for the UK's inability to cope is offered.

'Yet now power has been lost, and the old views can be disowned, the party has started talking about national identity and the impact of migrants...' The standard trick of any one unable to argue coherently is to put more than one argument in a single sentence as if their logical connection were self-evident. The first part of this sentence is a tacit admission that democracy is not a rationally-based political system since policy is to be determined by a majority rather than because of a process of rational discourse. This is why democracy and covert racism have always gone together since such racism can only flourish in a system that always favours the majority against the minority. (In South Africa, White supremacism had to be overt since Whites were the minority and the only means of dealing with this was the naked use of force.) Whites thus see that power can be achieved with little effort simply by ensuring that non-Whites are so labelled and their numbers kept small. Whites hate proportional representation for this reason because it would offer more power to minorities – something Whites do not want because they believe it means less political power for themselves. The second part if the sentence concerns a national identity that Whites do not possess since Whites never say what this is with either a straight face or evidence. They attempt to use immigration as a test of Whiteness based on xenophobia. The only cultural identity Whites have ever achieved.

Because the argument here is basically flawed, Whites try to have it both ways by conflating popularity with common sense. If the argument is not popular, it is logical; if the argument is not logical, at least it is popular. If two plus two could be made to equal five, by plebiscite, Whites would accept this despite its lack of rationality since this would make us all richer by making every pair of two-pound coins worth a fiver! In this way, they hope to win - no matter what. The hypocrisy of the White supremacist position is thus clear for all to see.

'Scrapping ID cards and DNA testing, [David Miliband] argues, plays well with the chattering classes, but badly with ordinary voters, who believe only criminals and illegal immigrants have anything to fear from such intrusive measures.' The problem is that such measures are not intrusive for Whites only those who look or act "foreign". Their racism springs from the fact that Whites favour them precisely because they know that anyone who does not look, act or speak like them will be permanently suspected of not being "one of us". And thus suitable for such legalised harassment. Given the intrinsically White supremacist nature of British jurisprudence they would simply be legalising an apartheid that already exists in the warped minds of Whites. This is their true purpose since ID Cards and DNA testing have not been shown pre-emptively effective against criminality in any country that they have been employed. This is one reason the former was abolished after the Second World War; while the latter remains a young, error-prone science.

'Damian Green, the Immigration Minister, was due to make a preliminary announcement on the idea of an annual limit on the numbers coming in from outside the EU...' Here the basis for the argument is shifted from immigration - as such - to non-European immigration without explanation. If 'Britain is full up' then why does it matter where migrants come from? The answer is that non-European migrants are more likely to be dark-skinned; while the light-skinned ones will still be welcomed with open arms. The idea of a cap on numbers is self-evident nonsense since there is no way of objectively determining this. Because of the inherently White supremacist nature of such a concept, it can only be determined along the subjective lines of "a number smaller than the number of White live births per annum to ensure foreigners do not take over and start telling us what to do".

'Mr Cameron... can see the changes immigration has produced, not least in London, where the impact is most keenly felt.' These 'changes' are never adumbrated so do not really exist. The fear here is that migrants will outnumber locals and thus gain more political power over Whites in the majoritarian system that Whites have created for their own benefit. The only way to deal with this problem – in a democracy – is to have less non-Whites around. Either that or abolish democracy and formally admit that the UK is a White supremacist nation and that the Second World War was not fought to rid the world of National Socialism but to protect British imperial interests. White supremacism in the UK rarely has the guts to be nakedly racist since that would prove the cultural inferiority of Whites – to be so afraid of those they deem inferior.

The real issue here is that in a majoritarian political system Whites want to remain the majority and they only feel they can do this by restricting immigration to Whites and socially-ostracising those who procreate with migrants. Whites are terrified that with the moribundity of the British Empire and Commonwealth, they are rapidly becoming irrelevant on the world stage. And that the basis of their culture – White supremacism – is now clearly seen as a hollow pipe dream from which they should have awoken 200 years ago when African slavery had to be abolished. The cowardice of not facing reality is palpable since all White talk on immigration is endemically White supremacist because Whites never stick to the economic argument. Instead, they use this as a cover for their actual cultural fears – that their culture is so weak that a few allegedly-worthless foreigners can destroy it. The only true welfare scroungers here are Whites who claim unearned privileges over non-Whites - in perpetuity. And a culture that needs to employ so many foreigners to do work that natives are either incapable or unwilling to do is a culture in serious and self-willed decline.

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