Tuesday, 13 July 2010

‘Racism in Drag’

Whites want to find examples of Blacks being racist and say that this form of racism is OK for them to practice because they saw a Black person do it. This is as childish as claiming that because my schoolfriend stole a chocolate bar from Woolworth's, I can do likewise. Whites want revenge on Black people for not being able, for example, to use the word 'Nigger' with the same impunity with which Black people use it by suggesting - in a context-free political vacuum - that they should be allowed to do the same as Black people. This, regardless of the fact that the use of such epithets is not neutral but pigmentionally-significant. Whites wish to evade reality and do as they please - as they have been doing for the past 500 years.

Whites want to claim Blacks as a benchmark for their own behaviour while continuing to imply - in that very behaviour - that Blacks are naturally inferior. But why would any rational person use someone they claim as inferior as a standard for their own behaviour? Because they have no higher standard!

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