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Comfortable, noise reducing, reading earplugs are great for helping block out loud neighbors, barking dogs and other noise that disrupts reading, meditation, and studying. Ear Plugs for reading will help you retain your mental edge.

Foam ear plugs are like all ear plugs, a device used by inserting it into the user's ear canal as a method to protect oneself from excessively loud noises. Unlike most ear plugs (Wiki) however, foam ear plugs are made using material compressed before being placed into the ear. Once in, the plug will expand to plug the ear canal. This, instead of using materials like wax, silicone (Wiki) and even rubber.

This is done most commonly with a technique that involves rolling the plug, pulling it and holding it for a bit. This method involved the foam ear plug being rolled into a thin rod-like shape before being inserted into the canal so that it will be able to completely seal the ear canal. A large variety of these ear plugs are made with memory foam, a type of polyurethane that had its viscosity and density increased so that it can be easily changed in shape with slight pressure - but also easily resume its original form once the pressure is lifted.

These earplugs usually come at very cheap prices at almost any local pharmacy or drugstores. A majority of ear plugs made of this material is considered to be disposable as many consider it to be unsanitary if used repeatedly. Similar to acoustic earmuffs or also known as ear defenders, ear plugs are designed to protect the user from being exposed to loud sounds in all manner of environments.

By UK law, any work environment with constant sounds producing more than 85 decibels requires employees to wear ear protection devices. Foam ear plugs, however, are generally used for less severe cases which mostly involve getting a good night's rest. By removing noises in the background that might otherwise keep one awake such as another person's snoring, traffic, renovation noises and noisy neighbours.

These foam ear plugs simply function in a fashion similar to acoustic earmuffs where the foam increases the air resistance towards the ear canals that reduces the amplitude of any incoming sound waves thus absorbing them so as to reduce their volume.

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