Wednesday, 17 November 2004

Racists are among us

The British National Party (BNP) - and those like them - have already infiltrated schools – as paedophiles have infiltrated the Roman-Catholic clergy and refugees our porous national-borders. Schools are part of society - not ring-fenced from it by guardian angels: Poor Black educational-performance partly proves this, after all. That so-called experts claim to fear such infiltration proves how little they know of their own culture – at the deepest level - and suggests they’d much rather not turn over that particular racist-rock to see fully the creepy-crawlies wriggling underneath.

‘…Education experts fear this may be the tip of the iceberg’. In what area of life is a given visible phenomenon ever LESS than the part that remains unseen? I ask you! What do experts know? This is a statement of the bleeding obvious from those who shouldn’t merely be describing the nature of objective reality (ie, what one already knows!) but proposing workable-solutions. But, do they ever? Of course they don’t. That would require genuine expertise!

These so-called experts don’t provide answers because they believe racial integration is more important than the lives of Blacks – especially if such integration does more harm to Blacks than good. Their ideological White self-obsession with papering-over-the-cracks in UK race-politics (ie, ethnic window-dressing) proves this and can easily get Blacks killed while racists go about their largely-unseen dirty work.

The real problem is what to do with racists - once found - and how Blacks can pre-emptively protect themselves not racial integration, since the latter makes Blacks easy target for White-racist attack.

If racists are anywhere, then they’re everywhere – and we all know it: The same is true for rapists, burglars and Jehovah’s Witnesses. The problem isn’t stopping them from choosing racism as a political philosophy – one can’t – especially the ones who don’t make it obvious what they really think. (Only Whites could ever posit the existence of radical UK-Muslim sleeper [ie, invisible] cells in order to justify their acceptance of the Police Service’s racial-harassment of UK Muslims; while simultaneously believing that interviewing prospective candidates can weed out racists. Maybe the same procedure could be used for UK Muslims to ascertain their support, or otherwise, for the teachings of one Usama bin Laden. Or maybe it’s just that most Whites are just basically stupid.) If racists are sensible, they ain’t gonna make it obvious who, or what, they are! And, despite appearances to the contrary, not all racists are as idiotically visible as anti-racists. If they were, they’d’ve been less able to reproduce; while being more noticeable targets.

The fact that ordinary Whites are allowed onto school Boards-of-Governors with little or no scrutiny – despite the endemic nature of White UK Racism – was only asking for trouble (which Blacks will always have). Targeting the BNP only encourages Whites to believe that the BNP are the issue, when it’s really the racist structure of White Culture that is – of which the BNP are merely an outgrowth. Such a focussing on a lame-duck political organisation lets the majority of Whites off the racial hook far too easily; while allowing them to pretend that they care about Blacks and wish desperately to do something against White Racists. But not, you’ll note, White Racism – which these kinds of White public-relations’ exercises – in effect - further promote by refusing to do anything practical against underlying issues.

Professor Gus John is wrong when he says: ‘BNP members would be a disaster for schools’ since racists are already members of a racist school-system. The idea that you can prevent racists from joining (or root them out at some latter date) is pure pie-in-the-sky. One would do just as well to claim that one could unbake a cake and remove the vanilla essence if one’s child is allergic to that kind of flavouring. Professor of what, may I ask? Made-up-ology!

Professor John saying BNP members were likely to ‘cause harm and detriment’ to children is stunning understatement; while former school-governor Maureen McNorthey waffling-on about ‘right wing views’ suggests she thinks Conservative-Party members should be excluded. Socialists only, yes? That’s absurd: The debate’s about people with PARTICULAR right-wing views, not the right wing in its entirety.

(Since ‘black history’ doesn’t actually exist [any more than White History does], it would be an excellent idea if governors could prevent headteachers introducing such history. Its existence strangely-implies Blacks have somehow led some kind of a different life - in an alternate dimension - from Whites: Outside of Dr Who this serves no-one’s interests. True history deals in relationships between people [& peoples] not so much in their Apartheid. It only deals with issues of race if they’ve been politicised at various historical periods. The concept of Black History is tantamount to an Alex Haley-type fabrication of history that was ‘Roots’ [& his White counterpart, David Irving]. This simply foregrounds Blacks as White History foregrounds Whites – such history never leads to an understanding of the past because it doesn’t adequately explain the relationships between the races; only serving to emphasise the [most non-existent] differences. This is exactly what racists do and for the same reason – to claim that any differences are genetic and not just political.)

This lack of a truly-effective ability to prevent racists from getting a hold on the minds of White kids, means Black parents taking their children out of state schools and educating them either privately or at home. (For reasons of enhanced personal-security and/or improved educational-performance.) Blacks know that Whites aren’t going to protect Black children, before their own offspring, when push comes to shove. So better not to put Whites in that difficult ethical-position of being forced to make a negative choice regarding Blacks that most’ve already made (but will never admit to), by removing ones hated-presence from theirs – whenever possible.

These kinds of problems will never go way until the last racist has dropped dead, of something or other, and racist eugenics (like phrenology) becomes a thoroughly-discredited pseudo-science. Any reasonably-intelligent human being knows this isn’t likely to happen any day soon.

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