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This so-called Black-on-Black racism is nowhere near as important as White-on-Black - in numerical terms - so this question is an attempt by Whites (& their fellow travellers) to run away from the essential facts of White racism. While tacitly admitting - in the process - that White racism does exist and is somehow on an equality with, or even not as bad as, Black Racism.

The question is not, as implied: Are UK ethnic minorities racist? But: Are UK ethnic minorities as racist as the ethnic majority? This is an admission that White racism is as endemic as the question implies ethnic-minority racism is. But, how do you measure the extent and intensity of racism or any other personal attitude?

The intelligent form of the question would be: Are the would-be victims of racism as racist as the would-be racists. Given, for example, the current situation in Israel, the answer would appear to be: You can easily become what you hate. Because ‘minorities’ is plural and ‘majority’ always singular there’ll be more cultural abrasion between minorities – as opposed to with the majority - simply because there are more cultures to abrade.
It’s no business of Whites if Blacks are racist toward Blacks, since this is an area outside White competence - they’re unable to renounce their own racism, in the main, so how dare they criticise Blacks.

Black Racism is something that Blacks must address, as Whites must address their own racism, without using Black Racism as a justification for the White version: The disguised point of asking the question. It’s an attempt to claim that Whites can do whatever Blacks do no matter how unethical; while, moreover, claiming ethics as a relative (not an absolute) science solely dependent on what others think they can get away with. ‘If you can rape your daughter, then I can rape her’ is the White logic here; the wish is that the ethics of rape can be successfully evaded.

By trying to focus on Black racism, Whites hope to occult their own - and they would only want to do this if they recognise (deep down) how racist they really are themselves. This also proves a White unwillingness to tackle their racism because they know it’s ingrained and, therefore, harder to remove because so many more Whites than Blacks are racist as a percentage in Western Culture.

Whites also refuse to admit that Blacks have an ethical reason to be racist since they can use racism against Whites, for example, for self-defence. Whites can’t do this because Blacks aren’t a rational threat to Whites - only an hysterical one. This makes White claims of self-defence against Black Racism both legally and ethically untenable. In other words, Black distrust of Whites is perfectly justified given that Whites tend toward self-induced racism; while White distrust of Blacks was caused mainly by White racism. No White can demonstrate, historically, that Blacks were racist first, after all. This is true no matter how hard Whites claim that their racism is based on a Black inferiority they’ve never been able to prove - despite the great advances of western science.

Whites have little reason to fear Blacks since Whites in the West vastly outnumber Blacks. It’s only future Black numerical growth that Whites really fear, which they hope to nip-in-the-bud by stigmatising miscegenation. Black racism isn’t as important as White racism since there are many more Whites who can be racist and much fewer Blacks who can – the question is a deliberate distraction from this essential fact. On average, therefore, there must be many more White racists than Black. Because the racial proportion in the UK is at least ten-to-one, there should be at least ten times as many White racists as Black. And, in a figurative sense, ten times the Black distrust of Whites.

Racism is endemic in White Culture, so asking if Blacks are racist is like asking if the few who believe the earth is flat are as stupid as those who don’t. It doesn’t matter who’s more stupid than the other, only that those who are racist (flat-earthers) don’t gain, or influence those in, power. It’s irrelevant so long as one group numerically outnumbers the other, and holds most of the reins of authority, since it’s no more than an attempt to justify and excuse White racism.

Such a question is a vain White attempt to evade the racism inherent in the question and its motivation: To blame Blacks for the racism they experience from Whites by claiming Blacks are no better. This means racism’s OK so long as no-one can be shown to be immune from engaging in it. The only means for Whites to do this is for them to be more (not less) racist so that others have to respond in kind. And, if everyone is, thereby, racist; no one has any reason to try to be what others clearly cannot. This, in a sense, is the only racial equality possible. The question is, thus, an attempt to incite and increase racism because this is in the interests of those Whites who refuse to renounce racism as a political practice. This shows the sheep-like mentality of White Culture. It explains why, for example, Hitler (the White man’s White man?) was able to kill so many Jews. Most Whites can only identify themselves as part of a group to whom obedience must be absolute - no matter the ethical character of the group. Have you ever heard of a Black claiming he was only following orders after committing a war crime? No. He accepts responsibility for his act; few Whites (like Albert Speer) ever do.

The question also makes clear that those Whites who ask it (as well as those Blacks who masochistically want Whites to like them) aren’t prepared to renounce their racism until those they hate do. Like saying to your girlfriend, I won’t love you until you love me. But then who loves first?

The race guilt most Whites feel about their endemic racism results from the fact that Whites enjoy a standard-of-living mostly obtained by 500 years of slavery and 300 years of imperialism. This makes them alternately guilt-ridden and self-abasing; while simultaneously wanting to conceal the fact that their culture is based on little more than theft, by claiming Blacks are inferior. Political correctness is the ultimate symbol of this shame since it doesn’t effectively deal with any issue - by trying to hide them. This makes these Whites victims of their own inability to see others as individuals; instead of as members of (greater or lesser) racial groupings.

What Whites hate the most is that the existence of Blacks reminds them of slavery and their extensive part in it. Although Whites today have no real reason to feel guilty about this, because it happened so long ago, they still do. Whites know that their current wealth is on the back of raw slave-muscle yet show Blacks little gratitude for this: Hence few memorials to the slaves, but many to the slave traders. To express such thanks would be to admit that such appreciation was too long in coming. Instead, such Whites want to evade their guilt feelings by pretending that Blacks are just as bad as they are.

Whites can’t even see other Whites as individuals as seen, for example, in their rigidly-hierarchical class-system and the institutional misogyny implied by the widespread White obsession with pornography. If Blacks were portrayed as lower-class dole-scroungers, accusations of racism would abound - yet lower-class Whites are often portrayed in this way, with far fewer accusations of classism. If Black women were portrayed as sexual objects in White porn, it would be accused of racism, yet White women are often shown in this light. These double standards not only demonstrate racism, but the class-consciousness and the misogyny eating away at the otherwise fantastic achievements of Western Culture - destroying that way of life from within as surely as inoperable cancer.

Because one can’t prove a negative; ie, that one is not a racist. And because Whites have chosen not to prove a positive; ie, that they actually like Blacks, Whites adopt the most morally weak-kneed and defensive posture possible: Proving that Blacks are as racist, if not more so, than they are. Yet Whites don’t need to like Blacks - friendship is never compulsory - they simply need to keep out of Blacks’ way while each group goes about its lawful business. Racist Whites also cannot prove that Blacks should like them as much as they’d like them to - and in their vengeful spite they want to traduce Blacks as being no better than they are. This is the greatest proof of White race-guilt and failure to adequately tackle the racism inherent in White Culture. It proves that many Whites aren’t as superior as they’d like to believe and wish to blame this essential failing on Blacks.

The question lies at the same level of intellectual inadequacy as: Are White men’s penises smaller than Black men’s? And, the answer is the same: Yes, of course they are, but why does size matter? It’s a competition to see who’s the most or the least racist (who’s the most or the least well-endowed). Only a racist would ever enter such a competition (as only a man with a small penis ever worries over penis size).

Questions that beg other questions are badly formulated and mean the questioner hasn’t understood the situation. The issue is not who is more, or less, racist than whom, but why and what is to be done about it.

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