Friday, 11 February 2005

Abuse or Iraqui detainees by British soldiers

The latest refinements of science are linked with the cruelties of the Stone AgeSir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), British statesman, writer. Speech, 26 March 1942, London, on the effects of war.

In his On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin claimed Whites are evolved from chimpanzees. On the evidence of these abuse photographs, he was more right than he knew. (As we also see among our UK police officers.)

No Black servicemen are involved and only the dark-skinned are assaulted. If the Anglo-Americans had invaded Australia - God forbid - they'd no doubt be abusing Aborigines rather than the White immigrant-population.

The simulated sex-acts simulate the embarrassment one feels with small children at Regent's Park Zoo. "Daddy, [childish giggling] what are they doin'?" "Come on kids, let's go see the tigers!" Maybe these guys are so sexually repressed that they've sublimated their sexual rage into physical violence as a form of erotic catharsis? It doesn't work - as evidenced by typical White behaviour in UK pubs; ie, if they can't get a bird, they get drunk. The basic problem with abusing people is that once you get a taste for it, you forget why you chose to be violent in the first place; eventually being enacted simply for its own sake.

Most Whites believe it's better to crap in other people's backyards; explaining why it's not Democracy we're exporting to Iraq, but sexualised, racial violence. (We get enough of that here; I'm sure the Iraqis could well do without it.) These photographs are most Whites' way of saying: "You ungrateful Ragheads! Without us you'd be nothing!"

The reason photographs are taken is the same for why paedophiles generally like to record their exploits with little kids. The record enables the abusers to relive the experience later, because they can hardly believe their luck in being allowed to get away with it - and don't expect to be given many more chances. However, because photographs have an evidentiary purpose, paedophiles tend to wear masks during their shenanigans.

The abusers' refusal to conceal their identities makes one wonder whether they secretly wish to be punished for their crimes. Most criminals want to be caught because this will provide them with the attention they never received as children. This is why most criminals boast of their crimes. Additionally, the emotionally-barren have only their faces (& their skin colour) to serve as the basis for their identity - cover that and you've erased all they have; resulting from the generally lacklustre nature of Whites' internal-narrative.

That the abuse has been recorded also shows that those who commit it lack the ethical sense to know it's wrong. Because most squaddies are recruited from the White lower-classes - who tend to be the most violent section of the UK population - it's no surprise their hostility expresses itself when abroad. White, English soccer hooligans do this all the time, after all. (This is mostly a safety valve for the White class-war.)

Most White violence is a cry for help. It's the learned helplessness of those who choose (stress: Choose) to unthinkingly obey orders. In an unwinnable war (Operation Iraqi Freedom, the sequel to Operation Enduring Freedom), when a man is faced with an outcome independent of his responses, his responses often become independent of any outcome. Whites are thus expressing their realisation of how helpless they are in a highly-dangerous situation - despite their superior military-firepower - within the pseudo-sanctuary of inappropriate aggression. If Whites can't deal with surviving in a combat zone, then they should've thought of that before starting wars. Twits! Criminals can't be let off their crimes simply because much criminal behaviour is dangerous, after all.

An excellent career for most Blacks would be psychiatry. It would be an act of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, etc charity to help the majority of poor, lonely Whitefolks who find their emotions so difficult to discipline. Whites in Iraq are getting a taste of what it's like to be surrounded by different-coloured hostiles - as Blacks experience it in largely-White countries. I doubt most Whites have the cranial capacity (opined by Darwin) to learn constructively from the experience. Most of this war's survivors will return to Blighty and experience unpleasant flashbacks of their racism every time they see a British Muslim on the high street.

White politicians fall over themselves to claim how "disgusting" these photographs are while denying that their actions made them inevitable. They fall into the usual White racist-trap of trying to prove a negative in alleging that most Whites in Iraq aren't abusive. Legally-trained types like Opposition-Leader Michael Howard should really know better - but there's always an inherent conflict-of-interest between a career in law and one in parliament. Funny, most Whites don't claim most Muslims aren't terrorists when those same Whites are terrified of al-Qaeda; revealing their racist hypocrisy when their fellow Whites behave badly.

The White assertion that legal action against such abuses proves White Culture superior leaves Iraqis with nothing more than a choice between two evils: The abuse of low-ranking White soldiers or the former regimes' abuses. A Hobson's Choice. Whites are trying to occult their essential bestiality behind a myth of their own nobility; making the so-called insurgents look more like freedom-fighters than terrorists. (Only Whites can do this and keep a straight face.)

It's also cold comfort, for example, to tell a woman who's been brutally and repeatedly raped that at least her attacker has now been punished. She'd much rather the abuse hadn't happened to her in the first place. As usual, Whites claim superiority AFTER the event, when acting BEFORE it would really prove their superiority - as the pre-emptively-racist attack on Iraq was supposed to achieve. Most Whites shut the stable door after the horse has bolted, in this way.

These pictures are exact records of what most Whites would love to do to Blacks given official sanction and protection. It's getting harder for Whites to live in a Black World so Whites are clearly returning to the primeval swamp from which they claim to originate. And, if they still behave like prehistoric cavemen, it's about time they got their calendars fixed. History is, indeed, the symptom of their disease.

Oh man! Look at those cavemen go/It's the freakiest show.David Bowie

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