Caucasian Confusions


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Issues White people are most‑confused about:

  1. Propaganda – History;
  2. Political Correctness – Politeness;
  3. Anthropology – Sociology;
  4. Sexual Intercourse/Masturbation – Tension Relief/Celebration of Life;
  5. Nationality with Ethnicity;
  6. Work with Life;
  7. Motivation with Ability;
  8. Cause with Effect;
  9. Looking with Seeing;
  10. Means with Ends;
  11. Hearing with Listening;
  12. Average with Mode;
  13. Fear with Awe;
  14. Love with Hate;
  15. Quality with Quantity;
  16. Normal with Sane;
  17. Sharing with Giving;
  18. Agreement with Acquiescence;
  19. Law with Homosexuality;
  20. Slavery with Racism;
  21. Causation with Correlation;
  22. Culture with Genetics;
  23. Forced with Arranged Marriages;
  24. Arrogance with Superiority;
  25. Secrecy with Privacy;
  26. The Act with the Intention;
  27. Ethnocentrism with White Supremacy;
  28. Literal with the Figurative;
  29. Fucking with Love making;
  30. Emotions with Thoughts;
  31. Enemies with Strangers;
  32. Sensations with Happiness;
  33. Art with Craft;
  34. Obedience with Goodness;
  35. Conformity with Harmony;
  36. Hard Work with Moral Probity;
  37. Knowledge with Understanding;
  38. Morality with Obedience;
  39. Love with Need; Want with Need;
  40. Metaphysics with Politics;
  41. Preference with Discrimination;
  42. Ethics with Religion;
  43. Facts, Honesty & Opinions with Truth;
  44. Love with Sex;
  45. Personal with the Political (What is the difference? In the former, the individual is more important than the relationship [Complementarity]; in the latter, the relationship is more important than the group: Mutuality);
  46. Biology with Equality; Sameness with Equality.

The above list‑items are examples of the White category errors whereby the true nature of things is obscured for political advantage to the obscurer by claiming that one thing is actually something else. This works best when the conflation is between similar but not identical things.

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