Friday, 4 June 2010

Just the One Drink?


The great unasked – because feared - question here is why Whites spend so much of their time consuming excessive alcohol. Their personal relations and ungratifying jobs have a lot to do with this, along with the inherent and rampant superficiality and materialism of their various cultures. Drink is thus a solace for a misspent life - which only increases the misspentness. 'State-led nannying' is simply the inevitable response to those who refuse to grow up in continuing to act like children. It will not solve the problem because the problem does not wish a solution. Drunken Whites like the condition and openly boast about it in a way that a heroin addict or a pedophile would not.

Whites seek 'elegance, ease and luxury' without wanting to make the necessary effort to achieve them ethically. Consuming expensive drinks is a sign of affluence in a culture where status symbols count for everything; human character for little. Yet there is nothing elegant about drunkenness; nothing easy about cirrhosis of the liver; nothing luxurious about a luxury you are too drunk to fully appreciate. Laziness is at the root of all binge-drinking and alcoholism.

Whites obsess about their own problems without reference to others. When Whites talk about obesity, for example, it is not to talk about the well-known obesity of Black women - a phenomenon known for decades, but uncared about – but to talk only about the obesity of Whites. They try to conceal their White supremacism by claiming to be speaking for and about the British, when they are clearly only talking about Whites. This article cowardly refuses to address the self-evident fact that alcoholism is a White plague - few other cultures have this problem and, in any case, Whites care little for other cultures as such. The lack of empathy, fed by alienation, is palpable here.

Yet, the article admits that many British do not speak English natively, but refuses to face the fact that language is not the issue here but culture. White culture is drink-sodden - Friday and Saturday nights down the local high streets up and down the land bear regular witness to this. The 'remarkable disinclination to guilt' is non-existent since guilt is a potent driving force behind much alcoholism - mixed with the shame of choosing to live inside the straightjacket of other people's acceptance or invite ostracism. Being drunk means not having to kow-tow to others and is the only means by which drunks can be themselves – limited though those selves are by the chosen need to drink excessively. Drunks claim they cannot remember last night (regardless of whether this is true or false) or get angry when you point out that they cannot control their drinking. They do not wish to remember shaming activity and wish a panacea for their personal inhibitions. Most Whites are emotionally repressed and so need a way of being sociable that does not require psychiatry, ethics or willpower. Alcohol provides this, but only in the short term, since the downside is a hangover - often talked about in terms of its intensity being proof of the amount of pleasure experienced the previous evening. That pleasure is only quantifiable to the materialist mind escapes the superficial people who think, talk and act this way. Moreover, drunken White males use alcohol as a fallback position if they cannot find anyone foolish - or drunk - enough to want to have sex with them. This partly explains the high incidence of both STDs and unplanned pregnancies among Whites: Erotophobia.

The author's historical analysis of the problem simply explains its creation but not the obduracy of Whites who continue to 'drink [themselves] daft' - despite the historical factors occasioning such behavior being absent today. The problem lies not in the past but in the present-day unwillingness to face up to problems like grown-ups. There is also no honest reference to the bad alcohol-fuelled choices White soccer hooligans make - especially when abroad - given that this activity is largely a White one.

The idea that reckless excess tests 'personal limits' is clearly nonsense - unless the testing is learned from. Someone consuming many pints of beer every night would quickly learn where his personal limits were - so why continue testing them once they were discovered? Why not move on to fresher fields of endeavor and challenge? When the child ascertains his limits, he then begins to become an adult. Yet, the undergraduate quality of this article suggests the author almost certainly got riotously drunk on regular occasions as a student. However, he never discovered the limits of his desire to make excuses for his and others' immature behavior with specious argumentation.

Licensing, taxation and restricted sales' hours do not work. If the problem is one of 'personal health and public order', then trying to take away the sense of escape from an alienated White culture through binge-drinking, that the fear of suicide makes necessary, will fail. The underlying reason for the alcoholism must also be addressed: Personal alienation leading to a breakdown in public order. '[P]ersonal health' is only an issue for those who love their lives; 'public order' is only an issue to those who love their culture. When people have no reason to live, yet fear death, they inevitably behave irresponsibly - even by claiming the tail wags the dog by trying to blame the alcohol for the drunkenness. The only solution is a profound cultural change which, being unlikely, means the problem for Whites is not going away anytime soon. For others, this means steering socially clear of Whites - unless they are teetotal. (Muslim disco, anyone?)

The author reaches new lows of ethically-depraved reasoning by claiming that using alcohol as a medicine, a source of nutrition and a psychological comfort somehow naturally justifies the hedonism simply because it takes place. This is the pedophile argument that it is natural to abuse children because the pedophile wants to do it – as does the child, allegedly. But since so few cultures possess such a widespread alcoholism problem, it is obviously not very natural. He follows this up with the ludicrous and unjustified contention that 'Drink has helped us fight external enemies and internal injustice.'

This article does not argue against alcoholism and binge-drinking it argues against the Nanny State. Nevertheless, since excessive drinking is childish, such a state is inevitable. Nobody trusts a child with the keys to the sweet shop – to protect its teeth; so why would anyone trust an alcoholic with the keys to the off license?

Trust has to be earned - it cannot be rightfully demanded. This proves that the author is the selfsame child trying to defend the immaturity of others as a vicarious means of justifying his own - while cheekily defending his implied right to demand respect without the necessary effort. His ultimate childishness is summed up thus: 'It's just that we were once capable of understanding that our actions have consequences, and those consequences will have to be lived with.' This is the classic Auld Lang Syne fallacy that fails to address the issue that others must also bear the consequences for the drunks' action: Various assaulted WAGs and children, people with darker skin that the drunk prefers to abuse along with the harassment of the homeless, for example.

Insular and brutish stuff - all-too-typical of White writers.

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