Friday, 11 June 2010

Many Costs of Racism

In a White supremacist country like the United States, social capital does not exist between the various cultures – it can only exist within them. This has always been true and always will.

The idea that 'social capital among blacks and Latinos is already significantly lower than among whites' is nonsense because social capital cannot be quantified. It can never be lower, higher or equal; therefore, it can only exist or not exist. In this case, the latter pertains because of White supremacism.

That 'Latino citizens are a huge part of the population in Arizona' is irrelevant to Whites because they are White supremacists. White supremacists are only democratic in their reasoning when they are in the majority. When they become (or fear becoming) the minority, they become overtly supremacist in their behavior out of a fear that the covert White supremacism they have tried to practice will induce those they fear to seek revenge on Whites. This, for example, is why so many Whites have left South Africa with the toppling of apartheid. The purpose of White supremacist laws targeting Latinos is to encourage them to leave because they are not welcome and to force those to leave who fall foul of the laws. White supremacists pretend to themselves that this will address the demographic in which they fear living as a cultural minority, surrounded by those their parents taught them to fear.

'Pretending... Latino citizens won’t incur gigantic costs in terms of civil liberties violations and sense of personal security is ridiculous.' The statement itself is ridiculous because it does not address the issue that Whites are happy to violate everyone else's civil liberties. Arizona’s SB 1070 law makes Latinos second class citizens in their own country – as it is designed to do: To be a Latino is de facto probable cause. Such laws are also means for Whites to distract their attention away from the fundamental problems of White culture towards blaming those they label as inferior for those problems. 'My father... now feels uncomfortable around his white friends because they disagree about SB 1070.' Your father has a simple lesson to learn – that he should have learned years ago – he has no White friends; he never had and never will.

'Why can’t whites see the social and personal costs of this policy?' They can, they just do not see why they should care since their police enforce their White supremacy against their fear of becoming a new persecuted minority. 'Perhaps it is because most whites are [many] generations removed from their immigrant parents...' This is irrelevant: The reason for White supremacism is the material benefits it brings Whites; the guilt and the shame they have chosen to live with since this can easily be blamed upon those they label genetically inferior. Whites do realize 'we are all in the same boat', but their White supremacism is an attempt to deny this simple fact since it provides them with psychological advantages. Such as being able to walk the streets without the fear of White government officials harassing them. Whites have cherished these negative civil rights for centuries. As with pollution, Whites blank-out what they have done to the planet so that they can continue to live the good life on the basis of such rapine and pass on their present-day deficits as people to the next generation of Whites.

The United States is not a 'nation of exclusion by race', but a nation of people convinced that Whites can be made into better people through moral exhortation and logical argument. White supremacism, itself, is predicated on this very notion that is used to both excuse and justify White supremacism. However, Whites will never change and Racism Review does not fully appreciate this quintessential cultural truism. One only has to look at ones own experience of their kind to find no examples of any White leopards having changed their spots. They can only be culturally ostracized and left to wither on their vine - not yours. They made their bed and are the only ones to sleep in it. Just make sure you do not get into bed with them, or else you will also suffer their fate. Whites have now given up pretending that they are no longer White supremacists and are happy to openly discriminate to prevent fundamental power structures from being altered in any meaningful way.

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