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Do Whites Possess a Culture?

The answer is obviously yes but what is the nature of that culture?

The central issues of White Culture are as follows:

  1. Self definition in terms of Negatives - not Positives;
  2. lack of Cultural Validity;
  3. reality evasion;
  4. blandness;
  5. false unity.

Whites think They have no culture because They do not use the qualifying adjective White when They talk about culture - as in White Culture. However, the only exception is that this is never true when Whites talk about race - as in White Race.

The idea that Whites have no culture really means Whites define Their culture solely in negatives. Negatives such as not being like those non Whites murdered to create the US in the first place - a homeland They know is not rightfully Theirs. Not having great music nor great athletes, not wanting to listen to (or even see) Blacks. In other words, a culture based on guilt as well as the superficialities, such as ways of talking, pets, blue jeans, rock music, hamburgers, baseball and Starbucks.

Whites feel a sense of rootlessness because, although Their culture is widespread, it is widespread precisely because such widespreadedness is an attempt to valorise such a superficial culture by spreading it thinly. This, instead of rooting it more deeply in the soil in fewer geographical areas. As when someone does not really believe what they are saying, because they have no evidence to back it up. They then tend either to raise their voice and/or to make personal attacks to compensate for the intellectual, moral and experiential emptiness of their comments.

That a culture is powerful is not proof of the validity of such a culture. Again, Whites use power as a solace for Their ethical emptiness rather than as proof of Their cultural rootedness. The use of power without an enemy is always the mark of the insecure who can achieve anything by no other means. It proves Whites have no culture other than through the use of naked force. White attempts to destroy other cultures are really fits of jealous rage when confronted with something that is built upon much firmer rocks and is therefore destined to be longer lasting.

The basic problem US Blacks have is that They have no culture independent of Whites because They were cut off from Their African roots. At least the Natives still have access to their heritage because They still live on the lands of their fathers. This is why, for example, Whites today claim that there were no civilisations in Africa before White men went there despite the mass of archaeological evidence to the contrary. Whites want to believe Blacks have no culture to justify slavery and racism. The partial solution here is to utilise what is good from White culture and reject the rest.

Whites feel threatened by the depth and breadth of other cultures because Their own is so lacklustre by comparison. Look at how self-confident south Asians are. Despite the relatively short-lived intrusion of the British Empire, Asians possess a culture going back thousands of years to largely explain that self-confidence. The reverse is true for most Whites whose genealogy will not go back more than 500 years.

The items listed as markers of White culture are actually markers of what was appropriated from other cultures, especially Whites' major religion being a Levantine import and not indigenous/endogenous to Their culture. Whites have tried to get around this fact of their essential paganism by pictorially claiming biblical characters, especially Jesus and God were/are White. The same is true for Their language (originally Sanskrit) and numbering system (Arabic). Whites have made these things part of Their culture precisely because they fill a hole that was there to begin with. White cultural appropriation continues in the absence of Their inability to deepen Their own culture so that ethnic minorities now provide the best US entertainment. That Whites flock to consume such material proves the lack in Themselves. When Whites mimic such music, we end up with Elvis Presley, Slim Shady and The Rolling Stones - literally pale imitations of their antecedents. This shows where Whites are lacking in crucial areas that They have to copy others to make up for the dearth. The only new White musical form was punk rock - that expresses nothing more than White anger at a culture that offers Them little more than the opportunity to copy others rather than articulate something authentically White.

White authenticity is essentially racism - like the KKK - and there is no doubting the depth of their race hatred and the sincerity of such groups in this regard. Whites would prefer to conceal this bedrock racism as much as possible; meaning that for Whites to be accepted as Whites they have to renounce their humanity (by becoming racist) in order to benefit from the resulting White privilege. This is not only to avoid being treated like Blacks - who are always shown to other groups as examples of what will happen if you do not conform to Whiteness - but also to create a culture of false unity. A false unity that is based not on shared values – Whites possess no deep-seated values – but on mutually agreed hate. If Whites hated no one, Their culture would collapse because then the hate filled cement that keeps it together would vanish. This counterfeit harmony also helps avoid being labelled as "Nigger Lovers" and of being treated as badly as Blacks are.
These serious White culture gaps are filled with a culture that lacks pride in itself because of the inherent fear of others built in. This is done just in case Their shallowness is seen; hence, the loud audio volume of Their culture because empty vessels make the most noise. The racist responses to your own blog reveal how loudly White racists proclaim Their self proclaimed ethical right to be racist while never once advancing a moral argument to sustain such a position. The fact that Whites see Themselves as "generic" (ie, to have transcended a Whiteness that was never used as a negative accusation against Them) proves that They are trying to be seen as a universal culture. A culture that everyone else should aspire to in order to avoid the nagging sense that Whites are essentially superficial. This explains why Whites spent so many centuries exporting a religion They did not believe in, to what we now call the Third World. And why They now try to spread the pseudo religion of democracy and feminism abroad when oligarchy and sexism are rife in their own countries. The fact that They must use violence in spreading Their culture means They know others will not willingly accept it.

Such inappropriate aggression is also based on the ultimate hope that if everyone else is made in Their own image, there would then be no-one around to criticise Them since then all criticism would be silenced. This is the ultimate goal of claiming Whites are better than others - concealing moral emptiness by trying to destroy those that point it out. The same was true of the Roman Empire that has given us little of any lasting value to admire except their military prowess. And yet that is the empire Whites model Themselves on not, for example, the more intellectual Phoenicians nor the more spiritual ancient Egyptians.

Another issue for White culture is that Whites are unwilling to share what little culture They possess. They are frightened that others will come to see Them as They truly are if They do. A culture unwilling to share resorts to boastfulness as a vain substitute for a pride that likes to share itself with others and become self valorising in the process. But since Whites have historically done much for which They are now guilt ridden and ashamed, They pretend Their culture is superior and that only equally superior people are allowed in. That is, only those who share the same guilt feelings They can empathise with. This is the quintessential sense of inferiority to Blacks that Whites feel since Whites know that Blacks do not feel guilty about racism. This, despite various White attempts to make Blacks feel such guilt by claiming, for example, that Blacks are as racist as Whites.
Whites see Their own political imperfections very clearly. Whites are not blind to Their own racism since when you point it out to Them, They become very angry that you have done so; proving that you have struck a raw (not a hidden) nerve. Whites hope others will not notice: They simply do not wish to be reminded of what They already know. After all, every man knows where his own shoes pinch. To get around this metaphysical problem, Whites preach substantive issues as if They were a fundamental part of Their culture: Capitalism, democracy & individuality, for example. But these are only practised when it suits Whites, so that each should realistically be prefixed with the word "White" when used - White Capitalism, White Democracy & White individuality.

Most talk about whether Whites have a culture avoid the points made here; leading to much confusion about what the question really means. Modern Whites do have a culture but it lacks roots (not having been around long) and a moral centre (being materialistic); explaining why social hypocrisy is so common in the West and all the other disproportionate ills it leads to. These are child molestation, pornography, divorce, adultery, motiveless murder, loveless sex, sexism, racism, classism, emotional repression, etc.

The other issue with White culture is its blandness: Country & western and folk music are a joke. Actually talking to a White gives one the strong sense that one is talking to the persona and not the character and that one is learning about Them rather than from Them. Their often lack of overt body language and speech modulations only strengthens this impression. Cultural discourse is limited to what benefits Whites. When others claim equal treatment from Whites, They become hysterically angry and pretend equality has always existed and that Blacks are merely "playing the race card" to get special privileges not open to Whites.

Although many alien elements are now firmly part of White culture, they never lost their alienness (it is still possible to trace their origins) because they could never become deeply rooted in a culture that, itself, lacks deep roots.

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