Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Voice of the real White City

The title of this article is based on its author's profound understanding of the real issues concerning the relationship between the races within the UK. Its title also implies that Mr Holloway also understand much about the relationship between the social classes.

'SHEPHERDS (Sic) BUSH resident and journalist Toby Young provoked outraged (Sic) after penning an article about how “aggressive” black youth terrify him and his wife'.

The above expresses perfectly one of the two main ways in which Whites hate and fear Blacks. (The other is the alleged sexual stamina, build and prowess of the Negro.) The fact that Whites consider Blacks to be a physical threat to Their wellbeing – without evidence or proof – just goes to show how superficial Whites really are. They judge others by the appearance – not their essence; reflecting the sheer superficiality of Their cultural outlook. This is the product of the White class system which judges one not by where one is going with one's life, but by where one has come from. The latter is a mere accident‑of‑birth that can be used to hold others back as surely as the accident‑of‑birth of skin colour can be used to produce exactly the same effect. Especially if you can get those others to actually believe that birth circumstances are the best and only guides to character. In truth, they are only the guide‑to‑character of those who view others in such a narrow manner.

The other issue here is that Blacks tend to present different body language to Whites – which always frightens the poop out of Whites. When Mr young refers to Blacks as 'aggressive' he merely means different; and when he implies “different” he merely means inferior. Whites always adjudge others inferior if They choose to act, think and speak differently from Whites. It's a coping mechanism that allows Whites to continue to pretend that their thoughts, words and actions are inherently superior – it unsuccessfully allows Them to evade the fact that White Culture is fundamentally empty.

It's also worth pointing out that Mr young has to bring his wife into the equation; regarding their mutual fear of Blacks since Whites always stick with Their own. This is one of the fundamental reasons Whites have so little of the understanding‑from‑experience of Blacks that would help Them to reduce Their fear of said Blacks. When Whites feel threatened by Blacks, They tacitly confess to Their inability to tolerate and accept difference, as such. As well as to Their belief that They don't have to understand others before criticising them since Whites take it as read that others are inferior precisely because they are different rather than because they are objectively so. Such an objective analysis would confront Whites with Themselves; especially the fear that some, most or all of Their culture is inherently inferior rather than as superior as They think it is.

What Toby Young wants is a neighbourhood without anyone who makes him feel afraid; that is, without Blacks and the lower‑class. His only means of feeling safe‑and‑secure where he lives lies in the expectation that others will slavishly follow his mode of dress, body language and speech, in order to soothe his immature fears, manias and insecurities. Mr young is a perfect example of the legacy of Imperial Slavery – he can only achieve success through self‑renunciation; while yet resenting the fact that others have chosen a different path of self‑satisfaction. The latter reminds him of what he's never had – and never will – and he hates them for it. In a dong‑measuring contest between himself and a Black Man, he fears he'd lose – he probably would since his genital size most likely matches that of his cerebrum.

'Son of former Conservative cabinet minister Lord Young, Toby wrote a racist polemic following the fatal stabbing of 16-year-old Kodjo Yenga.

'Instead of expressing sorrow over the tragic death of an innocent teenager, the high-profile London Evening Standard article raged about living in fear of attacks by black youth'. This is a trifle naïve since no White is ever going to express sincere condolences over the death of a Black.

'Previously managers at the BBC have raised concerns from staff about fears of being mugged by residents from the White City estate...'. If Whites are frightened of living in the areas that they currently inhabit, surely the solution is to move elsewhere? Or can't Their salaries stand it? They are more able than the poor to live as far way from social housing as They can afford – in a grange, for example. If Whites want to go “slumming” among those They consider inferior, then They will jolly‑well have to learn to tolerate the fears that They will inevitably feel, given Their pre‑existing social and racial prejudices. Haven't They heard of gated communities?

In the final analysis, one must always be keenly aware of the fact that a White like Toby young is little more than a talentless attention‑seeker – an attention‑seeker to compensate for his talentlessness (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toby_Young).

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