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"I was defending multiculturalism" - Toby Young

'How can you possibly describe that as "racist"?'

Well, that's easy to explain.

'The argument I was making is that it would be wrong for white people living in Shepherd's Bush to give in to racist fears of black youths in response to the murder of Kodjo Yenga'.

Why does Mr Young think that whites would give‑in to such fears if he were not aware of their pre‑existence? One can't give‑in to fears that one doesn't have, after all. Clearly, Mr Young knows perfectly well that whites have a tendency towards blaming their problems on people of different cultures. No‑one uses expressions like "giving‑in" regarding one's emotions when one does not possess those emotions already, do they?

The statistics Mr Young cites suggest whites are racist towards blacks in a way that blacks aren't towards whites. Isn't that racist? Especially since this clearly implies that whites commit crimes against blacks precisely because of their skin colour; thereby racially‑traducing whites in the very quoting of such figures. Toby Young believes that only bad white behaviour can be labelled as racist while bad black behaviour should be treated differently for fear of being labelled a racist. Mr Young ties himself up in this little mental knot while not realising that this is inherently racist; that is, it racially‑denigrates whites. He admits this here: 'How can that be called "racist"? Racist against white people, perhaps'. Mr Young believes racism against whites is OK, but not against blacks. That is racism – especially as it will do nothing other than produce a White Backlash against Blacks, stirred‑up by Guilt‑Ridden Whites!

Mr Young never states that crime statistics are rarely quoted by Whites to denigrate Whites since Whites fear that They could be used by Blacks to do just that. For example, the fact that all paedophiles, 89% of serial killers & mass murderers and the majority of racists are white. Instead, it is almost always crime statistics showing so‑called Black Criminality which are used by tabloids to denigrate Blacks as killers, rapists, muggers, knife‑wielders, drug‑dealers, pimps, fatherless, motherless, Godless, penniless. Why does Mr Young not point out the fact that Whites always use statistics to downgrade Blacks; while statistics that show a White Propensity towards public drunkenness are never taken as proof that this is a White Problem. When Blacks commit crimes, that's a racial problem; when Whites do so, it's a social problem – within which skin colour isn't seen, by Whites, as playing a part. Why is the skin colour of a white man rarely used against him to explain his bad behaviour when the skin colour of a black is usually used as the sole explanation for his bad behaviour? Worse, that when a Black does well in his life, it's always explained as being the result of the largesse of Whites, not the talents of those individual Blacks. As if Blacks can only succeed with White help!

As BLINK correctly points out, it is not for those accused of racism to be judge, jury and executioner in their own cause. That would be like allowing a paedophile to determine his innocence or guilt at his trial simply by saying that sex with minors is normal, healthy and natural. It ain't and they're not.

The last three paragraphs are worth quoting at length because Frank TALKER couldn't have put it better Himself. 'The fact is, to us we see attitudes that are all too familiar. We recognise the fear of our youth, we've seen the handwringing before from white media types asking themselves "am I racist?" before concluding, inevitably, that they are not'. Frank wonders if Heinrich Himmler ever considered himself a racist?

'When we see talented and beautiful youths walking down the road our reaction is "I pray they are not going to waste their lives", but many white liberals think (as their hearts beat faster) "Am I in danger? Have they got a gun? Is it safe to live/work here?" Michael Moore's book "Stupid White Men" ( pins down this attitude with some accuracy in chapter four: Kill Whitey. 'I don't know what it is, but every time I see a white guy walking toward me, I tense up. My heart starts racing, and I immediately begin to look for an escape route and a means to defend myself. I kick myself for even being in this town after dark. Didn't I notice the suspicious gangs of white people lurking on every street corner... What an idiot! Now the white person is coming closer, closer – and then – whew! He walks by without harming me, and I breathe a sigh of relief.' Mr Moore then goes on to point out that whites have been taught to fear difference, not other white people even though most whites have only ever been harmed by other whites. 'Every mean word, every cruel act, every bit of pain and suffering in my life has had a Caucasian face attached to it'. The reason for all this is, of course, that Whites are looking for a scapegoat for the problems They, Themselves, cause. And Blacks are very convenient for this purpose.

What Mr Moore doesn't realise is that this is how Blacks have to think about the racial dangers They face from Whites. Black aggression is simply a racial defence‑mechanism designed to deter racial assault. The fact that Whites like Toby Young fear this shows just how well it works. That Whites use this fear to justify Their racism is irrelevant since such people are racist anyway and will use any excuse – fantastic or real. In law, this is called self‑induced provocation.

Now if a Commie scumbag like Mr Moore can figure this out, then why can't a capitalist prick like Mr Young? It's not very difficult, after all. Michael Moore is honest enough to admit that he has racist feelings towards blacks (as Frank TALKER himself does) which he satirises in his own work. 'I believe that we've become so used to this [negative] image of the black man as predator that we are forever ruined by this brainwashing.' Toby Young is very unlikely to ever be that honest. But then he's white – what else can you expect!

If a white like Michael Moore can understand some of the most fundamental issues we face in the field of race relations, it's hard to see why anyone cannot do likewise.

No Black journalist could make the self‑evident statements about Bad Whites that Frank TALKER makes here in any White Media Outlet. He would be sacked or, more likely, never employed/paid in the first place.

And isn't the underlying implication of the outpourings of the Toby Young's of this world that Blacks want to kill Whites simply because They are White. Whites have never gotten over the legacy of slavery (as They so often claim Blacks haven't) – their overt and covert attitudes to Blacks prove this. Whites know that Blacks harbour a lot of justified and pent-up anger over the obvious economic and social disparities between Blacks and Whites. Mr Young hints at the unspoken fear all Whites possess: Eventually Blacks are going to rise up and get Their revenge. Whites believe They are sitting on a racial tinderbox and we'd better be ready for when the victims of our greed come calling. And only guilt‑ridden whites like Mr Young ever think such nonsense because if They'd been treated as They treat Blacks, They'd feel exactly the same need for vengeance. This is the usual oxymoronic recognition by White Racists that Blacks are just as human as Whites despite the racist attitudes of Whites. After all, if Blacks really were subhuman, there'd be no need for racism. Black men wouldn't then be in a credible position to take the Best White Jobs and engage in concupiscence with the Best White Women. Blacks could never then be a credible threat to White autonomy, anymore than any lower species can be such a threat.

'There are many white people who enjoy the kudos of living in "urban" areas like Shepherds Bush and Brixton, but in reality have very little, if any positive interaction with black people, personally or professionally'. The 'kudos' here is really a kind of slumming: A patronising attempt to pretend kinship with our darker‑skinned brothers that can only lead to contempt from those very "brothers" who recognise it for the condescension it truly is.

The only reason for liberal so‑called concern for Black People is liberal concern for the image of liberals. Nothing more; nothing less. But (again, Michael Moore), 'Black people are onto us. They know we say and do things to make it look as if progress has been made. They see us working hard to show how not‑prejudiced we are... We haven't made real progress. We're still bigots – and they know it.

'Cut the crap about all your "black friends". You don't have black friends. A friend is someone you have over for dinner regularly, someone you go on vacation with, someone you ask to be in your wedding party, someone you go to church with on Sunday. Someone you call often to share your most intimate secrets...

'Your black "friends" know that the chances of your dropping your toddler off with them in their part of town while you go on a weekend trip is about as good as your inviting them to go on the trip with you'. Mr Moore then goes on to admit what the vast majority of whites will not: '...I gotta tell you a little secret we white people have: Your people aren't ever going to have it as good as we do. And if you think working hard and trying to fit in is going to get you equality and advancement... try Sweden'.

Toby Young has a long way to go before he recognises blacks as human. All he is really doing is trying to justify and normalise not only his own liberalised racism but his complete inability to understand not only other cultures but his own and himself. He is a perfect example of the schizophrenia of White Culture that can quote official statistics showing that most crimes are committed by Whites; while simultaneously expressing fear of Black (but not White) Criminality. White criminals are the ones we should all fear, but how many whites do you know who've ever stated this rather obvious fact? Mr Young tries to hide his racism behind irony, satire and parody but never has the courage to say what he really thinks. A very dangerous individual to have in the back of a car giving directions.

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