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The Sweeter the Berry


As if: ‘STAR OF the new X Men movie Halle Berry chats to Blink's Elsa O'Toole about spinning, flying, and how she'll always face discrimination no matter how many awards she gets’ isn’t bad enough! Just you wait for the next sentence. ‘The themes of the blockbuster are prejudice, alienation, and tolerance vis-à-vis individuals deemed different or “other” by society, posing the question “should they take a cure for mutancy?” - subject matter that brings the movie bang up to date for the world in 2006’.

Since when have the themes mentioned above NEVER been bang up-to-date? The writer really does believe there’s something new under the sun!

‘Halle Berry gave people of colour a proud glow of equality when she made history by becoming the first African American to win Best Actress for Monster’s Ball in 2001...’. I wonder if people of no colour would feel a proud glow of equality if Hugh Jackman won an Oscar for his acting. Equality with whom, exactly? Martians or Venusians?

And isn’t it this idiotic issue of equality that’s always the problem with Blacks: Equality as a goal rather than an opportunity. Such lack of ambition: Merely to be equal with Whites! Why not be better than Whites or is it that Blacks just can’t be better than the Racist Race? Or better than their cultural race-enemies? Or what about actually being the best? How about that? Are Blacks afraid of sticking-out too much in contrast to their racial coevals? And of thereby becoming more readily-recognisable as targets for the usual racial abuse based, for example, on the White Resentment that utters the political depravity that jobs must go to Whites first and the least intellectually demanding roles to Blacks?

The fact is that Blacks cannot refrain from sticking-out against the White Background because – the purchase of a non-distorting mirror will help here – You are Black and They are White. The difference is clear, no? Haven’t You noticed this or are Blacks trying desperately to conceal Their racial difference behind the illusionistic, trompe l'oeil façade of equality? I think we should be told!

Here is the real killer: ‘Berry: Well you know what? Everyday I wake up with this brown skin – I don’t care how much money I have, I don’t care how many movies I do, I don’t care how many awards I have on my shelf, every day I am still aware that I am a woman of colour, and there is still certain discrimination that goes along with that and that does not change. [Italics mine.]

‘No amount of money, or awards changes that; what changes discrimination is the consciousness of people, I do see that gradually changing, and I believe that one day, colour and race won’t matter’. [Italics mine.]

My italics sense an oxymoron here – or is it just in my italics? How can something never change yet be capable of change? I can only think of the minute hand on my study-wall clock which I know changes from minute-to-minute, but which I never actually see moving! All this nonsense from a woman I’d like to lick all over! My sexual fantasies will never be the same again.

Frank TALKER wonders if short people wake up feeling they’re going to be discriminated against because of their lack of stature or whether women feel this when working in a largely male work environment. Ms Berry can’t tell us anything more profound and differentiated from other forms of discrimination than the vacuous banality that her skin colour invokes discriminatory feelings in others. This beggars belief that any Black could believe that Ms Berry’s success is going to be of much help in potential Black-Role-Model terms.

The fact is that discrimination is universal. And if people choose to hate you for it - no matter what your worldly success - then you can’t whinge about the fact that your worldly success hasn’t brought about an end to such discrimination. Nothing ever will bring this about. You simply haven’t understood the universal nature of discrimination – fool!

It’s a curiously mistaken, materialistic delusion that somehow materialism can solve the problem of universal discrimination when it’s such materialism that underlies all racism. Racists are concerned with material threats to their alleged wellbeing. And all their cant about losing their cultural identity after an influx of Darkies comes down to nothing more than the fear that they will find it harder to find employment in changed racial circumstances. Or even worse, that they will have to actually ask a Black for a job! (Personally, I’d much rather chomp on my own snot – wouldn’t you?)

Ms Berry’s doing the White Racist’s job for Them because she’s fallen into the trap that Blacks will be respected if They play the White Racist’s game of chasing fame and fortune without also seeking self. This results in not seeing oneself as one really is; only as Whites see you. Hence, her skin obsession. It’s no coincidence that superficial people never live any more deeply than the level of their epidermises. Perhaps we should call them epidermoids?

Ms Berry admits this universalism: ‘Everybody can relate to the subject matter; everybody has felt like an outcast and always will on some level I think, whether you’re Black, White or pink’

Halle Berry is an affective slave to Whites because she doesn’t realise that racists can be beaten. Not by playing Their game, but by not playing Their game; that is, not considering it important that every time she wakes up it troubles her that her skin is brown. Only then will the day dawn that ‘one day, colour and race won’t matter’. Only when she accepts this, in herself, rather than absurdly focusing on the racism of others and, thereby blaming her own self-hatred on Them, will that day ever dawn.

Frank TALKER fears being burgled but He doesn’t blame His fear on anything intrinsic to who He is – He blames His fear on the fact that burglars actually do exist.

When Blacks stop racially-abusing Themselves in this way (saving the racists the effort of doing so) then 80% of the problem of racists in the world will be solved. It’ll never happen, of course.

Ms Berry is an idiot and not a little confused about whom she is. She is the perfect exemplar of precisely what’s wrong with Blacks all over the world whom live among a majority of Whites. They become obsessively and narcissistically skin-conscious to the extent that They believe all the White Propaganda about this being an indicator of genetic inferiority. And yet she claims: ‘I’m really comfortable with myself and the way I look’! Words fail me! But quotes don’t.

‘When I was a child, I felt that if only I could change myself my life would be better, as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to terms with what utter nonsense that is, and this movie adds light to that dark subject’. Really! Where’s the evidence in this interview for such a stunning metamorphosis when Ms Berry still spouts the same ‘nonsense’ she implicitly criticises?

The fact is that mixed race people are often confused about whom they are because they refuse to come-to-terms with the fact that Whites don’t tolerate them as half-white but as half-black. Whites regard their half-blackness as more important than their half-whiteness; hence the fact that Whites are just as racist towards those who’re mixed race as they are to full-blooded Negroids. This continues to prove that race is always uppermost in the White Mind – odd, given the very obvious fact that Halle Berry is peculiarly prodworthy (for a black, anyway!).

Those of mixed race need to accept that their confusion about whom they are springs from their silly decision to define themselves in terms of White Confusions about whom they are, rather than in terms of their personal achievements. Such people have a difficult time knowing whether they’re black or white – whether they’re coming or going; fish or foul; animal, vegetable or mineral? This points up the fact that no matter what Blacks achieve (Halle Berry is wealthy) they still consider Themselves inferior because of their dislike of the fact that They were born the “wrong” colour. It is better that Mixed race people consider themselves as Black – just to be on the safe side – because of the fact that White Racists are racist not toward Blacks but toward non-Whites. The White Response to people of mixed race proves this because even people with only a little bit of so-called racially intermixed blood will be seen as non-White rather than Black.

And isn’t a career in acting the usual response for such empty shells of people whose lights are on while nobody home?

I’ve always wanted to shag you, Halle, (I still do – only now not so hard). But I'm sorry, darling, it’ll have to be a one-night-stand since a meaningful relationship with a black/white; white/black person of no fixed identity just isn’t going to produce a long-lasting seeing-to. Your place or mine? (This explains her two failed marriages, the poor soul.)

Contrary to the interviewer's belief that modelling is an insubstantial profession, acting is even more so because it’s filled with insubstantial people.
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