Wednesday, 24 May 2006

But ask yourself, why is that?


Frank TALKER often asks Himself: “Why can’t Blacks string a logical argument together?“ Here’s the answer.

‘POLITICIANS SAY don't give the BNP the oxygen of publicity, but can't stop talking about them. Rashid Julien wants the hypocracy (Sic) to stop’.

This is a non sequitur because the moment you claim anyone should be deprived of the “oxygen of publicity” is the very moment when you’ve publicised them! So saying that politicians ‘can’t stop talking about them’ is mere tautology because the only way to starve anyone of such publicity is never to mention them at all. And this is precisely what Whites want: Don’t mention the (White) Racists. This is the same as Basil Fawlty declaring: “Don’t mention the war” – it’s hardly surprising that few Germans want to be reminded of what their country did to the Jews. Similarly, Whites also don’t want to be reminded that their exists a White supremacist political party particularly as there is no Black Equivalent. This leaves Whites politically exposed as racists without any way out of the corner that Their racism always paints Them into.

The problem that Blacks have is that if They’re intent on starving White Racists of the oxygen of publicity They fall into the trap of censoring people just because They disagree with Them. They also reveal Their inability to engage in rational debate with racists in order to pull down their arguments one-by-one; piece-by-piece. Because the only way you’re ever going to defeat racists is to destroy the so-called rationale that underpins their racism: the unproven theory of racial difference. When Blacks express fear of racist publicity, They admit that They aren’t equal to this challenge which, itself, gives racists the oxygen of publicity because it very strongly implies that Blacks are intellectually inferior enough not to be able to engage in such argument.

The author continues, in his seminally stupid manner: ‘How could one man - so insignificant - get so much free publicity?’ This question proves a failure to understand the nature of publicity. Publicity isn’t democratic; it’s based upon what is believed by those creating it to be of interest to its readers. Because the UK is an institutionally racist country, White Newspapers are inevitably going to print pseudo-science backing-up the prejudices of Their readers – as well as those supporting Their own. It’s hard to understand how anyone living in this country for any length of time doesn’t fully appreciate how Whites think, speak and act – maybe the author doesn’t get out enough?

The reason politicians are focussing on the British National Party (BNP) at the moment is nothing to do with the ingrained racism of the electorate but the failure of White Politics to electrify the demos. White politicians need a distraction from the failure of politics to arrest the UK’s terminal economic decline; they also need someone to blame: the poor Whites who generally vote for the BNP.

The fact is that if something is popular, no amount of publicity deprivation can work. This was tried during prohibition in America but, since alcohol is a popular beverage it was doomed to failure from the outset. The fact is that racism will out no matter how little publicity it gets because it is such a popular point-of-view among Whites -–and becoming more popular as it becomes clearer still that Whites aren’t the superior race they crack Themselves up to be. After all, if They were, how do They – for example - explain the loss of Their British Empire to a bunch of inferior Darkies?

‘What had happened over the past few years was that the mainstream had shifted further and further to the right...not towards the righteousness, just toward the right. Scary’. This is near-gibberish. The mainstream has always been on the right in the UK – this is a fundamentally right-wing country. How else do you explain racist immigration controls, the British Empire, the war in Iraq, the War on Terror, a rigidly-inflexible class system, the BBC as a White Propaganda organisation, etc. These are not the characteristics of a meritocracy but of an aristocracy with a democratic façade.

To try and explain racism away with bromides like ‘fear and ignorance’ is really despicable. Fear of what, exactly? Racism isn’t fear of “otherness” – that is merely how it expresses itself – racism is never knowing who one is; it is a lack of self-respect and self-confidence; it is a lack of self that seeks valorisation through non-existent group identities. As one cannot think with another man’s mind nor eat with another man’s stomach, one cannot know whom one is through another man’s experience. Thus the self can only ever be an individual characteristic – not a collective one. This snobs of all kinds (racists, social snobs, misogynists, disablists, etc) prefer to forget in their headlong desire to run from the fact of their dependence upon others for self-gratification that they could never provide for themselves.

‘False Evidence Appearing Real, remember that’. This garbage falls into the same trap as the Quintessential White Expression ‘bogus asylum seekers’. What the fuck is “False Evidence”? Evidence either exists or it does not! An asylum seeker exists or he does not. Neither can be “false” nor “bogus” under any circumstances whatsoever. How on earth can one ‘remember that’ when the statement one is required to memorise is itself false?

More nose-pickings disguised as wisdom: ‘...this great nation of ours which has a history of being a place of refuge for oppressed peoples...’ Oh, really? And which nation would that be, pray? Yet another Black Man whose fallen victim to White Propaganda about the inherent nobility of the White Race.

‘But where does this leave people of colour? Well, very simply ,confused’. You said it, Black boy. You said it. You being the most confused of them all.

‘All over our green and pleasant land the worrying and suspicious minds have ratchted (Sic) up fever pitch, and we are powerless to do anything about it’. Eh? Come again? First this sanctimonious moron says that the way to defeat racism is ‘proper argument’; then he says this! Either racists can be tackled or They can’t – Frank TALKER really does wish you’d make up your mind!

‘But what is certain is the issue of “race” and the “other” muscled itself onto the very front of the grid. A case of politics at its most devious’. This is just the same kind of paranoia of which this idiot accuses White Racists. He’s obviously a close kin in his own mentality. White Racism is much subtler than this, for god’s sake – else how explain its longevity?

Here comes another meaningless coinage: The ‘threat of fear’. What is that when it’s at home? Nobody is ever frightened of being frightened – they’re either frightened or they’re confident. People can be frightened of an event happening or not happening, but no-one is really frightened of fear itself without an object for the fear to attach itself. Fear does not exist in a vacuum – only a White Racist Psychiatrist would have you believe so, in order to provide himself with a lifetime’s work among allegedly insane Blacks.

‘...[T]he police will be expected to step up their harassment of people of colour as part of securing the needs of the majority...’. an interesting point but what are these “needs”? I think we should be told, don’t you?

And finally, a classic Black misstatement of the true situation within which They find Themselves: ‘So, in conclusion, the racists in suits will have actually achieved their objectives, they will have gotten their way after all’. They already have. Blacks aren’t trying to turn back the tide of racism, They are already inundated in it and are simply trying to stay afloat. Get real, for God’s sake! It is this very Black Unreality that makes racism so effective against Blacks.
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