Friday, 22 June 2012

Hell Hath No Fury...

The real problem is pseudo-educators like this who make self-serving statements about how other people are to blame for the problems that educators create: Exam-obsessed robots produced by examination-factories called schools who are only fit to repeat the thoughts, words and deeds of their teachers; completely unable to think for themselves - as this headteacher is.

It must be terrible to think you are the best yet find that others do things you would secretly like to do - and get paid for doing it. Kim Kardashian is clearly envied by a lot of women who do not share her good looks. Who would you rather have sex with?

Save us from Whites who think they what Western civilization is and that they have the cure for its ill by attacking others, then providing no solutions to the problems they claim to describe. If White girls wish to copy Ms Kardashian that is their problem and not Ms Kardashian's - and Whites would not be complaining about Ms Kardashian is White girls were not copying her.

The problem is that White culture is empty, so it is hardly surprising that such mimicry is taking place since Whites, themselves, have nothing more appetizing to offer in its place. Whites are also obsessed with sex and their children pick this up from an early age.

Perhaps this whiner should tell us what is right about Western civilization and spend a far more productive life concentrating on that, rather than a force of nature like Ms Kardashain - against which she implicitly admits she is powerless to compete.

White whining is what is wrong with Western civilization and will ensure its decline. Only Whites think that obeying their strictures will reverse the Fall from what they conceive of as a White Garden of Eden. For they have eaten from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and found themselves not to be gods in their own image.

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