Saturday, 30 October 2004


Henry Bonsu is living proof of White refusal to deal with the legacy of slavery – present-day racism - although Whites revel in the more positive aspects of their supposedly-glorious imperial past.

A good media example of this is that a Black artist’s CD is more likely to have a Parental Advisory sticker on it than one produced by a White one. Even if the Whites use swear words too.

Parental Advisory stickers are effectively advising parents that the artists are Black and, therefore, somehow suspect. Like Jews being forced (by Whites) to wear yellow Stars of David during World War 2 so we know whom they are, Whites want Blacks to be similarly labelled to prevent them from being brought into White homes. Like the White father’s fear his daughter will bring home a Black boyfriend.

Parental Advisory labels indicate the White fear that Blacks are morally inferior because they can’t seem to express themselves without recourse to swearing. Yet, we never saw these labels with the effing-and-blinding of White punk-rockers in the seventies. Just the occasional brown-paper LP covers.

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