Saturday, 9 October 2004


We need to face the fact that we’re at war and stop shilly-shallying about with claims that these so-called terrorists are barbarians. Whites who make these claims are perfectly happy when such things happen to those whose skin is darker than their own – so this is racist hypocrisy.

The emotionalism of such claims of the barbarity of them - but not us - makes it racially difficult for UK Muslims – as it’s intended to. Whites tend towards the cowardice of attacking those nearest them - to obtain their usually perverted sense of revenge - while refusing to acknowledge that such so-called barbarity is the inevitable consequence of war a fought without reference to the Geneva Convention.

If we choose to ally ourselves with White Americans who abuse POWs then we must accept the fact that we’ll be treated likewise. Anything else is moral cowardice and reflects the deep practical impotency of Whites who attack UK Muslims but lack the guts to volunteer for military duty in Iraq. Such people yellow, emotionally immature and can’t claim they’re as brave – if not braver – than the middle-eastern guerrillas who’re clearly more than willing to risk their lives for their beliefs. The question is, are we? And, are we willing to take the inevitable casualties that war always entails?

Until Whites face up to the fact that this is a real, live shooting-war, this White media cry-baby whinging won’t help race relations nor help us win the war. Either we wage war with a clear focus on victory – as wars should be fought – or we negotiate with our enemies and get out of Iraq. You can’t mix ‘n’ match on this issue because lives are at stake.

In the longer run, we need to give some thought as to whether such militarily risky and downright foolish expeditions should occur in future given the universally high costs and the universally high White whining.

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