Thursday, 12 October 2006

Media blasted for blind eye to white terrorism

It's very hard to see the point of this article – save as an expression of Profound Black Imbecilic Naivety. At no point is there any explanation as to why Blacks think Whites would report news in a racially equal way given Whites' institutional racism.

It's sheerest hypocrisy to criticise the White Media for doing the very things that the Black Media refuse to do – be honest about their racist hypocrisy.

The 1990 Trust is all about trying to get Whites to change their spots and become better people. It engages in this pointless task because the Blacks who run it lack the courage to think of themselves being successful in a racist country without White help. The 1990 Trust never explains precisely how this idiotic goal is to be achieved.

The real, unstated goal of the Trust is to sell-out the vast majority of Their own race for lucrative political careers criticising Whites for their racism while simultaneously, They hope, as a direct result of this, being able to conceal Their own. The proof of this is contained in the previous paragraph.

We've seen exactly the same thing when the more intelligent members of the lower-class claim to represent their own, for example, and become shop stewards and trades' union officials. In the end, these are being paid-off to commit class-treason as the more intelligent and more unethical members of the Black Community commit race-treason. As lower-class whites "made good" condemn the class from whence they came, Blacks accepted by Whites ritually slag-off Their own and claim that Whites aren't as racist as claimed. Both groups have to do so or they won't be accepted by those who pretend to relax the rules of entry to White Culture.

And, in the end, it's acceptance that's sought-after here, not a genuine change in the culture. Whites are effectively given permission by Blacks-sucking-up-to-Whites to continue to be racist. After all, expecting Blacks to suck-up to Whites is just another form of racism that Blacks are only too willing to engage in, in Their desperate and despairing inferiority complex.

When Frank TALKER sees The 1990 Trust talk honestly about its own racist 'double standards' then He'll've seen the promised land of racial tolerance and civility. This He knows full well is impossible given the fact that no White has ever come clean about His hypocrisy in print. Therefore, there can be very little likelihood of Blacks doing likewise – especially given that Blacks are most keen to mimic the Whites They secretly worship and while claiming that They are just as good as Whites; meaning just as bad.

Why don't Blacks explicitly claim to be better than Whites as this article implicitly claims? Why are Blacks just as dishonest as they claim Whites are?

The problem for Whites here is how to continue to be racist undercover of political correctness. The problem for Blacks is how to claim racial superiority over White Racist Hypocrisy while demanding equality. If Blacks want equality with Whites then They'll have to be just as hypocritical, surely! Which this article proves They already are. If Blacks do nothing but condemn Whites for Their racism then They are effectively claiming to be superior to Whites – how racist is that?

It's hypocritical for Blacks to condemn White Racist hypocrisy while never condemning Their own.
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