Friday, 7 September 2007

You're having a laugh

‘Asked to explain an article in the Spectator where he argued for the return of colonial rule in Africa, he said: You feel such a sense of despair when you see suffering like that that you wonder whether some of these things were better under a different system’. Nice try but colonial rule would only substitute one form of suffering for another because Whites have never shown any altruistic tendencies and would expect something in return for all the help They would be pretending to give. And that would ultimately be a return to the good old days of slavery. In any case Whites caused much of the suffering Mr Johnson refers to, in the first place. Strange that his “sense of despair” is such a superficial one. ‘Further demonstrating his colonial credentials he has also claimed that… the test of how integrated Muslims were was "when you could expect a Bradford audience to roll in the aisles at Monty Python’s Life of Mohammed’. The REAL test is when Whites stop racially abusing Muslims: A test Whites will always dismally fail to pass. Oh, and by the way, racial integration is a racist concept because it means that someone you can’t stand is required to change so that you CAN stand them. That would be like demanding that the woman you’d like to marry change into someone you can love or the wedding’s off. This kind of emotional blackmail explains why Whites have such a high divorce rate. By claiming that others must be like us, you implicitly admit that you don’t like them and that they are, therefore, not welcome. This fundamentally makes integration impossible precisely because it’s being called for. ‘Denise Bowry, a Blink reader, emailed in to say: "I think it is disgusting to think that this man will be allowed to stand in the elections. It's a disgrace to think that people would even vote for him. Totally outrageous"’. Correct, of course. But outspoken racists are protected by the principle of free speech in a way that their would be victims are not. So long as Whites remain stubbornly racist, They will always vote for any man who offers Them the opportunity to maintain White Privilege. It is this fact that must be dealt with not the pompous racial vanity of individual racists like Boris Johnson.

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