Tuesday, 2 April 2013

MPs want immigrant ban to save British jobs

As always, Whites want to protect the lazy from their own fecklessness - so long as they are White. The White sense of racial entitlement makes them think they have an automatic right to a job regardless of skills, abilities, experience and qualifications; making it actually unnecessary to possess any of these things to a high degree.

Jobs do not possess an intrinsic nationality, so this means protecting lazy Whites from non-White competition, as well as from the realization that the world does not owe Whites a living.

As with industries protected by high import tariffs, local workers will simply see that, since their jobs are protected, there will be less need for them to actually earn the right to be employed by actually working hard.

Encouraging laziness - in this way - simply undermines any likely economic recovery by subsidising failure, so that White politicians can get easy votes from other White supremacists.

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