Saturday, 27 June 2015

Black Psychosis


Black Psychosis

Summary: Critique of “Black Psychosis”.

Despite containing a good deal of truth about psychosis, in general, this article is a perfect example of the self-hating Black psychosis it reveals: It offers no solutions to the problems raised - not even the obvious solution of self-employment.

The article revels in trying to get Whites to actually like its author as he wallows in the knowledge that Blacks will condemn him for describing what could just-as-easily (by analogy) apply to Whites: I don’t expect much appreciation for writing this. He has allowed himself to be brainwashed by Whites to:

  1. Ignore the implications of historical reality;
  2. tell Whites what they want to hear about Blacks (that the latter are inferior); &,
  3. assume Black people are a special case - even though such claims only ever come from White supremacists.

This article means Whites are entitled to feel their usual range of emotions (shame, fear, anger, paranoia, victim mentality, jealousy, envy, entitlement, exaggerated success, scapegoating, empathy, hopelessness & helplessness), but that Black people are not allowed to exhibit similar or, indeed, a fuller range of human emotions - lest their resultant ill-treatment at the hands of racist Whites thus, somehow, become justified.

Ultimately, this is all part of the White attempt to turn all Black behavior into a form of psychosis to justify the predations of White supremacy - as a form of White self-defense - as well as to try and confound any negative criticism of any behavior exhibited by any White.

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