Saturday, 11 July 2015

Race row in mental health service


White psychiatrists still Trying to Rule the World - for Whites

white agenda is always a racist agenda

Psychiatry, like police work, is popular with Whites because it allows them to racially-abuse People of Color - legally:

  1. Whites hope that sending Blacks to Coventry, via White supremacy, has the same negative affects on Blacks as it did on Richard Attenborough in The Angry Silence;
  2. White cultural problems (alcoholism, pedophilia, White supremacy, etc) do not equal White psychosis, but Black cultural problems do equal Black psychosis;
  3. Whites claim White feelings must always be taken into account before calling them racists, despite the inherent racism of such a claim and of their feelings;
  4. typical BBC racism;
  5. No Black psychiatrist quoted as agreeing; while the research is conducted by Whites who benefit from White supremacy - a clear conflict of interest:
    1. using People Of Color (POC) to claim POC are more crazy than Whites attempts to hide the White supremacy of those doing the using - Whites know that a White psychiatrist would be accused of racism and believe that a non-White one would not and, thus, make the case against Black people seem convincing - at least to Whites;
    2. no scientific citations quoted here because all of the psychiatrists polled are White;
    3. Whites allow themselves to define the problem-situation, despite the conflict-of-interest embedded in the fact that they benefit, financially, from such definitions:
      1. Would a Nazi scientist in Nazi Germany be believed if he said Jews were genetically deceitful?
      2. rapists are not allowed to define rape, but racists allowed, here, to define racism and its affects - on the intended victim, but never on the perpetrator;
  6. Whites flatter themselves that their racism actually works - as such - and only for their benefit:
    1. Whites imply they are not affected by White supremacy - only Blacks - despite the widespread White guilt and emotional repression necessary for racism to work at all for Whites;
    2. no acknowledgment that racism negatively affects Whites (White guilt, anger, etc) - particularly in the desire to pathologize Blacks - since Whites wish to consider racism normal;
    3. Whites are resentful that Blacks do not suffer the Delusions of Grandeur of White supremacy nor from White guilt, so want Blacks to suffer by inventing Black psychosis - all in a desperately-racist attempt to stop Blacks reminding Whites they are racist;
  7. no denial of the existence of racism, here, only the practical purpose of pointing it out; thereby trying to soothe White fears of Black rebellion:
    1. If it is not helpful to accuse White psychiatrists of racism, why is it helpful to accuse the Nazi party of racism in order to help Jews?
    2. why is it not helpful to call a spade a spade since that is the only way to solve any problem?
  8. fails to admit White psychology has spent much time trying to prove White supremacy natural; eg, via IQ tests:
    1. Whites conflate the Personal with the Political to create a dictatorship of psychiatrists in order to control the Blacks they fear;
    2. attempts to justify the White fear of Blacks inherent in White supremacy by claiming Blacks more dangerous to Whites than anyone else;
    3. Whites claiming the right to fear Blacks because they are more crazy - according to Whites;
    4. psychiatry a soft-science like psychology used to pathologize Blacks as victims of their own inferiority - a new form of drapetomania in which politics is used to compensate for the lack of scientific rigor of psychiatry;
    5. White supremacy seen as normal, Black rage against racism seen as pathological:
      1. Rape victims are not accused of being more crazy than rapists, by rational people - despite the trauma they experience;
  9. Whites automatically receive CSTs because Whites are the standard upon which sanity is judged (conflating White norms with being well-adjusted). Blacks receive ESTs and the belief that Blacks are automatically not as sane as Whites because their culture is different:
    1. implies Blacks will never receive adequate health services - without Whites - despite such services being inherently racist because they are provided by Whites;
    2. Blacks need White help or will never solve their problems - as Jews need Nazis, apparently;
    3. Blacks need Whites - and should not create & use their own psychiatric services;

It is White propaganda to claim that science is practiced in a politically-acontextual manner - as if Whites always and only made objective statements about the world. To believe such a thing is to appease Whites and appeasement never works. Blacks can never be comfortable with White psychiatrists and open-up emotionally to facilitate useful psychiatric intervention  - so Blacks must look to their own social institutions for help.

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