Thursday, 13 August 2015

Bardwell’s Justification


Bardwell’s Justification

Summary: Critique of “Bardwell’s Justification”.

Interesting case of White wishful-thinking and mental retardation in which the proprietorial claim of a non-existent White duty-of-care toward Black people is used as an excuse to racially abuse them! In his world, impairing the life-chances of Black people is not racism, it is both normal and sane. He never has any concern for the children of White couples, after all, since he is perfectly well-aware if the White supremacy he supports that they will benefit from.

His jsutification is the usual circular and self-serving argument that because Whites are racist - and intend alwats to be so - that Black people need to learn their place or be discrininated aginast: Nothing for Blacks to do but do what Whites tell them - or else suffer the consequnces of not accepting an alleged White largesse based upon the philosophy of White superiority as the ridiculous attempt of a numerical minority (Caucasians) to bolster their own short-comings at the expense of everyone else.

As if White supremacy were as economically-good for Blacks as it is for Whites. As if Whites creating the problem of their refusal to accept anyone else gave Whites the right to pretend to solve this self-created problem by actively perpetuating it; appearing to care for Black people when Whites are really negatoively-discriminating against them.

Mr Bardwell makes claims about Black people he does not substantiate, in a clear attempt to make such beliefs true thorugh their sheer repeition - a mantra-like political act that only works well within the frigid limitations of his own coldly-calculating mind. As one has come to expect from Whites, they only obey the laws they make when it is in their interersts to do so - like White police officers warning White teenagers for carrying drugs, but arresting Black ones for doing exactly the same thing.

He hates ethnically-mixed marriages and so damns their offspring as looking forward to a life of suffering (he hopes) despite:

  1. Not knowing any of them, personally;
  2. implying he actually believes they should not be born in the first place;
  3. evading his own psychological suffering in living in mortal dread of one day becoming part of an ethnic minority (& then being treated as badly by Blacks as Whites have treated Blacks); &,
  4. completely ignoring the successful existence of Barack Obama.

With this issue, it becomes self-evident that Whites are deeply-concerned to place their own beliefs above any laws they (or anyone else might make) make, out of a reality-resenting belief that their feelings are the law - much as Hitler did with his so-called Will.

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