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At around 15:30, on Thursday, 7 January 2016, at Tunbridge Wells Library, a White male (sitting with a friend using PC4, in the chair for PC3) refused to move from this chair to allow me to use PC3 - after my asking him politely to do so (hear attached audio). (PC3 had been booked for me by a member of staff.)



At about 14:00, on Sunday, 17 January 2016, at Tunbridge Wells Reference Library, I politely asked a White woman (apparently using your Wi‑Fi on her laptop) to move from PC19. She asked Why, so I told her I had booked it. She then told me that she had been told it had not been booked; implying a Black man was a liar – without evidence.

Proving a negative is impossible and, in any case, it would have meant her looking at the PC screen every 60 seconds to see whether or not her claim continued to be true: Something only a stupid person would ever do. She obviously believed that if a PC has not been booked - at any time - that it will not be booked for as long as she wishes to sit at it, without using it; despite her tacit admission that most PCs are, in fact bookable – at any time during library opening hours. (Surreally, it would also mean it is possible to not‑book a PC for a specific amount of time; the direct corollary of being able to book a computer for one hour – only that, in the former case, such an impossible not‑booking could last a whole day and - somehow - be of a higher priority than actually booking one.)

She could only ever know the PC was not booked at the moment she alleged she was told it – it could then easily cease being not‑booked at every succeeding minute. Moreover, since the screen‑saver was engaged, she had no information from the PC itself to support her nonsensical claim. She was, thus, sitting at a computer she was not using that she had not booked but, somehow, that was a rational and logically‑defensible reason to be in my way – like an able‑bodied driver parking in a Disabled Parking space simply because it is empty! (There appears to be an awful lot of mental illness or arrogant stupidity in Tunbridge Wells among Whites who also claim clairvoyant powers, in implying they possess the amazing foresight to know, in advance, that any library not‑booked library PC will remain so until they have finished obstructing it.)

Inevitably, the monitor screen said, in English: This machine has been booked – and she was clearly a native English‑speaker. But rather than do the sensible thing and look at this screen, she chose to imply that Whites have an unwritten right to lie to Black people.

Is her use of Wi‑Fi somehow a justification for denying the use of bookable PCs? If so, where is this peculiar rule written down, so that we can all be made aware of it – in advance?

Did library staff actually tell her the PC had not been booked; proving they do not understand that a PC can be booked at any time and that, therefore, non‑PC users should never be sitting at them – unless the PC is out‑of‑order? According to Occam’s Razor, she was lying, since I find it hard to believe that any member of staff – even those I have previously called‑out as fools – could really be so stupid as to not know that PCs are booked on an ongoing‑basis throughout the library’s opening hours. (I would also be surprised if any member of staff would be prepared to be so stupid as to admit that they have made any such statement to any customer – ever.)

She claimed I was abrupt, but this claim is more motivated by being asked to move by a Black man, than anything the attached audio recording actually indicates. It also indicates she was clearly not willing to be aware of her surroundings while in public. Pretending that she was shocked by my asking her to move is the old trick of pretending she has a right not to be disturbed - even when in someone else’s way - and that anyone who does so is somehow up to no good. This means that no matter how polite Black people are, they are always going to be cast as villains by retarded Whites.

As an example of rational behaviour, a week before, I asked an Asian gentlemen to vacate a seat he had taken from a PC I had booked. He did so without demur in a polite social exchange; proving that these weird incidents represent a negative correlation, among Whites, between the colour of one’s skin and the depth of one’s common sense: The lighter, the more absurd; the darker, the more sensible. Whites believe that public space is a mere extension of their own living rooms and that they, therefore, can publicly‑carouse as they please – even if this means obstructing others going about their lawful business.

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