Friday, 21 July 2006

My Plan to Save Birmingham


My plan to save Birmingham - by David Cameron


It always makes your Uncle Frank laugh out loud when Whites try to pass themselves off as sages.

Whites love to do this when blacks are attacking each other because They can use such racial disturbances to take the necessary attention away from Their own White Racism. This is proven by the fact that when Whites are being racist toward Blacks, no White ever comes forward with His prescription for racial harmony. Instead, Blacks are blamed for the racism They experience, for not integrating sufficiently, for being poor role-models, et al.

Of course, Whites aren’t going to prescribe solutions to the racial problems They create, otherwise there would’ve been no point in creating the problem in the first place.

‘He told Blink his plan to pump cash into grassroots social enterprises would end the exclusion felt by the city’s African-Caribbean population’.

Two problems here:
1. Giving money to anyone never solved a single human problem during the entire course of world history. You only have to look at the poor in receipt of social welfare around the world to see that this is obvious. (This is because the people who claim to help the poor secretly hate the poor. But that’s another story.) The only solution is for Whites to renounce the racism that They intend to use as a means of preventing Blacks from establishing successful businesses. But then Whites would have to engage in open competition with Blacks and might show Themselves up by not being as successfully capitalistic. This would be akin to allowing a woman to enter a men’s snooker club only to find that she beat the men. The men would find this embarrassing and so would move heaven and earth to avoid it;
2. Whites use the word ‘felt’ as if They were talking about hallucinations. In other words, that Blacks don’t actually experience racism, they simply imagine it.

'Cameron told Blink that he would dish out "severe" punishments to any party member, including MPs, who make racist comments'. Yes, but what about those racists who don't make racist comments?

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