Friday, 28 July 2006

Trevor, do you qualify?


Ruth Kelly wants Trevor Phillips because he is a White Stooge and will do what Whites want - willingly. He will ensure that the CEHR is completely ineffective – politically - as Whites wish it to be. Mr Phillips is unemployable otherwise.

This proves that working with Whites will only have the effect (which Whites want it to have) of making Blacks the political, cultural & commercial slaves of Whites. Lord Ousely himself is little better. A Black Man accepts a peerage from Whites can’t be all that keen on being Black for he will inevitably be led to feel that he should be a Grateful Nigger for such a dubious honour. That, after all, is the entire purpose of bestowing such honours upon Blacks in the first place.

The only rational way to deal with White Racism is to attack it from without not from within. Spending time with Whites will only taint Blacks with the stink of White Racism since racism is the most infectious mental-illness known to man. If Whites were as keen to lock up White Racists in secure mental-institutions for being the clear-&-present danger they are to others (as Whites are keen to lock up Blacks for being inappropriately Black) then the White Racism problem would never arise as often as it does.

The fact has to be faced – especially by Blacks - is that Trevor Phillips is a racist. He is a racist because he recognises - after working with Whites for an extended period - that Whites will always be racist and that nothing, therefore, can be done effectively about White Racism. His philosophy is therefore, in reality: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Blacks need to realise that Whites aren’t going to invite them onto the high table without Blacks relinquishing claims to equality – the rest will only get the crumbs from this table, if anything. It’s time for Blacks to start going their own way in life and stop being poodles of the Whites – as current UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is poodle of current US President George Bush. Complaining about White Racism is never going to help.

Blacks must take effective action – if They truly wish for true equality - and this doesn’t mean joining the great Whitewashing White Bureaucracy which Blacks, themselves, admit only ever serves White Racist ends. How masochistic can you get?
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