Friday, 11 August 2006

Fat cat Trevor won't fight for us


More proof that Trevor Phillips is a White Man's Nigger.

Mr Phillips has learned from UK Prime Minister Tony Blair's relationship with US President George W Bush that being another man's poodle certainly has its advantages. The fat cat here has taken his 30 pieces of silver and made off with it.

However, the real question with this article is who is the "Us" of its title?
Obviously, those racist critics of racism who judge themselves by their skin colour and allow (in the interests of equality) others to do likewise - thus exacerbating racial tensions between communities? (Tensions exacerbated because those behaving in this way have no other means of self-identification, so that the tension is really within themselves rather than between themselves and others.)

Alternatively, is it those who think they speak for Blacks just because They, Themselves, are so coloured? Aren't They falling into the same trap of assuming that only a Black can head the Commission for Racial Equality and its institutional successors? Isn’t it racist to assume Whites can’t understand and effectively fight racists? On the other hand, do those who make such insinuations really and truly believe that all whites are so racist that only legislation can be used to effectively punish them for their sins?

I think we should be told.

How disgustingly hypocritical to attack Whites for thinking in racist terms of a homogeneous “Them”, when Blacks are perfectly prepared to think in terms of a homogenous “Us”. The Commission for Racial Equality wasn’t established as a Black Man’s personal fiefdom against White Racism; it was established to combat all racists. Blacks forget this and make Their racism all the more obvious, thereby. It would have been more consistent with this principle if this article had been entitled: “Fat cat Trevor won't fight for racial equity”. However, one can’t expect Blacks to be any more consistent with the facts of reality than Whites are – can one?
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