Sunday, 27 August 2006

Failing to confront the enemy within


Regarding your racist editorial "Failing to confront the enemy within" (13 August 2006, the 'most pressing problem facing the country' is the white man's belief that when his life is threatened all other priorities instantly become secondary.

Where is the evidence that Muslims 'hate the country of their birth' rather than simply white racism? To claim that 'Islamophobia in non-Muslim Britain' is less important than 'civil liberties' is to justify that form of racial hatred. It is also to evade the issue that Islamophobia is the root of Islamist terrorists.

By claiming 'young Muslim men' are 'radicalised after exposure to extreme Islamist elements' again evades the issue that the radicalisation of the darker-skinned is quintessentially predicated on white racism.

The white racist's evasion of the essentially racist nature of white culture is expressed when he claims that said culture is based upon 'its own traditional values of decency [pretending that what's above the navel is good & that what's below is sinful], responsibility [blaming the other guy for his failure to live up to those responsibilities we pass off on to him], self-discipline [emotional repression leading to violent attacks on others], hard work [a substitute for a fulfilling personal-life], respect for others [as long as those others are white & agree with us without demur] and the carefully constructed freedoms of liberal democracy [carefully-constructed for whites]'. Only whites ever make such claims about how wonderful they are; those framed to be on the receiving end of the so-called superiority of white culture know better. Whites know this, hence their desire to exploit political-correctness as a means of overcoming their racist guilt and shame.

It's always interesting to note that the Catholicism, which was used to nurture IRA terrorists, was never demonised as cruel and inhuman. Additionally, no mention is made of the politically-correct attempts to buy-off the IRA (& the Catholic minority) in Northern Ireland in order to achieve "peace in our time" there. Funny how white terrorists are always treated better than brown ones!

The basic reason white culture is in decline is because their imperial projects failed – as they always do – and white racists have found no adequate replacement to hold their increasingly fractured societies together – except hatred of foreigners with dark skin. But such racist loathing was precisely why the British Empire failed – because to hate others is to ultimately hate oneself.

You mention – in passing – the 'ghettoisation of immigrants and religious minorities' but never apportion blame for this on white racism, although you thereby contradict yourself by claiming whites take responsibility for their actions. Clearly, however, whites never take responsibility for their racism.

Your paranoia is revealed when you refuse to use the word "alleged" when discussing the British government's recent claim of having foiled, through arrest, an alleged series of terrorist atrocities. This is very poor journalism since it reveals your belief that to release all suspects without charge (& they are suspects, not convicts) would be the 'final humiliation' for the white race regardless of issues of innocence or guilt.

Clearly, you believe that being a Muslim should be criminalized.

You claim that 'nobody had suggested' that these arrests were an 'attack on the Muslim "community" [there is such a thing, using quotation marks won't make it go away as much as you'd like]'. This completely evades the issue that the police have been shown to be institutionally racist and would like nothing more than to continue to abuse ethnic minorities with the laws' arms around them. It is not the suggestion but the action itself suggesting these arrests are racially motivated. You contradict yourself by claiming that a pattern of Islamic fundamentalism is emerging for all to see (even the 'wilfully blind'), yet refuse to accept that Muslims also see the pattern of white racism against them going back decades - Islamophobia.

If the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were not 'anti-Muslim military campaigns', then what were they? There was no reason to topple Saddam Hussein; especially since erstwhile Western sanctions were killing more people than he was. Nor did the alleged purging of Afghanistan have any meaningful long-term depressing effect on terrorist activity. Such wars merely gave Western governments the delusion that something useful was being done about a problem that was largely of their making.

The fact is that most terrorism is fully justified as a means of military response to genuine attack. Whites use it just as much as anyone else and they're hypocritical to say otherwise. That they do so is a measure not of the failure of so-called political elites to confront the alleged enemy within, but of their fundamental realisation that – like the IRA – terrorists are almost impossible to defeat. They are our Frankenstein, and to defeat terrorists means to destroy part or all of ourselves because they come from us. Hence, the recent attempts at a significant diminution of UK civil liberties and the exacerbated racist-paranoia resulting therefrom. A war on terror must, by definition, use terror as a means; meaning that the issue is not an end to terrorists but a simple answer to the question of who is the most terrifying. This editorial demonstrates that we are the most terrified and have already lost this war.

The only way to defeat terrorists in the end is to stop creating them; prevention being better than the placebo offered here. Although 'institutional political correctness' is a bad thing, it is better than the institutional racism you falsely pit it against. It offers blacks more legal rights than whites that, in a racist country like the UK, is only a fair and proper rebalancing of things.

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