Saturday, 26 August 2006

Top-down integration debate doomed to failure


As doomed to failure as 'multiculturalism' itself is, in fact.

Multiculturalism posits the lie that one country can have many cultures. If so, then why have countries at all?

'Ask ordinary people about multiculturalism and they'll tell you about good examples of interaction between different communities - of celebrating diversity. Interculturalism is a fact of life'. Sounds good, doesn't it? Problem is, of course, that none of these 'good examples' are given here! Why not? Answer: Because they don't exist except in the febrile imaginings of anti-racist scumbags. "Interculturalism", like "multiculturalism", is a word that points to an empty concept and a non-existent phenomenon (a lot like the word "God", really.)

'What we are very bad at is putting in place policies to force the public and private sectors to stop discriminating against Black communities in employment, education, health, housing, education, (Sic) and every other area of life'. It's impossible to force anyone to stop from discriminating against others: You cannot legislate for love. If it were, the UK class-war would've ended decades ago. (Incidentally, this is why UK Socialists had to become more Conservative in order to be elected. They had to ditch Their poorer supporters because there is, in fact, nothing that can be done for the poor that they cannot do for themselves, given enough self-motivation.)

The fact that there are no laws against discriminating on the grounds of social-class proves that Whites don't feel They need to hand a sop to the poor. The existence of anti-racist legislation (although not anti-racism laws, notice) proves that Whites want to exploit Black racial-insecurities and pretend to be helping Blacks. In exactly the same way that social welfare (which keeps poor people poor) is used to give the impression that Whites care about poverty and the poor when, in fact, they care about neither.

In truth, all that you can do against any form of discrimination is to punish it AFTER the event - if you can demonstrate its occurrence. By claiming otherwise, Blacks claim the non-existent right to live in a protected world where They – especially – are subject to particular protection, BEFORE the event, which no other group (particularly the lower class) possesses. Nice work, if you can get it!

'The 1990 Trust believes that the focus should be on the causes of extremism, foreign policy and impact of anti-terror measures, not just on its consequences'. Although there is much truth here, the problem lies in the means of expression, particularly the word "causes".

The cause of all existential phenomena is choice. There is no other. If a man chooses to be a terrorist, he has chosen to be so and no amount of special pleading will protect him from the fact that this is so. He cannot, therefore, claim that he had no discipline over his own actions and/or that he couldn't help himself. The proof of this is that most Muslims choose not to become terrorists. To say otherwise helps Whites justify Their racism and Islamophobia; a clear case of Blacks shooting Themselves in the foot.

Once you start treating human beings as if they were mice in a laboratory experiment who will always behave in predictable ways given the same stimuli, you fall into the same trap White Racist Scientists fall into. They talk about genes for this kind of behaviour and genes for that. The issue isn't genetic; it's a matter of personal responsibility – which few people are prepared to take – especially by those who claim human behaviour is caused by anything other than free, personal choice. Such a negative view attempts to undermine our humanity exactly as racism tries to.

Black Culture has an inbuilt political inability to avoid falling into the same racist-in-principle arguments that Whites traditionally employ to justify Their claim to superior treatment. This is why the race-war will never end because it's not designed as a war to end racism, but to finally determine which race is the superior. A flawed endeavour, of course, because the answer is neither; meaning that the race-war is, itself, racist.

Ruhul Tarafder, from The 1990 Trust, said: 'How are we going to integrate communities when the global families of those very communities are being blown up daily in Iraq, Afghanistan and most recently in Lebanon?' The truth is that racial integration is an impossible dream precisely for the reason Mr Tarafder states. That is, that the various races are, and always have been, at war with one another – and always will be. How and why could it be otherwise? In this context, Whites demand complete, unswerving and undivided loyalty to Them. They will accept nothing else or label Muslims as the Enemy Within. This means Muslims can't integrate into a culture that effectively demands They renounce Islam. (Even if Muslims did take such a drastic step, Whites would never believe the renunciation sincere. They'd assume it was only done to curry political favour with Whites on the racist assumption that Muslims will continue to practice their faith in secret.)

'What is required is a commission to look at how these policies has (Sic) resulted in radicalising thousands of young people.
'In addition, the BNP has 50 councillors and racist attacks are rising. If we are looking at people who do not integrate, maybe that could be a starting point'. This would certainly be an excellent 'starting point'. However, care should be exercised in admitting that 'thousands of young people' have become radicalised. That would be tantamount to admitting that Whites are right to think in terms of an Enemy Within and that racial abuse of that Enemy is, therefore, fully justified. A clear equality must be established between White Extremists and Black, in order to prove that both are equally capable of "extremism". Otherwise, Whites will simply claim that Their extremists aren't that extreme. And that, anyway, White Extremists will continue to be protected by the vacuous free-speech theorising of: I disapprove of what you say, but will fight to the death for your right to say it. Better to let Whites die for Their beliefs than Blacks if Whites really believe such nonsense.
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