Monday, 21 August 2006

Health department violating human rights law


‘The 1983 Act has caused so much damage to our community over the past 23 years and will only get worse without a proper review of this legislation, which takes into account the discrimination suffered by Black service users’.

‘Excluding race from the rewrite of a piece of legislation that has destroyed countless Black people’s lives makes it clear how committed the Government are to addressing this issue.’

The above quotes are the result of a Black Inferiority Complex. The fact is that if you allow people to label you as inferior, it's because you are. None of this is the real issue here.

The central issue here is that Blacks want Whites to love Them. When Whites don't, Blacks turn-in on Themselves and start whining about the fact that They're obviously so worthless as a race that Whites won't lower Themselves to offer Blacks unearned respect.

If Blacks don't want to be abused by Whites, then the answer is simple: Have nothing to do with Them and never turn your back on Them. Moreover, make sure you and your kids study the four basics. History - to teach Whites how racist They are. Law - to punish Whites for abusing Blacks who're foolish enough to allow Themselves to be abused & to teach those Blacks not to be so foolish in future. Psychiatry - to understand how Whites really think. Business - to become self-employed &, therefore, not dependent upon Racist White Employers for those jobs that Whites won't do.

The 'DoH has been entirely fraudulent in its handling of these reforms, we have had eight years of debate over mental health legislation and millions have been spent on committees and consultation with very little of what the professionals... working in this area have said being taken on board'. The reason for this is that ultimately Whites want to claim that all Blacks are mentally-ill because this is what They actually believe. Whites still can't get over Their innate belief that Blacks are intellectually-inferior to Whites. Therefore, the views of Blacks aren't wanted – it's just that Whites want to give Blacks the impression that they are. Whites hope that Blacks will be tired-out by years of consultation and then, while Blacks' eyes are droop-lidded from exhaustion, Whites will legalise White Racism – Their ultimate goal.

'Mental Health law should be seen as disability rights legislation rather than was (sic) we are currently seeing which is more akin to criminal justice legislation.’ This furthers my point that Whites wish to criminalise being Black, since it allows Whites to lock-up Blacks for behaving differently, which Blacks do anyway since Their culture is different. Whites want to prohibit difference in the way that They've done within Their own culture given the fact that Whites behave like clones of each other.

‘The crisis in BME mental health is a public disgrace and it beggars belief why it is not being looked at properly.’ What really 'beggars belief' is that any sane, experienced person should be surprised that mental heath for Blacks is racist. Don't these people know that White Culture is racist and that the basic fact of UK culture is that Blacks are tolerated here not accepted?

‘Tinkering with legislation is not going to address the fundamental problems of institutional racism within mental health services. What we need to see is a royal commission on mental health which looks... [at] every aspect of this issue if we are to see any lasting fundamental change.’ This would be just more talking with White Racists who do not intend to renounce the racism that is Their only reason for existing. This is why there can be no 'lasting fundamental change'. The simple, practical solution here is for Blacks to only use Black psychiatrists and for Blacks to have separate mental clinics from Whites.

Whites are terrified of the mentally-ill because They fear that that is what They could so easily become if They let go of Their many emotional repressions (these are the only things that make White Culture possible to begin with). And Whites don't wish to be reminded of the possibility that they, someday, will lose control not of whom They actually are, but of whom Their racial fantasises tell Them They are. Combine this with Whites' endemic fear of Blacks and it's all-too-easy to see why Whites want as many Blacks locked-up as They can possibly manage – with the racist law's arms around Them. Combined with high custodial rates for Black Criminals and it's easy to see that the UK is becoming a penal colony for people who smell differently.

‘All too often Black people have under estimated the power they can wield when they stick together'. This is the usual fallacy that people are stronger together. In fact, they're weaker because they then never learn to stand on their own two feet. They also have to learn to work with people they don't necessarily agree with for the sake of togetherness. Such togetherness is a fake and ultimately leads to the collapse of the ensemble because of internal dissension.
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