Saturday, 23 September 2006

Muslims must do more, says Blair


There's no such thing as 'moderate Islam'.

No religion can ever be moderate for the simple reason that they all rely on the impossible – the existence of the supernatural.

The relationship between faith and force is inextricable. The only means of getting others to believe in the supernatural (anything that defies logic & rationality) is either to force them to do so or to allow them to believe what they wish. The latter is problematic because free spirits might choose to reject the impossible as the basis for a way-of-life. Thus, all religions must use force if they wish to grow towards controlling their host societies. Both in order to increase their power-base; as well as to increase the alleged proof of the existence of god because of the desire among the inadequate to believe in the supernatural. And to pretend that truth is democratic; that is, that the more people who can be made to pretend to believe, the more likely it is that god exists. After all, few would wish to admit their folly in believing in something that doesn't exist, so it's far easier to force other to the same viewpoint. Exactly the same is true of, say, a belief in fairies.

Few are willing to admit such a belief if such a belief is in the minority; but get most people to believe in fairies and, instead of being ridiculed yourself, you can freely ridicule those who formerly ridiculed you. This is the only means of vainly demonstrating the existence of that which rational people not only know does not exist, but which can't. The same is true for the idiotic Theory of Evolution but, if one's career depends upon a certain belief set and/or way-of-thinking, then it's hardly surprising that anyone who believes in such nonsense would not wish to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs by admitting that They didn't believe.

In materialist cultures, the only means of forcing irrational beliefs on others is to threaten them with unemployability if they disagree. Additionally, force is more important than faith since faith alone will not result in the desired growth of the belief-system.

'[R]ooting out' an 'extremist minority' is not only impossible for a White to claim that Blacks should do, it's also hypocritical. If Whites are so superior, why can't They do it; especially since Their behaviour is the major reason of the extremism of which They so vehemently complain.

When Whites are asked to root out the racists in Their midst, They are singularly unable to do so; for example the Invisible Kingdom of the KKK and the British National Party. Yet Whites expect others to do the very thing that They, Themselves (superior as They claim to be), cannot do.

The fact is that terrorism is a majority practice – practised by most of us. The temptation to force others to accept our beliefs is so strong because it promises a shortcut to the power that most of us crave to have over others in order to allegedly alleviate the inadequacy we so often feel in the face of the facts of objective reality. Because White Western Cultures are quintessentially comprised of lonely, addicted neurotics, such feelings of inadequacy are commonplace; hence, terrorism is also widespread as a direct result of Whites trying to project-and-displace Their terrorism onto others in scapegoating those others.

'Mr Blair vented his frustration at Britain's Muslim community'. This is an admission of that which everyone really knows to be true; namely, that terrorism is unbeatable if based upon a genuine grievance. Yet, Mr Blair claims that it's really no more than a 'false sense of grievance about the west (Sic)'.

As always, Whites like to claim that They are prefect and infallible and never commit acts that annoy, antagonise and try to intimidate others. Whites have to make such vacuous claims otherwise They would have to face the fact that They can't hope to defeat terrorism in any other way. It's not so much White Racists creating terrorism but Their would-be victims for having the guts to fight back against their would-be oppressors. This reminds Whites that They are not as superior as They would like to believe Themselves to be, and is the essence of the White Grievance against the East.

'He [UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair] said too many Muslim leaders gave the impression that they understood and sympathised with the[ir] grievances...' Obviously, any full member of the human race would sympathise with those oppressed for no other reason than their skin colour! Whites are foolish enough to think otherwise, yet continue to do so in a vain attempt to make Their racism morally-acceptable.

Mr Blair claims that sympathy for terrorists would ensure that 'the extremists would never be defeated' – an admission of the Great White Fear mentioned above, about which They can do nothing. It is not terrorism, as such, that Whites fear but the fear of terrorism itself: The secret knowledge that They create this fear, Themselves, in order to have something – no matter how negative – to feel. It is, after all, better to feel something bad, rather than nothing; especially if feeling something good is impossible to you.

Whites will never accept that Their renouncing Their racism would be the quickest and most effective means of countering terrorism because that would mean destroying the very core of White Culture. For all Their manifold and self-destructive faults, Whites are not so overtly lemming-like (in Their self-immolating urge to refrain from renewing Their Culture) as to wish to avoid – at all costs - any alternative to Their neophobic fear of self-betterment. Whites will attempt more of the same old racism before They ever consider renouncing it. After all, such a renunciation would require the desire and the capacity to change.

'...[G]overnment alone could not root out extremism'. Of course not, any more than government can prevent murder by passing laws against it! But governments can – especially in their foreign policies – refrain from exacerbating the situations they inevitably create by their tawdry attempts to interfere in the affairs of others.

The Muslim Council of Britain's spokesman, Inayat Bunglawala: 'Many Muslims across the UK believe that the UK's participation in the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq... have been a key contributory factor in the radicalisation of some young Muslims'. This is profoundly obvious, at least if one has the merest nodding acquaintance with human nature. The fact that Whites won't accept the obvious proves that Whites don't consider non-Whites to be fully-human and that, therefore, such sub-humans are not allowed to react as Whites would in similar circumstances.

Whites also don't want to accept that Their wars have negative consequences for Whites; leading to the inevitably-racist search for scapegoats which merely serves to make the fear of terrorism greater – and the racewar worse.

The shadow attorney general, Dominic Grieve: 'If we are to succeed in promoting better integration, and with it a reduction in Islamophobia, this requires a major effort'. Where is the evidence that this is so? And where is the evidence that integration has ever taken place, given that Whites are not integrated with one another because of Their class system?

Somehow, Whites still cling to the notion that if Blacks become more White, White Racists will learn to love Blacks more! As always, Whites continue to blame Blacks for the racism that Whites choose to inflict on Blacks. Islamophobia, after all, isn't caused by White Racism (perish the thought!) it's caused by all these Darkies who don't want to talk, act and think like us. Because it takes two to tango, this cannot possibly be true and yet Whites desperately want to avoid shouldering the blame for Their mistakes because, let's face it, Whites don't make mistakes - do They?

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