Sunday, 24 September 2006

The world is too crowded with black people

When Whites talk about a population explosion and a tidal wave of humanity, They plead for no more babies. When Whites claim that there are many problems in the world caused by too many people They implicitly claim that this is because there are too many Black People.

People are our greatest wealth: More people is a good thing; they are a blessing. They are more brains that might cure cancer; more hands to build things; and, more voices to bring us beautiful music.

The starving masses in Africa are not caused by overpopulation but by things like civil wars and government corruption that interferes with the distribution of food.

Sudan had famine when government militia forces stripped the land of cattle and grain. In Niger, 2,500,000 people are starving because food production is managed by the state. The absence of property rights, price controls and other cruel and stupid socialist experiments currently under way in Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho are starving millions more. In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe's kleptocracy is doing the damage.

Improved technology now allows people to grow more food on less land to the extent that the world now overproduces food. The resulting problem is distribution not sufficiency.

To claim that Blacks must reduce Their birth-rates is a White Attempt to even the global demographic that shows Whites outnumbered by Blacks three-to-one. It also helps reduce White Guilt about the fact that most of the world's problems are caused by Whites by a) exclusively blaming Blacks for Their own problems; and, b) trying to reduce the number of Blacks supposedly reduces White Guilt.

Here's a good example of the murderous rage that informs Whites' attitude to purportedly helping Blacks.

In Uganda, 2,500,000 people a year die of malaria. The chemical DDT (D[ichloro]D[iphenyl]T[richloroethane]) could solve this problem but Whites believe that this drug is dangerous although it is capable of far more good than bad.

White Science has found no evidence that spraying DDT seriously hurts people. There were no surges in cancer nor in any other human injury when DDT was regularly used in the west fifty years ago.

Rachel Carson's 1962 book Silent Spring pointed-out that DDT made the shells of their eggs thin; threatening their populations. Whites care more for animals than they do humans; more for Whites than They do Blacks. DDT became an allegedly killer chemical; needing banning – which subsequently followed in 1972.

The other problem with DDT was its indiscriminate overuse: It was the dosage that mattered not the chemical itself – as with all other chemicals. Only a small amount of DDT will help prevent the spread of malaria. However, racist environmentalists – obsessed with seeking power – have demonised its use in order to ensure the extermination of millions of Blacks.

Although the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) acknowledges that DDT is safe, USAID has a no-funds-for-DDT policy to ensure its allegedly environmentally-correct credentials.
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