Tuesday, 23 January 2007

BB reflects our everyday experience

This piece is very good. However, let Frank TALKER deal with the problems first. '...[T]he trauma of racist bullying scars victims for life'. This is clearly untrue and only becomes so if the person concerned wants it that way. They would want it that way to claim that the world owes them a living so that they could spend their whole lives with their begging bowls out rather than roll up their sleeves and do an honest day's work. Experiences are to be learned from. Be they good or bad; they're all potential learning experiences. When people use the word "trauma" in the context of their personal experiences, they're really trying to hide the tacit admission - implied by such a statement – that they refuse to learn the lessons from the allegedly traumatic experience. It is this worship of the denial of reality which makes it traumatic, not the experience itself. Instead, they seek to blame the other person(s) 100 percent for a negative outcome, when we all know that it takes two to tango. This is the single biggest reason it can be very painful to learn from bad experience: The fact that we are nearly always 50 percent responsible. Such so called traumatised people, therefore, are refusing to take personal responsibility for their lives. They do this for the simple reason that they claim it is the duty of others to care for them. It is, however, never their duty to get a life for themselves. Such people are parasites. 'The scars, pains and trauma of the racism suffered are still with me today... 'Fortunately, I have been able to remain dignified in the face of the... bullying suffered and I have pride in not wanting to be portrayed as a victim'. This is self contradictory gibberish and psychobabble. If you are dignified and prideful then what, exactly, is the nature of the trauma you claim to have suffered. Here comes the worst: 'I was still at school when the socially responsible film 'Roots'... was televised... yet, despite its implicit and explicit messages, awareness and education, it only intensified the racist bullying that I experienced...'. Here is the central failing of anti racism: It's belief that racists can be educated out of their racism. Because racists are not the most intelligent of people, this so called education will always fall on deaf ears. It is, therefore, a complete and utter waste of time, food, energy, space and money – as, indeed, are racists. Any cultural artefact that deals with racism will always be taken, by racists, as a valorisation of their views; as those who are pro diversity will take such products as valorisation of theirs. Racists will identify with the racists in a teleplay like "Roots"; they won't side with the Abolitionists. When will these anti racist pricks realise that there can be no anti-racist education until the nature of the uses to which ordinary human beings put their communication to is understood? It's possible, after all, to make an anti porn documentary – that includes pornographic imagery – that will be used by the defenders of this material for masturbatorial purposes. Moreover, there were racists who believed that Alf Garnett and Archie Bunker were right, no matter how much their views were parodied in their respective sitcoms ('Til Death Us Do Part & All in the Family). Racists are people – like all of the mentally ill – who just don't get it and never will. Nevertheless, Claudia Webbe does get it right often. 'I did not know who was worst, the bully or those whom did not directly participate in the bullying, observed but did nothing to intervene, colluding instead with the bully in the abuse suffered'. This is extremely important because most of the UK has not complained about the racism of a "Big Brother" contestant nor most of the tv programme's viewers – only a minority. The majority is perfectly content to go along with the racism contained in the show - as UK Whites are in real life in the world outside of television. Few Whites possess the guts to put Their heads above the parapet to risk Their careers, spouses, mortgages, etc for minorities – after all; they're only Blacks. (Compare this with the White Racist Hypocrisy of claiming that UK Muslims must condemn Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism more, when the selfsame Whites refuse to condemn racism more.) 'The current Celebrity Big Brother story reflects the very core of the Black experience in Britain that we have deep race and racism problems resting firmly in our institutions and at the heart of some of our neighbourhoods'. Although true, this is a fact Whites will never accept. The fact that every single UK black has experienced as least one personal incident of racism directed at them from a white is a truth too terrible for Whites to face. (The corollary being that very few whites have ever experienced black racism - proportionately – despite their claims as to its widespread existence.) Because White Culture is based upon judging others on the sole criterion of birth circumstances, it takes a tough minded white to go against the flow of his own culture to see others (& self) as they really are. And there are very few tough minded whites: No more than 10 percent A good example would be Channel 4 Chief Executive, Andy Duncan, claiming there is no evidence of OVERT racism. He knows perfectly well that there rarely will be. He also knows that the subject under discussion here is really COVERT racism. (He also implies that COVERT racism is somehow acceptable.) To put it another way, what Mr Duncan's saying is that when accusations of racism are levelled at Whites it's merely an allegation. However, when allegations of terrorism are levelled at Blacks it's trial by media and it's even OK to shoot them dead – despite he absence of proof. Whites long to believe that if you can't see it, it doesn't exist; because that's the only way They can continue being racist in the hope that this won't be noticed. It also allows Whites to pretend that They are the benchmark for objective reality in that They determine its facts; if Blacks disagree, it's only because They're Black. In other words, Blacks are always wrong when Whites disagree with Them; Whites always right when Blacks disagree with Whites. Laws passed by Whites against Their own racism only deal with the problem overtly. Such laws are (& can't be, because you can't legislate for love: Only lonely people believe this) designed to deal with COVERT racism. This is the kind of racism with which all Whites secretly agree. A racist freemasonry, if you will, that will wring its hands in faux shock at the racist antics of Jade Goody, et al, as these can be used to occult their own racism. Only Blacks Themselves can successfully deal with White Racism by the simple expedient of having as little to do with Whites as is humanly possible.

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