Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Unite Against Fascism - Stop the BNP


'As history shows, fascism stands for the total annihilation of whole communities, freedoms and democratic rights'. As history also shows, campaigning against the democratic rights of a legally constituted political party is also anti democratic rights. Didn't the Nazis do this to the Communists?

'Unite Against Fascism is organising this national conferenceto (Sic) look at the impact of increasing BNP support, to discuss strategies that have been successful in stopping the BNP and to bring together the broad opposition that is needed to halt the rise of fascism including from trade unions, Muslim, Jewish and other faith communities, black, Asian, lesbian, gay and disabled communities and students'. What they're not organising is a 'national conference' to look at the impact of the racism within the groups cited in the previous quotation. Racist hypocrisy and dishonesty.

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